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“I grew up in a haunted manor that was used as a field hospital by both the North and South during the Civil War”

What or who it is that is roaming your property? Is it simply the soul, or spirit, of a deceased person or animal that has manifest itself or, is there an architectural explanation for the eerie sounds you hear at night?

Except for the explanation of e.g. sleep paralysis and the haunted frequency which was discovered by Vic Tandy, there has to be a reason for these shadows, visiting you during the darkest hours of the night, to exist in our reality.

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Today I am speaking with author, freelance writer, screenwriter and artist, Sharon Day about her experiences while growing up in a haunted house.

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According to the evolutionary timeline of the human species we are so familiar with, we have been born with a brain that is capable of abstract thinking, solving problems and calculating and thus predicting the outcome of our actions.  In other words, we are able to create a myriad solid progresses in the fields we are interested in by means of learning new stuff that leads us to approach what is already known with a brand new view. 

Unfortunately, by means of this ability we, regardless the trigger, are also able to destroy each new thing that crosses our path what leaves us gazing at the shadows in Plato’s cave.

Welcome or welcome back to The Next Truth podcasts…“Let’s ask questions”.

Some call the mind-set of today’s scientific pioneers creativity or out-of-the-box thinking and welcome every step towards a new theory within the field they are conducting their research.    But, alas, there are still people who view anything new with a destructive judgment  and consider this way of approaching known science, in which a myriad thought experiments are being conducted, a collection of beliefs or practices, which are mistakenly based on the scientific method. Aka Pseudo science. 

I am your host Maria Anna van Driel and today I am welcoming back the Director of the nonprofit Institute for Resonance in Boulder, Colorado, Dr. Simeon Hein, and speak with him about how cold  fusion can be connected to Bigfoot sightings and…  how classifying groundbreaking science has the power to stagnate any evolutionary path…regardless if it is biological, mechanical or, on a quantum level.


“Time and Beauty” Reveals the physics of human perception

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In this podcast I am speaking with J. A. Jones Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Duke University, Adrian Bejan. He is a professor who has made contributions to modern thermodynamics and developed his constructal law. But what is this law? What is it predicting? And how is this law related to his latest book “Time and Beauty: Why time flies and beauty never dies”

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Quantum Immortality: Could it be a possible explanation for ghostly apparitions?

Hauntings, EVP’s and Mystical Visions; how does our brain translate this information? Can these events be scientifically explained? Is telepathy a primordial language? And why do lamps swing in the moment a poltergeist is presenting itself?

Welcome or welcome back to The Next Truth podcasts “Let’s Ask Questions”.

Do you also have questions about what might lie beyond our ordinary vision, time and reality? What is it that is dwelling in the afterlife? IS there an afterlife.

Recently I had a very interesting conversation with paranormal researcher from PRI-UK, Nick Howe who took me on a journey through a quantum universe while seeking answers for what the afterlife may contain.

So, sit back and let your mind run over this theory of Quantum Immortality. Could this theory be the answer for the question ‘What is a ghost?’

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Your Quantum Consciousness: What is it and, what is its location

Welcome or welcome back to the brand new series of The Next Truth podcasts…“Let’s ask questions”.

Today I am welcoming back author and Near-Death- and Out-of-Body Experiences expert, Lynn Kathleen Russell and speak with her about what is oneness, how can we tap-in into it and, can we explain the hereafter through quantum mechanics?

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Evolution and Human History: Is Our Understanding About It Truly Correct?

We tend to think that evolution is a smooth line of changes in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection. This, by the majority, accepted theory of an almost vivid and detailed description of human ascent from a tiny, one-celled monad is so convincing that one could almost believe science has seen the microscopic amoeba turn into a man with their own eyes. But does the theory of evolution merit a fanatical support, which would silence all opposing ideas? 

Yes, goose bumpy indeed but, when digging a bit deeper into Darwin’s personal history we find that he didn’t gave the proper credit to those who wrote and theorized about the evolution of Earth’s flora and fauna before him, or during his life.  He took these research findings, added his personal idea’s and research to it and, after being laughed at and pointed to the exit several times, presented/published it as his own. (using ones research and theories is alright as long as you give credit to your peers)

Although this might stir up some comfort-zones, we might give ourselves some blame as well. I mean, we blindly accept what is been written in history books. Think about it…we give credit to Thomas Edison for inventing the light bulb but, it was Sir Joseph Wilson Swan, an English physicist, who, one year earlier, invented a practical and longer-lasting electric light bulb.  It seems that the ‘history’ we have become familiar with, is not quite accurate. 

This brings me to evolution in general.  It sounds more than logic when pioneering idea’s and theories are pointed in a direction of us, the human species as we know it today, that we might not be that old as we think. It could easily be that we are not older than a few centuries. It might be highly possible that the modern human species, has a history not much older than one or two generations before the ancient Egyptians. Well, if that could be fact than it is also more than logic that we are still see creatures like Bigfoot roaming the forests or snowy areas. Or, see subtle ripples on the surface of a large lake indicating that something enormous is swimming by.   

Live, evolution and yes even religion, is still wrapped in a mind dazzling mystery.  It seems that we are a very young species that is trying to crawl out of the cradle we call ‘evolution’.

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Has ADHD a Gray Area?

Could it be that the Neanderthal once had the capability to tap into the minds of their game? An ability that was a logical event in the evolution of the human brain in order to survive rough environments.

Perhaps we are still having this behaviour or ‘viewing’ ability, but is today seen as e.g. ADHD or, symptoms which might indicate someone is dealing with ADHD. An ability what might be considered as the ‘original language’ of the human species. But, by means of a modern unified/global behaviour and speech system, medication is seen, by many, as the best advise. On the latter, personally, I am not convinced.

* Please keep in mind that this is just a personal theory as well as this topic has a wide ground to cover. Meaning, in this video I walk very quickly through the matter leaving out a huge amount of details which are for another video.


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I’m an astronomer and I think aliens may be out there – but UFO sightings aren’t persuasive

Many people who say they have seen UFOs are either dog walkers or smokers. Aaron Foster/THeImage Bank/Getty Images

Chris Impey, University of Arizona

If intelligent aliens visit the Earth, it would be one of the most profound events in human history.

Surveys show that nearly half of Americans believe that aliens have visited the Earth, either in the ancient past or recently. That percentage has been increasing. Belief in alien visitation is greater than belief that Bigfoot is a real creature, but less than belief that places can be haunted by spirits.

Scientists dismiss these beliefs as not representing real physical phenomena. They don’t deny the existence of intelligent aliens. But they set a high bar for proof that we’ve been visited by creatures from another star system. As Carl Sagan said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

I’m a professor of astronomy who has written extensively on the search for life in the universe. I also teach a free online class on astrobiology. Full disclosure: I have not personally seen a UFO.

Unidentified flying objects

UFO means unidentified flying object. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s a long history of UFO sightings. Air Force studies of UFOs have been going on since the 1940s. In the United States, “ground zero” for UFOs occurred in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. The fact that the Roswell incident was soon explained as the crash landing of a military high-altitude balloon didn’t stem a tide of new sightings. The majority of UFOs appear to people in the United States. It’s curious that Asia and Africa have so few sightings despite their large populations, and even more surprising that the sightings stop at the Canadian and Mexican borders.

Most UFOs have mundane explanations. Over half can be attributed to meteors, fireballs and the planet Venus. Such bright objects are familiar to astronomers but are often not recognized by members of the public. Reports of visits from UFOs inexplicably peaked about six years ago.

Many people who say they have seen UFOs are either dog walkers or smokers. Why? Because they’re outside the most. Sightings concentrate in evening hours, particularly on Fridays, when many people are relaxing with one or more drinks.

A few people, like former NASA employee James Oberg, have the fortitude to track down and find conventional explanations for decades of UFO sightings. Most astronomers find the hypothesis of alien visits implausible, so they concentrate their energy on the exciting scientific search for life beyond the Earth. Most UFO sightings have been in the United States.

Are we alone?

While UFOs continue to swirl in the popular culture, scientists are trying to answer the big question that is raised by UFOs: Are we alone?

Astronomers have discovered over 4,000 exoplanets, or planets orbiting other stars, a number that doubles every two years. Some of these exoplanets are considered habitable, since they are close to the Earth’s mass and at the right distance from their stars to have water on their surfaces. The nearest of these habitable planets are less than 20 light years away, in our cosmic “back yard.” Extrapolating from these results leads to a projection of 300 million habitable worlds in our galaxy. Each of these Earth-like planets is a potential biological experiment, and there have been billions of years since they formed for life to develop and for intelligence and technology to emerge.

Astronomers are very confident there is life beyond the Earth. As astronomer and ace exoplanet-hunter Geoff Marcy, puts it, “The universe is apparently bulging at the seams with the ingredients of biology.” There are many steps in the progression from Earths with suitable conditions for life to intelligent aliens hopping from star to star. Astronomers use the Drake Equation to estimate the number of technological alien civilizations in our galaxy. There are many uncertainties in the Drake Equation, but interpreting it in the light of recent exoplanet discoveries makes it very unlikely that we are the only, or the first, advanced civilization.

This confidence has fueled an active search for intelligent life, which has been unsuccessful so far. So researchers have recast the question “Are we alone?” to “Where are they?”

The absence of evidence for intelligent aliens is called the Fermi Paradox. Even if intelligent aliens do exist, there are a number of reasons why we might not have found them and they might not have found us. Scientists do not discount the idea of aliens. But they aren’t convinced by the evidence to date because it is unreliable, or because there are so many other more mundane explanations.

Modern myth and religion

UFOs are part of the landscape of conspiracy theories, including accounts of abduction by aliens and crop circles created by aliens. I remain skeptical that intelligent beings with vastly superior technology would travel trillion of miles just to press down our wheat.

It’s useful to consider UFOs as a cultural phenomenon. Diana Pasulka, a professor at the University of North Carolina, notes that myths and religions are both means for dealing with unimaginable experiences. To my mind, UFOs have become a kind of new American religion.

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So no, I don’t think belief in UFOs is crazy, because some flying objects are unidentified, and the existence of intelligent aliens is scientifically plausible.

But a study of young adults did find that UFO belief is associated with schizotypal personality, a tendency toward social anxiety, paranoid ideas and transient psychosis. If you believe in UFOs, you might look at what other unconventional beliefs you have.

I’m not signing on to the UFO “religion,” so call me an agnostic. I recall the aphorism popularized by Carl Sagan, “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

Chris Impey, University Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, University of Arizona

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