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Quantum tunneling and (synthetic) telepathy as a primal survival technique for a life-form know toady as :The Fourth State of Matter.

A couple of months ago I wrote about a how it could be possible that a forgotten evolution is still among us…walking our dimension and interferes into our daily activities with out our knowledge.
Unfortunately it was never published due my scientific explanation of how it is possible how an ancient nation (the first lifeforms on this globe containing life’s basic building blocks; The Atom), had the capability to survive by using -form them- simple biological systems that could support themselves … HUMANS.
I think it would be shame to keep you away from ideas/theories in a crazy course of a possible evolution before Darwin’s theory in natural selection, therefore I will post some fragments from this article.

“………..Are we all entangled with one another due invisible bonds, existing since the time of Adam and Eve?
Is it all because of a strange kind of genetic inheritance in our DNA?
Do our actions affect others, even if we have no direct connection or relation to them?
Maybe all the living things and our lives in this universe are a part of a single mechanism, guided and connected in a special way we cannot understand with our current scientific knowledge.
Time travel, time travelers, multiverse worlds, alien life forms … it is something what kept many people busy for decades, even centuries.
Books are written about it and movies are made on this mysterious subject, an ancient knowledge in technologies what we know today as e.g. Quantum trapping and Quantum tunneling.”

Holographic duality“…………In the quantum world there is a theory what speaks of an electron in one bio-molecule hopping to a second bio-molecule, in which they are bending the classical laws of physics.
This phenomenon of hopping across seemingly forbidden gaps is called quantum tunneling. (A phenomenon what is known by many as a ghost walking through a wall)
Today it has become a fact at the CERN; particles having little energy can litterly tunnel through basic barriers, what we know as ‘solid’ objects.
Hiding a complete evolution in the frequencies of that of the light spectrum (UV) is extremely ingenious and does seems to go against in both everything we experience in real-time as in natural laws.
But natural quantum tunneling is fact and happens every single day in a body we know as the sun due the tons of hydrogen the sun contains and the reaction in nuclear fusions.”

“………….What if these primal life forms are the ones who used some of our ancestors, as in ‘the elected ones’, as hosts and call themselves the counselor of a Pharaoh, the kings adviser during medieval times or the war-board during the 90th’s?
The implications of all this are mind-bending and does give us some ideas of why we have to stay addicted to today’s smart technology and why we have to swirl in a Wi-Fi network … it gives us a form of brain fog what has an result of stopping the critical thinking in us all.”

“………….Developments in quantum physics, due observing entanglement in atoms and biological systems, revealed a mysterious communication between DNA strands and telepathic connection between humans which are all pieces of a yet unsolved puzzle.
And when we think about how we are looking at this world with our known physical senses, how it might be with other unknown perspectives, we can then wonder what percentage of things in our universe we are not able to see or know.”

Shadow People, what or who are they?

The Next Truth is stepping into a demonic realm

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Shadow People; Is it a psychological phenomena or a real primal evolution?

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‘The Next Truth’ is stepping into a demonic realm


Ghostly activities are increasing in my home …are they benevolent or malevolent?

(PIC. 1)
Yesterday evening (25 June,2017) I suddenly, without any particular reason, gazed out the window into blackness of the night.
After a couple of seconds I got the feeling that someone or something was starring back at me … goosebumps rose while I felt the static electricity crawl up from my feet to my knees.

Quickly I grabbed my camera and took several pictures … my feeling was right, a horrifying face was starring back at me!

face in the window

(PIC. 2)
But that was not all…it wasn’t over yet!
Some 20 minutes later my camera captured a shadow figure INSIDE my home starring at me … observing me … as if it was ‘saying’ “I am watching you, now SEE ME!”.

shadow 1

(PIC. 3)
Then, when I turned out all the lights in the house, the area in front of me become denser and … intense black, as if someone was standing very close before me in the dark.

I pressed the button an in the flash of the camera when the picture was taken, I saw that the light of the flash was blocked by something what had mass!

This is what my camera showed me…

blocking the camera


Paranormal Underground Magazine, May issue of 2016 … my interview conducted by best seller author Michelle Pillow

Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-001  Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-002  Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-003  Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-004  Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-005

If you like to read more topics this issue contains …

2 May 2016


Shapeshifter in my backyard?!

On March 26, 2017 Paranormal Underground Radio broadcasted a segment of me in where I interviewed my two daughters concerning the eerie shadows they have (and still are) seeing in and around our home.…/

(1 hour, 7 minutes and 40 sec. into the show)

Yesterday evening, while my husband was on his night-shift and my children were asleep, I went into my backyard…armed with brushes, paint and canvas.

I set-down and waited until I started to hear the same creepy shuffling noises my daughters told me they are hearing for the last couple of days now…AGAIN.

Because I did not want it to be afraid of the camera flashes and vanish before my eyes, I did not take pictures but started to paint enormous quick as soon as I saw it sitting in a corner by the shed.
Sitting in the dark by myself having only the orange glow of a lamppost, it felt as if a second energy was standing behind me controlling my right arm and hand what gave me the speed I needed to make this image of the creature my daughters saw.

When looking at the painting later, I got the idea that this is not one of the shadow people but …      a shapeshifter!

20170620_230054 Capture Holy freaking creep! ….someone comment on FB;

“Actually looks like 2 people near edge of canvas one in shirt and slacks sitting and looking left at very edge of canvas. And to the right a person in shirt pants jacket standing and looking through a curtain. Impression both are Male.
The standing image seems to turn its head as if not wanting identified. Just the paint placement. But you caught a lot there.”

I did not saw them until now but she is absolute right!
Maybe one of them was the one who was directing/controlling my hand and arm while I was painting it in my backyard.


This is what has visited my dreams last night…hopefully I have restricted its freedom of movement!



The third night after I painted that malevolent painting…listen carefully to the recordings.


Is one of my paintings possessed?!

Two days ago I painted this malevolent image of one of those creatures I frequently see passing by or swirling around lampposts when dusk is falling.

During the time I was putting the paint on the canvas I felt as if it was slowly coming to live.
My imagination perhaps … could be, but the strange stumbling sounds I heard while painting this I cannot explain at the moment.

Now the crazy and eerie part concerning this creepy painting; It took me 6 hours to finish it and … the strangest part … yesterday evening around 23.00, a small photo album materialized in the bedroom of one of children.
Nobody in our family have ever seen this photo album nor does anyone of us recognize it!

Did I really paint something macabre what gained energy?!



The Next Truth; is thinking about going international.

Nicolas Poussin painted Dante Alighieri’s idea of it in ‘The shepherds of Arcadia’ while Hendrik Lorentz calculated its position between 1892 and 1904 … Albert Einstein seriously discussed the existence of it and the LHC is conducting projects looking for an entrance.

The Next Truth goes beyond this mysterious force, what already existed before the birth of the Nine Realms, by … making contact with malevolent beings being almost lifelike in their existence what can cause it to bond in a parasitic fashion to a living host.

Faith, religion and natural science … after more than two-thousand years, it has still an influence on our daily activities, thoughts and behavior.

Unfortunately, the level of negativity is increasing strongly and it has gone mainstream!

In this we have to look at examples of for instance ‘the Ice-Bucket challenge, the Fire-Fire challenge and the Charlie-Charlie challenge which have direct tides to the book of revelation in which is being discussed the enormous amount of unclear spirits resembling frogs coming out of the mouth of the falls prophets.

This level of negative spiritual warfare is more … much more than ancient rituals, spells from the books of RA or medieval demon provoking known from a period called the Tep-Zepi time; it is real and you do not even have to be a member of a malevolent occult group or a strong believer to perform these magical forms of religion.

Need an enlightening change_(2)   Flyer back


The Next Truth is under construction!

cropped-The-Next-Truth-logo.pngWE CANNOT IGNORE ITS CALL ANY LONGER!

Due the multiple and unexplained events of the last months, Shadows have being seen by our children in the backyard and front door, sounds without a source, our dogs barking to an empty ceiling and running from room to room as if something is following them, voices pronouncing unclear words, singing sounds (one was that of a little girl), noises in the attic when there is no one present … even a priest like entity has past through our hallway,  we have decided to make some changes within the team as well as to the logo of The Next Truth.

(we have just started therefore, it will take some time)

GThe Next Truth