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The Next Truth interviewing Dr. T. Zoufal at DESY, Hamburg (Germany)

28 responses to “ What Contributors and Readers Say About The Next Truth ”

  1. Graham Seal says:

    I was happy to have several of my articles published in ‘The Next Truth’ and ‘Young people Science’. Bringing science and the humanities together in search of new answers to old, as well as new, problems, is an important aspiration. Reaching out to young people in the same way, even more so. Thanks Maria.

    Graham Seal

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Thank you Graham for your kind words. It is always a joy to work with your research concerning, among other, the history of Australia. Not only your (blog) articles are an amazing read for both young people and academic trained people, also the songs you have written and sung are very relaxing and very pleasant to listen to. https://sealsongs.blogspot.com/ Thank you Graham for all your contributions to both editions of The Next Truth. Let’s stay in touch 🙂

  2. I really appreciate “The Next Truth” to share my story as Derrickman on Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Drilling to the world. What makes me proud of Maria is her curiosity to show and dig other aspects of my life and my origin in the story. I am very honor to have Langsa my home town, Ketiara Coffee Gayo and Cafe Truck got promoted by “The Next Truth”. Keep the spirit Maria !!!

    The Next Truth: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/63052011/young-people-science-jan-feb-2020

    Yusnadi Usman

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day Mr. Usman, thank you for both your kind words and letting the readers of The Next Truth peering into your profession as a Derrickman. Researching the daily activities of those people who are working on oilrigs and drill-ships was an adventurous journey due to the fact I was not aware of the myriad and the various activities involved. It was my privilege to conduct your Q&A and publishing this in the issue of February 2020 and the up-coming May/June issue of Young People Science.

  3. Administrator, Maria Anna says:

    ‘Sometimes you may meet people virtually but they become best friends, as in our case, i met Maria via the virtual life through emails and facebook but i think we have the same thoughts in serving the humanity with science.

    It was really my pleasure to be interviewed over 2 editions in 2018 in November and December, it was really milestone in publicizing my main achievement of ( women in science without borders initiative).

    Also, i feel that Maria always puts her spirit in everything she is doing where she decided to found complete magazine for young people which is really challenging and worthy to be appreciated and not strange for her continuous hope to enhance the status of science and increase literacy of science by anyway and everywhere that in addition to her high tolerance for other cultures which i think is really unique now in that changing world! So, big congratulations dear friend for all your achievements and good luck for the future!
    Best Amal

    Prof. Dr. Amal Amin Ibrahim
    Cofounder of GYA, EYAS- Founder of WISWB- Member of TWAS- TYAN

    Women in science without borders-WISWB

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day Prof. Dr. Amal Amin, thank you so much for your kind words and compliments. Indeed, every now and then you meet people, virtual or personally, who turn out to become a close friend who is, in one way or another, enriching one’s life. I really enjoy our chats. Also, it was a true honor for The Next Truth having the opportunity to conduct and publish your interview on Woman In Science Without Borders (WISWB) which was, is, an educational read for sure.

  4. Neil Dagnall says:

    The Magazine is interesting and highly original. It is a great publication. I enjoy working with Maria.

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day Dr. Dagnall, thank you for the compliments and taking the time in posting your testimonial. I know you and Dr. Drinkwater are really busy in conducting new research in the yet not fully understood realms of Parapsychology and Anomalous Psychology, among others. I am really curious what your latest research is showing.

  5. Marc Wittmann says:

    The astounding feature of the Next Truth is that it has no scientific-ideological borders. We learn as much about hard-core science as we read about topics that are typically excluded a priori from narrow-minded individuals (commonly found in academia), namely anomalistic findings that are not easily understood. Anomalies have always been the basis for scientific revolutions, they are about the next truth.

    Marc Wittmann, PhD
    Research Fellow at Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health. Freiburg, Germany
    Webpage http://sites.google.com/site/webmarcwittmann/

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Marc, WOW! That is clear language 😉 I agree with you without a doubt on the thought of; possessing an open-minded view is giving the needed boost to the progress in new science. Maybe even new laws? Challenging accepted scientific knowledge equals the evolution within all corners of science.
      Thank you so much for sharing your view on the philosophy of The Next Truth. Also thank your for your previous contributions what has provided many readers a deeper insight in your research for unraveling this complex puzzle of what ‘time’ is and how we perceive this.

      I am still trying to wrap my mind around your knowledge concerning psychology and philosophy what you are revealing in your book “Altered States of Consciousness: Experiences Out of Time and Self” https://www.amazon.com/Marc-Wittmann/e/B00IWESBUC%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share

  6. This is one of the best magazines I have come across. All the articles are well researched and informative.
    Great Job !

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day Mr. Marriott, thank you for the compliments and taking the time for posting your testimonial during busy times. Your research conducted in one of the oldest cold cases is incredible! http://www.trevormarriott.co.uk/ I have to admit, reading your website “Jack the Ripper-The Real Truth” intrigued me, brought me to the year 1888 and made want to solve this puzzle also.

      Thank you Mr. Marriott for your contribution to The Next Truth. Your article is a fantastic read!

  7. During the Space Tech Expo 2019 in Bremen Germany, I was interviewed by “The Next Truth” (Maria Anna van Driel). It was an honor for me to meet and know Maria as not only an excellent professional Journalist but also very active on finding the secret of the universe (e.g. working on Maria Relativistic Holography Projection Energy Theory). The story about my research published in “The Next Truth” has changed my life by enhancing the essence of success and humbleness.
    The Next Truth: https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1709316

    Hendra Kesuma, PhD
    R&D Manager at AES Aircraft Elektro/Elektronik System GmbH Bremen, Germany
    Foundler of Bremen Dynamics, University of Bremen, Germany

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day Mike, thank you for the compliments and handing over your colleagues a print version of The Next Truth magazine during the conference in February 2020 in France.
      Meeting you for the first time at the Space Tech Expo was an unique moment indeed. I had so many questions for you concerning your work and research in Visible Light Communication (VLC), I did not where to start nor where to end. Your work is really amazing and extremely interesting for all who want to dive into advance (space) communications. It was my privilege to write your article and publish it in the issue of January 2020.

      Thank you Mike for all your support concerning my theory…I really appreciate the time you given me and, hopefully, will give in the future.

  8. Nick Howe says:

    Quite simply Maria is an inspiration. Love the mag and to have seen it grow from strength to strength.

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Hi Nick, thank you for the compliments and providing The Next Truth the opportunity in publishing yours and Andy’s article which do give me the shivers. The things you guys experience during researching the yet unknow realms our reality possesses…WOW! Keep conducting this important research concerning these realms, one day you will find the key what, then, unlocks all its secrets.

  9. jerry ricordati says:

    Really enjoyed Karen Conti’s remarks. I can’t imagine being in a room with a person who raped and killed 33 boys. She’s has guts, brains and beauty!

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day Jerry, I agree with you…I think that it would gave me the goosebumps when I was in the same room with a serial killer as John Wayne Gacy. I think I would have experienced a moment as such as playing a role in the movie “Silence of the Lambs”. Creep-factor 10+ !

  10. karen conti says:

    Maria is a great interviewer and the publication is fascinating! Great work. Keep it up!

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day Ms. Conti, thank you so much for both the compliments and the immense efforts you made on your Q&A which was my privilege to conduct. I really appreciate you providing the readers of The Next Truth a deeper insight in your profession, the importance of an attorney of law and your experiences on representing John Wayne Gacy, aka Pogo the Clown. The latter is creepy but highly intriguing!

  11. Sian Halcrow says:

    Maria Anna van Driel is a pleasure to work with. She has amazing drive to get the job done to the utmost standard, and with little to no labour from me. Her patience, passion and professionalism is evident in everything that she does.

    Dr Siân Halcrow (FSA)
    Associate Professor
    Department of Anatomy | School of Biomedical Sciences | University of Otago

  12. Andy Wilson says:

    Maria is the most passionate journalist I’ve come across. I’ve witnessed the development of the Next Truth Magazine from day one and wow what a journey. Maria has the energy of three people to do everything she does and keep it all professional. The world needs more open minded people like Maria, keep up the great work.

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Hi Andy, thank you so much for both your kind words and mentioning me on the website of PRI-UK. It seems that we, The Next Truth and PRI-UK, have watched each other grow. When I met you and Nick for the first time the website was still in the cradle, today it looks really professional. The website provides clients the needed information concerning the investigations conducted as well as it introduces all the members of the PRI-UK team. You and Nick are conducting highly interesting investigations whereby you keep both feet on the ground. PRI-UK has gone beyond my expectations! Keep doing this fantastic and important work! (I am still waiting for you guys to appear on national TV 🙂 )

  13. Administrator, Maria Anna says:

    It was my pleasure to be interviewed by Maria Anna van Driel for the December 2019 issue of the international magazine “The Next Truth.” The article was entitled “The Science and Technology of Time Travel May Be Less Far-Fetched As It Sounds.“ I was very impressed by the interview experience and have been extremely delighted with the worldwide response to the article.

    Ronald L Mallett, PhD
    Professor Emeritus and Research Professor of Physics
    Department of Physics
    University of Connecticut

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day Professor Mallett, thank you for the compliments concerning the interview conducted but to be fully honest with you…I was extremely nerves meeting and speaking with you the first time via Skype. All day I was walking up and down the living room because I was going to have an online conversation that evening with the world renowned time-travel expert and theoretical physicists Prof. Ronald L. Mallett. Not only did I gained a deeper insight in laser technology through both this interview and reading your book “Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality”, you also took, and are still taking, the time in supporting me in writing my own scientific paper. A support as such is, unfortunately, a rare phenomena these days.

      Again, thank you Professor Mallett for the compliments and sharing your intriguing research with the readers of The Next Truth. It was my privilege to conduct and write your interview.

  14. Seth Shostak says:

    Make sure to put this on your list of outlets for interesting science research … It’s professional and always fascinating!

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Hi Seth, it was October 2018 when I first contacted you with the request in gaining your permission to work with your research concerning the possibility of extraterrestrial life forms being present in, or beyond the borders of our cosmic freezer. To my surprise you said, ‘sure’…an even bigger surprise was that I received a second email from you the same day asking if I was interested in publishing another article from you. ‘Yes, of course I am interested in working with your research conducted!’ For a while you have let me work really hard to gain your trust which was not an easy task at all 🙂 That was 1.5 years ago.

      Thank you Seth for the compliment and taken the time in posting your testimonial during busy times.

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