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“I grew up in a haunted manor that was used as a field hospital by both the North and South during the Civil War”

What or who it is that is roaming your property? Is it simply the soul, or spirit, of a deceased person or animal that has manifest itself or, is there an architectural explanation for the eerie sounds you hear at night?

Except for the explanation of e.g. sleep paralysis and the haunted frequency which was discovered by Vic Tandy, there has to be a reason for these shadows, visiting you during the darkest hours of the night, to exist in our reality.

Welcome or welcome back to The Next Truth podcasts…“Let’s ask questions”.

Today I am speaking with author, freelance writer, screenwriter and artist, Sharon Day about her experiences while growing up in a haunted house.

Quantum Immortality: Could it be a possible explanation for ghostly apparitions?

Hauntings, EVP’s and Mystical Visions; how does our brain translate this information? Can these events be scientifically explained? Is telepathy a primordial language? And why do lamps swing in the moment a poltergeist is presenting itself?

Welcome or welcome back to The Next Truth podcasts “Let’s Ask Questions”.

Do you also have questions about what might lie beyond our ordinary vision, time and reality? What is it that is dwelling in the afterlife? IS there an afterlife.

Recently I had a very interesting conversation with paranormal researcher from PRI-UK, Nick Howe who took me on a journey through a quantum universe while seeking answers for what the afterlife may contain.

So, sit back and let your mind run over this theory of Quantum Immortality. Could this theory be the answer for the question ‘What is a ghost?’

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Has ADHD a Gray Area?

Could it be that the Neanderthal once had the capability to tap into the minds of their game? An ability that was a logical event in the evolution of the human brain in order to survive rough environments.

Perhaps we are still having this behaviour or ‘viewing’ ability, but is today seen as e.g. ADHD or, symptoms which might indicate someone is dealing with ADHD. An ability what might be considered as the ‘original language’ of the human species. But, by means of a modern unified/global behaviour and speech system, medication is seen, by many, as the best advise. On the latter, personally, I am not convinced.

* Please keep in mind that this is just a personal theory as well as this topic has a wide ground to cover. Meaning, in this video I walk very quickly through the matter leaving out a huge amount of details which are for another video.


The Legend of ‘Lapis Philosophorum’ aka the Philosopher Stone

By Maria Anna van Driel,

The Philosopher’s Stone has intrigued scientists for centuries and even to this day remains a mystery.

The concept of being able to turn metals into gold attracted the attention of many who saw the legend of the stone as a chance to make a fortune. And so, many of the world’s brilliant minds searched for the Philosopher’s Stone over the centuries including Robert Boyle who is considered the father of modern day chemistry.

There are many descriptions of the stones appearance. The most well-known being a red stone but it was also referred to as an orange stone. When the stone is in its solid form it often appears as a transparent and glass-like object in the shape of an egg. But there are many sources that believe the Philosopher’s Stone may not have even been a stone at all.

When searching for the stone, alchemists examined countless substances what has build the base knowledge for fields we know today as chemistry and pharmacology.

When discussing the philosopher’s stone the one name you will not miss is Nicolas Flamel. Flamel was a French scribe and manuscript-seller who lived in Paris during the 14th and 15th century and, in 1382, claimed to have transformed lead into gold after decoding an ancient book of alchemy. We most likely will never know if this was true. However the historical record show that Flamel did come into considerable wealth around the time he made his claim but donated all of his riches to charity.

The medieval kitchen of alchemy aka ‘Physical chemistry’

The commencement of deciphering this ‘key’ is the dismembering of the word ALCHEMY; Al-Khemet means ‘From Egypt’, Khemet means ‘Black’, Khem means ‘chem’ or ‘chemical’

Later in history this ancient Egyptian word Al-Khemet has been translated into ‘the black art through Alchemy’ a term many might know today as the medieval and dangerous ‘black magic’. Even it is being thought by some that a Pagan mystery as such is spawned by the devil’s hand, less is true in this legend of the stone of the ancients.

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Why Can’t We Connect With Ghost Consistently?

By guest writer Kevin Spindloe,

Looking at the historical tales of spirits, ghosts, poltergeist, and other dimensional beings which have been reported so consistently, why is it that we are unable to truly connect with them? There are so many reports of these instances, and they are supported, quite enthusiastically,  by those who witnessed the phenomena. But, whenever those with an interest in such matters, be it scientific or otherwise, try to connect, the phenomena rarely repeats itself.

Kevin is an experienced Medium working in paranormal teams. He has been involved with spirit for most of his life with a strong interest in the paranormal.

Visiting a location like East Drive in Pontefract, UK, armed with the knowledge and stories of previous investigations and the belief that all that goes on in this empty semi-detached house is paranormal, is a dangerous precedent to a serious paranormal investigator. One noise, one creaky floorboard, settling can spark for a series of over-reactions and reinstate the belief that this really is a paranormal hot spot.

How to approach this search into the inter-dimensional realms?

During a recent conversation with Maria Anna van Driel the discussion took a twist, and the question was asked, “how does spirit communicate with us?” A simple enough question, if all spirits are equal in existence and we all speak the same language. But what if they are not? What if we do not speak their language? Than what?

It is egotistical or naïve of us to assume that spirits talk to us as we talk amongst ourselves? My conversation with Maria turned to birds, very strange, but bear with me.

To some people birds are just birds, like as ghost are just ghosts. However, in another area of my life I am a Tour Guide for people who enjoy bird-watching across Europe, so, I may say that I possess the needed knowledge within the study of Ornithology.

Birds belong to Orders, Families, Genus and then Species and Carrion Crow which can communicate with other crows, but they are not able to communicate with a songbird. Birds communicate with families, but not to a different genus or species. There is generally no overlap. Yes, birds will react to behaviours or alarms from other bird families, but it is not genuine communication.

Let’s flip this back and ask the question again, how does spirit communicate with us? Are we actually assuming that they can hear us? Can they understand us? Do they ‘know’ what investigators mean when they say, “speak into this black box” or “approach the green light, so we know you are here”.

Yes, there is the argument that spirits can read your mind regardless the language you grew up with. But this hasn’t been proven yet as definitive, and therefore is considered to be another assumption on the part of some investigators.

What if they can only communicate one way, like the crow?

As dimensional researchers we visit haunted locations while using the same equipment time and time again. We use the same processes and align ourselves to our chosen theory. And when the results are poor, we blame the spirits for not being active and try to explain that it is an issue with the other dimensions and not us or our methodology.

Being an investigator for Paranormal Research York, UK, I use a range of traditional tools such as pendulums, spirit boards as well as modern day meters, recorders and photo and film cameras. During my quest for answers I, myself, have found that a spirit may connect with leaving behind an electronic message, aka EVP, on a recorder but will not repeat the message, or words, on any other device. Why is that?  Is it possible that they prefer communication tools that match their vibrations and cannot or, will not communicate any other way?

As Maria has mentioned in some of her articles about Euclidean Space, ‘there is an argument for spirits or inter-dimensional beings to communicate using math. Poltergeist stacking chairs or the sudden appearance of sophisticated crop circles.’ Personally, I have never tried to communicate in math, but maybe it is time to do so.

Maybe the key is to try several communication devices and select the one that works at that time and, on that particular location. And, instead of asking “are you a man?” or “did you die here?”, we could ask questions aiming in the direction of, “why does this communication device work for you?” and “can you use more than one device to communicate?”

Another idea for establishing a clear communication could touch the train of thought of us using mathematical equations or diagrams. Although, I believe my attempt on the latter would be equivalent to a cave drawing from a prehistoric hunter capturing his proud moment, simplistic but hopefully it would carry a message.

Asking spirits, or inter-dimensional beings, to give a consistent message on more than one tool or device could show that the investigator is broadening the search for better communication. Even though there is no guarantee if an action as such would be allowed by the inter-dimensional police, but if it were, it would make investigations much more interesting.

Maybe then we can start to unravel the ‘communication issue’ and focus our attention on one spirit to gain a greater understanding of how they can or, even better, how they prefer to communicate with us. Moreover, by figuring out how a communication as such is working, depending on how much they will reveal, we might see the opportunity to dig deeper into their ‘world’ and understand much more. A clear communication as such could provide us, during our events, to connect with a particular spirit in that specific place and achieve some amazing results.

During our public events this might be difficult to approach until we gather some credible evidence that isn’t a waste of valuable event time. Regardless, we must remember that our guests have paid to be part of a ‘traditional’ investigation and not a controlled experiment. So, this would be a slow but, hopefully, a progressive side of our events.

And maybe, just maybe, I will be able to speak to the crows.


Sleep Disorders and the Paranormal; Is There a Scientific Connection?

An interview with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Brian Sharpless.

“The ghost in the machine”, many people have heard this term at least one time in their life. It was a paper which was written by Coventry University lecturer Vic Tandy and published in April 1998 by the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.

Working alone in the lab one night, Tandy suddenly gained the feeling he was being watched. He claimed a dark, shadowy figure appeared in the corner of his vision. When Tandy turned to face this shadowy figure…it vanished.

Listen to the interview of Dr. Brian Sharpless via You Tube (see below) or, click the ‘PLAY-button’ in ‘THE NEXT TRUTH…ONLINE RADIO’ on the right and listen to his Podcast via the TNT website.

To many, these shadowy figures are better known as the Shadow People.

They are being skests as a malevolent and creepy phenomenon and have being reported by witnesses as human-like shaped dark shadows having ill intentions standing alongside your bed…watching you.   

Even these eerie phenomena’s have being reported for decades, it is not your mind simply playing tricks on you.  There might be a more simpler and scientific explanation for things like ghosts, demonic hauntings and…shadow people.

I am your host Maria Anna van Driel… and you’re listening to “The Next Truth; Where Science and Myth Meet”,   and this week I am speaking with clinical psychologist, Dr. Brian Sharpless about  the most creepiest sleep disorders, what treatments are there and…how deeply these disorders are woven into the paranormal.

Are those things you see in the darkness more than just a shadow?


Jack the Ripper; A Man or A Myth?

An interview with Retired British Murder Squad Detective Trevor Marriott.

In the autumn of 1888 a series of brutal murders in the East End of London lit a flame that sent shockwaves reverberating around the civilized world and caused a scandal that struck right at the heart of the British establishment.

Listen to the interview of Mr. T. Marriott via You Tube (see below) or, click the ‘PLAY-button’ in ‘THE NEXT TRUTH…ONLINE RADIO’ on the right and listen to his Podcast via the TNT website.

During the 1880s, the city of London was in parts a dirty, rotten, festering maze of slums replete with wandering gin addicts and foul-mouthed harlots and was experiencing a population explosion, with immigrants from around the world coming to the great city to find work. 

But it wasn’t exactly the land of hope and glory for everybody, and some of the streets in the poorer East end of the city were a long way from being a yellow brick road.

This is where our man Jack the Ripper chose to ply his trade.

I am your host Maria Anna van Driel and you’re listening to “The Next Truth; Where Science and Myth Meet”.  This week I am speaking with retired British murder squad detective Trevor Marriott about what drove this serial killer nabbing mostly working girls from the streets and brutally killing them in 1888 and… did he figured out this mystery of who Jack the Ripper was?


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I Was Very Curious to Meet “Him”

Attorney of Law Ms. Karen Conti Weighs In on Her Experience With Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy.

Listen to the interview of Prof. Karen Conti via You Tube (see below) or, click the ‘PLAY-button’ in ‘THE NEXT TRUTH…ONLINE RADIO’ on the right and listen to her Podcast via the TNT website.

Clowns, they were once figures of innocent fun, brightly colored jesters performing to laughing children – but the real-life story of killer clown John Wayne Gacy is more disturbing than anything you will see in cinemas.

John Wayne Gacy, aka Pogo the Clown, was one of the most sadistic serial killers in the 1970s.  No one could suspect that beneath the colorful makeup a cruel and pitiless murderer was lurking who was luring his young victims back to his home in Norwood Park, Illinois.  … killing at least 33 young men and boys.

It was in March of this year that I became tremendously curious to this horrifying case when I encountered Ms. Conti’s story about how she had served as one of John Gacy’s last attorneys as he fought to overturn his pending death sentence that has now become part of America’s true crime hall of fame.

Not only does Ms. Conti know what it is like to look the killer clown in the eye, she is a dynamic and influential attorney in the local and national legal community and has handled of numerous high-profile cases.

I am your host Maria Anna van Driel and you’re listening to “The Next Truth; Where Science and Myth Meet”. This week I am speaking with Ms. Karen Conti about how the story of a young lawyer, whose client turned out to be a sadistic serial killer wearing a painted smile, begins. 


The Antisocial Behaviour of a Psychopathic Serial Killer; Does its Origin Lies in an Evolutionary Defect?

By Maria Anna van Driel,

Throughout history, humans have committed horrific crimes, which seem to reflect a primordial and animalistic behavior in human survival. But what exactly makes someone a serial killer? Are they the product of bad genes, the victim of environmental factors, or should we look in the direction of an evolutionary defect?

In my article “Pareidolia; Does it Teach us the Difference Between Life and Death With Affection?” I viewed the question if Pareidolia is teaching us what affection is as well if this phenomena has any influence on how we treat both our own emotions and those of others in our adult life’s.  Writing a plausible answer to this mind dazzling question made me think about if there is a possibility that the gruesome actions of psychopathic (serial) killers has its origin in the absence of ‘feeling’ the effects in this phenomenon?   Meaning, ‘them’ not having the full experiencing of this evolutionary effect in face-recognition, aka Pareidolia, could be the cause of these ‘humanoid predators’ not being able to recognize and acknowledge the human emotions in the facial expressions of their victims?

Killing or Hunting

Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer…the mind of a psychopath is indeed a curious entity. Not only are many of us intrigued by their way of thinking, we also have, in one way or another, a macabre fascination for their grisly actions.  

Not that we are taking an example from their actions but more with the question ”What is it that triggers someone to follow a path of violence and committing horrible crimes?” and, “Is it possible to unravel the mind of a serial killer and unlinking the many narrow alleys of this entangled labyrinth they are walking in their mind?”

As with most things in life, the answer to a question is not always a simple yes or no. The same platitude can be applied to the question if someone has the potential of developing the characteristics of that of a psychopathic (serial) killer or not. Although the answer is not that simple, it appears that there is a requirement for a genetic, physical, and social combination for a person to show an antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). Those born with the so called ‘genes’, and possible associated brain structures, of a psychopath are not guaranteed to become one. Likewise, those who suffer some form of childhood trauma or abuse are also not likely to become psychopaths. Is it when both these conditions are merged that psychopathic behavior is presenting itself?

Honestly, I have no concrete answer for what drives these ‘celebrity monsters’ as Prof. Scott Bonn refers to them in his article “What Drives Our Curious Fascination With Serial Killers?” on his blog of Psychology Today.

But, personally, I do agree on the thought that most of us have a ‘phobia-level response’ to violence, as the author Dave Grossman described in his book, “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society”.  The human species is not born with the skill to ‘kill’, we are born with the skill to ‘hunt’. Even though these two skills sound different, these behaviours can be seen as one and the same act but viewed from a different angle by means of the situation, and environment, in where ‘the kill’ is taken place. What for us is seen as killing is, for a psychopathic (serial) killer, considered as a hunt. The difference between us ‘hunting’ a deer for food and a psychopathic (serial) killer ‘killing’ his/her victim in a, for instance, sound proof cellar, seems to lie in the thrill of both seeing the ‘target’ suffering and the end results.

Born or Made?

For years, neuroscience and psychology have become progressively focused on the brain differences between individuals and specifically trying to identify what makes someone kill another human being without feeling any regrets and guilt.  But, despite the efforts of modern criminology to decode the brain of a typical serial killer, a concrete explanation has not reached yet.

However, while not all killers are psychopaths, psychopathic traits are seen in many of them and may be well a combination of environmental factors and the lack of support in a personal psychological evolution during childhood.

I wonder if severe trauma’s as such can cause the brain making a conscious choice to exclude certain effects when distinguishing between what is ‘dead’ and what is ‘alive’ what in turn can trigger the grisly behavior(s) we see with psychopathic (serial) killers.

It is a thin line indeed! Fortunately, for most of us, taking the life of another is an act we cannot imagine. We have an innate brake system, something which tells us that this is an act we just cannot carry out.

Can we consider this form of ‘defect’ in an evolutionary process during childhood being a reality and thus link their ‘acts’ into their adult lives?

Although the question Have these humanoid predators developed a robotic view what is causing them not being able of recognizing and acknowledging the human emotions in the facial-expressions of their victims might still lie in front of us like an open and abandoned piece of dry desert, the possibility of the brain learning how to make a clear distinguish between something being alive or dead by means of the effects in Pareidolia, should not be ignored when trying to decode the behavior of a psychopathic (serial) killer.  

As I stated in my article “Pareidolia; Does it Teach us the Difference Between Life and Death With Affection?” this paranormal phenomena seems to be an important evolutionary process in one’s life as it is teaching us how to treat both ourselves and others in our adult life. And, not to serve ‘time’ as a psychopathic (serial) killer.