The Next Truth is under construction!

cropped-The-Next-Truth-logo.pngWE CANNOT IGNORE ITS CALL ANY LONGER!

Due the multiple and unexplained events of the last months, Shadows have being seen by our children in the backyard and front door, sounds without a source, our dogs barking to an empty ceiling and running from room to room as if something is following them, voices pronouncing unclear words, singing sounds (one was that of a little girl), noises in the attic when there is no one present … even a priest like entity has past through our hallway,  we have decided to make some changes within the team as well as to the logo of The Next Truth.

(we have just started therefore, it will take some time)

GThe Next Truth

2 responses to “ The Next Truth is under construction! ”

  1. soh says:

    Please implement a subscribe feature so readers can be informed of updates. On the current site, we have to check daily for new articles.

    Thank you.

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