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Maria Anna; Freelance Investigative Journalist & Reporter, Published Author & Writer and scientist

Freelance Investigative Journalist & Reporter (Maria Anna van Driel): 

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Journalism; Some questions lead to rough answers.

20170802_172731Journalism has become more than just bringing the news to the public, it’s a lifestyle!

Covering sensitive topics can take sometimes its toll in where emotions are running high and people are being injured.
These “negative aspects” of the job, which are sometimes hard to shut off at the end of the day, are possibly a product of many people having a misconception about journalists and think that the job description includes that a journalist can be used as a punching ball or a trashcan for unprocessed emotions.

‘Well, as a journalist you have to have an elephant skin…so accept it!’ is a frequent pronunciation of many.
We do, but that so-called ‘elephant skin’ has more to do with keeping the stories out of the psyche which is not an easy task when it comes down to for instance child abuse.

Yes we see and hear a lot of terrible things of which some do become a part of you … but like you … we do feel those punches as well as we will defend ourselves.

Journalists are people too.


Thank you for your understanding and patience in advance



‘The Next Truth’ is stepping into a demonic realm


The Next Truth; is thinking about going international.

Nicolas Poussin painted Dante Alighieri’s idea of it in ‘The shepherds of Arcadia’ while Hendrik Lorentz calculated its position between 1892 and 1904 … Albert Einstein seriously discussed the existence of it and the LHC is conducting projects looking for an entrance.

The Next Truth goes beyond this mysterious force, what already existed before the birth of the Nine Realms, by … making contact with malevolent beings being almost lifelike in their existence what can cause it to bond in a parasitic fashion to a living host.

Faith, religion and natural science … after more than two-thousand years, it has still an influence on our daily activities, thoughts and behavior.

Unfortunately, the level of negativity is increasing strongly and it has gone mainstream!

In this we have to look at examples of for instance ‘the Ice-Bucket challenge, the Fire-Fire challenge and the Charlie-Charlie challenge which have direct tides to the book of revelation in which is being discussed the enormous amount of unclear spirits resembling frogs coming out of the mouth of the falls prophets.

This level of negative spiritual warfare is more … much more than ancient rituals, spells from the books of RA or medieval demon provoking known from a period called the Tep-Zepi time; it is real and you do not even have to be a member of a malevolent occult group or a strong believer to perform these magical forms of religion.

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The Next Truth is under construction!

cropped-The-Next-Truth-logo.pngWE CANNOT IGNORE ITS CALL ANY LONGER!

Due the multiple and unexplained events of the last months, Shadows have being seen by our children in the backyard and front door, sounds without a source, our dogs barking to an empty ceiling and running from room to room as if something is following them, voices pronouncing unclear words, singing sounds (one was that of a little girl), noises in the attic when there is no one present … even a priest like entity has past through our hallway,  we have decided to make some changes within the team as well as to the logo of The Next Truth.

(we have just started therefore, it will take some time)

GThe Next Truth


Okay…a Portuguese website is providing my You Tube video’s…COOL

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Dangerous writing or just a plausible theory?

And once again I had the privilege to obtain some space in the upcoming issue of March of Paranormal Underground.

To many it is a received signal giving a possible indication other life-forms are being present in near solar systems.
But the WOW! frequency is more than that … much more.

Did I wrote dangerous words or just a plausible theory on this topic? … you have to wait until it is published and available.

I like to thank the editors of the magazine for making it all possible.

As far as I can see is the issue is not yet available but to see the previous issues;

issue of march


A small part of the secret knowledge of the Knight Templar’s


A brutal wake up call…

A brutal wake up call; Most of you are still living, thinking and acting on medieval lies.

Think about it, black cats, the number 13, witches and wizards, yawning or sneezing (keep your hand before your mouth), omens of death, cats stealing the breath of a baby and so on.
Today many are still believing these stories which were and are based on fearing the unknown.

Another clue which tells us that we are still living the medieval times is beside the group of people who believe this all, is the group of people who walked away from this unnecessary fear and addressed science in the broadest sense of the word in order to understand the world they are living in.

These two groups were also present during the medieval times; The the farmers / laborers were afraid of almost everything while the philosophers and alchemists tried to figure it all out.
Gaining knowledge is useless if you don’t share it…so, the second group started to share their knowledge with the people.
The royal classes thought different as soon as they saw their controlling powers slipping away and therefore … KILL THEM!

This is not acceptable these days but arresting people or putting them in a nut-house the global population does accept.

How easy it is for the ‘little man’ to fall back into a former behavior of fear.
We are still living in medieval times!