Off Label Patterns That Reveal Narcissism (Part II of III)

What to expect when you unhook from a narcissistic relationship.

Narcissists first and foremost are injured, souls. They are emotionally damaged but are unable to carry this damage. And so, they want to make it all about you. But in fact, they are sidestepping their responsibility for the difficulties they have.

Now there is one overarching truth that we can say about what is going to happen when you let it be known, through word or deed, that you are disengaging and that is: a narcissist is going to come after you with lots of accusations. They will let the world know that you are the problem, you are the one who is creating all this difficulty.

It is so damn important for you to understand that it is not you who is the problem! They are the chronic victim.

* Read about some tactics that narcissists like to use to make you look as if you are being responsible for them in part II of my article ‘Off Label Patterns That Reveal Narcissism’ published on the website of CPTSD Foundation

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