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The October issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine … a magazine which gives you the chills!

Yes, the October issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine available containing 8 creepy Ouija board movies, and “Haunted Marquette” author Tyler R. Tichelaar.
But also California’s haunted Preston Castle, werewolves and lycanthropy, and the exorcism of Clarita Villanueva.

And if you didn’t had enough moments of fear, let some chills slight down your spine by reading personal encounters with dark witches, shapeshifters, and skinwalkers; and tales from a first-time ghost hunter.

Have an eerie time reading the creepy and mind blowing articles of PU Magazine.
(page 50; my latest and personal experience in the world of unexplained events)

Good night and … don’t let those eerie bedbugs bite!

Happy Halloween!


Part 1; Castle Hirschstein,Germany … did we chased a real SHAPESHIFTER?!

Some time ago The Next Truth went to castle Hirschstein in Germany…where an EVP was captured by the camera saying ‘Art Repla’ what means ‘replace art’. This was remarkably because the history of this castle tells us that during WWII many art pieces where stored here under the supervision of Heinrich Himmler himself.

We went back in order to find out to whom this ghostly voice belongs to but before we even could reach the castle…we encountered something very strange what could indicate we bumped into a creature what had the ability to what is known by some as lycanthropy or by many as … SHAPE-SHIFTING!

Part 2: We went back to castle Hirschstein

Maria Anna;



‘The Grimm That Changed My Life’

‘The Grimm That Changed My Life’ is an article I recently wrote but is not being published yet.
A phrase from that article;

“At first I thought it was my imagination and tried to ignore it … this turned out to be impossible to do so.
It was not my imagination … it was real.
The air around me started to get more denser until the moment my attention was drawn to a specific point into the darkness of the backyard where an almost malevolent dark smoke was sliding over the ground like a silk sheet.

I could not see shadows or a silhouette inside the eerie dark smoke but somehow I knew that something massive was formed by it and was walking carefully up and down through the garden like if it was waiting for the right moment to strike.
I could feel its energy … I could smell its strong animal odor … I could almost touch its tight black fur with my mind.
I could not hear it walking or its breathing but I could feel its strong energy building up.
It was neither human nor animal.
Than it suddenly froze and turned its massive head towards me and looked me right in my eyes and through my soul … it had a lock-on me!

It felt as if time slowed down extremely while my brain activity was speeding up drastically.
I slightly leaned backwards, took an extreme slow but deep breath and felt how ‘its’ energy was connected with mine as if we had a telepathic connection.
Right at that moment the connection was made.”



Something to consider…



Scientific Evidence and Proof That Ghosts Exist

Are ghosts real?


People have been asking themselves this question for thousands of years.
But despite widespread sightings and stories dating back over millennia, we still have no definitive proof that spirits actually exist.

Believers say the skeptics are blind to the evidence that’s right in front of them.
Skeptics say any paranormal evidence likely has a rational explanation, and those who chase ghosts are fooling themselves.

Who is right, who is wrong, and where is the proof?





‘The Next Truth’ is stepping into a demonic realm


Ghostly activities are increasing in my home …are they benevolent or malevolent?

(PIC. 1)
Yesterday evening (25 June,2017) I suddenly, without any particular reason, gazed out the window into blackness of the night.
After a couple of seconds I got the feeling that someone or something was starring back at me … goosebumps rose while I felt the static electricity crawl up from my feet to my knees.

Quickly I grabbed my camera and took several pictures … my feeling was right, a horrifying face was starring back at me!

face in the window

(PIC. 2)
But that was not all…it wasn’t over yet!
Some 20 minutes later my camera captured a shadow figure INSIDE my home starring at me … observing me … as if it was ‘saying’ “I am watching you, now SEE ME!”.

shadow 1

(PIC. 3)
Then, when I turned out all the lights in the house, the area in front of me become denser and … intense black, as if someone was standing very close before me in the dark.

I pressed the button an in the flash of the camera when the picture was taken, I saw that the light of the flash was blocked by something what had mass!

This is what my camera showed me…

blocking the camera


This is what has visited my dreams last night…hopefully I have restricted its freedom of movement!



The third night after I painted that malevolent painting…listen carefully to the recordings.