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The Next Truth; May 2019 Issue – Out Now!

The May issue of The Next Truth is available online!

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue.

In the May issue of The Next Truth we welcome back Germany’s ‘Time-Researcher’ Dr. Marc Wittmann who is taking us into this foggy sub-world of reality, Dr. Steve Taylor discusses, with an open-minded approach, why some scientists, and psychologists in particular, are often hostile towards the possible existence of psychic phenomena and we try to wrap our mind around Dr. Glenn Croston’s explanation of what it is we fear more than death itself.

Also in this issue; Nick Pope speaks of the facts and the fiction of conspiracy theories, SETI’s senior astronomer Dr. Shostak asks the question if alien civilizations have disappeared due a climate change on their home planet, a brief introduction of Major C. David Lewis who is a program manager in the Defense Sciences Office (DARPA), high-energy lasers drilling holes in plasma bulbs at the German research institute DESY and Lynn Kathleen Russell explores the similarities, the differences and the reality of both Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences.

The Twilight of Time-travel (part I)

In the beginning there was only darkness and then…BANG! …an endless expanding of the existence of time, space, and matter.
Everyday new discoveries are unlocking the mysterious, mind blowing and dangerous secrets of a place we call … THE UNIVERSE.
Then, in 1905, Albert Einstein published his theory of Relativity what makes time-travel an open question.

And today we are convinced being truly familiar with the modern way of communication. But have you ever asked yourself the question of how we become to know whatever it is we know? How it is a supercomputer we call ‘our brain’, could even extend outside the realm of everyday reality by gaining this information and altering it mathematically in an understandable concept for us to form an image with sometimes a crazy form of density? Information what had the chance to devolve into a controlled and synthetic form creating quantum holograms! I bet you never did, I bet you just accepted this most complex form of transmitting information as an uncomplicated short distance language. But did it ever occur to you that this information, hitting the neurons in your brain, (light-by-light scattering) could have come from a far more remote place? Hearing the word ‘remote’ you probably assume that it is speaking of enormous distances like miles, kilometers or even as big as lightyears but remote in this can also occur in a subatomic scale.

A Ph.D. from the CERN explains; “We are creating high energy densities by colliding protons which are similar to the very early universe. Therefore the cosmologists are interested in the results because they get now points of physics results for a moment they cannot observe by looking in the stars. The cosmologists have additional points of the universe depending on the energy of the collisions and from that they can exploited the history and the models they have for the developments of the cosmos. This is very interesting because here the smallest scales and the larger scales, meet. And this is, in my point of view, so interesting about physics because it has to cover the veriest small scales up to the largest scales.”

Now listen to the 56 minute YouTube version of a lecture from Apollo Astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences – Edgar Mitchell ‘Quantum Holograms and remote viewing’, it will give you an even better understanding about this crazy form of absorbing information on smaller scales and how it is possible for your brain to communicate with for instance a drop of blood or a strain of hair.

One of the secrets in this are standing waves better known by many as nothing is happening at all. Skipping the data and complex mathematical equations in e.g. PCAR, it appears the brain may be using these crazy fields to communicate without synaptic transmissions, gap junctions or diffusion. An example; somewhere in your 3 & 4D surrounding there is an object shining like a bright light but you can’t see it clear due a misty cloud swirling in front of the object. Think of this mist as a vibration creating a distortion in the visible spectrum.

This is how the majority of the world population is looking into the world … they know it’s there but can’t see it clear. Unfortunately this also creates an effect of some people mocking others due their personal rejection of scientific proven behaviors and reactions of e.g. particles and waves carrying information as it is demonstrated in hyper-entanglement. (A term in Quantum Physics for slicing up and entangle each photon pair into multiple dimensions allowing each photon pair to carry much more data.)

Experiencing any effect in this natural phenomenon like for instance knowing something you could not have known, is not you being or getting crazy, your build-in supercomputer is, like radar if you like, communicating more clearly with its surroundings.

When both waves, from the brain and the bright object, are interfering they form still waves for you to see through the mist what makes the light of the object hitting you as clear as can be. Even it was thought by science as a big no-no for over 75 years, this effect is real and happening!

The eerie part in this is, these particles involved in high-energy interactions, can defiantly interact with a biological system such as that of a human … faint but still. Most of these interactions are happening through electromagnetism, especially at low energies. (Human Energy Field or Aura)

Now as I said earlier, the brain has the possibility to transmit a wave what is similar, but in the opposite, to the one coming from behind that misty cloud creating a distortion in the visible spectrum. Now think of the following … creating a clear image of what is behind the near distortion, a still wave is necessary for you to see it. But what if we are talking about an object that is that remote you have no possibility of seeing it at all, meaning on a subatomic scale.

“The transmission of information, in Hyper-entanglement, creates holographic images when the nodes of a charged standing wave contain vacuum due magnetism.”

Well, you have to create an immense high energy what is not so easy to create with the natural weak and unstable brainwaves. It is also not enough to have energy to spread out over a large region; it has to be concentrated in a specific and small region. (Think of e.g. remote viewing in where you aim your energy on one particular object, person or situation) High concentrated energy like this has also the capability to create spontaneously new particles … and as some of you know, energy can create mass. (Similar effects in creating new particles, we see at the CERN during some collisions)

Now what IF you could use this kind of Standing Wave to create bigger time-tunnels (wormholes) and build a bridge for information to travel through space by increasing the frequency of that wave (or waves) in which the node-points are starting to become visible and touch eat other. A point in where no time and no energy as we know it, exist … does this sound familiar to you?
To most people this will sound like ‘The Hereafter’ in where the energy of the soul has lost track of time as well as the perspectives of space. To me it sounds like Einstein-æther theory, which is a generally covariant modification of general relativity which describes a space-time endowed with both a metric and a unit time-like vector field.

So there is a possibility of traveling through time only not in a manner you thought it would be! Using sound waves, or in this case almost undetectable points in standing waves which can create a crazy place in where time and space, as we understand it, do not exist anymore, gives us a possible opportunity to open a cosmic connection to remote places by bending the ‘arrow of time’.


The Twilight of Time-travel (part II)

Some will be skeptic and say this is all crazy talk, some will say it is plausible while others say it is a fact, but regardless what you believe, the effects of a natural phenomenon in transmitting information like so … can be felt and received!

“Brilliant Scientists are Open-Minded, so Why Not You?” 

Warwick’s physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray explained during an interview I had with him concerning e.g. project ATLAS, black-holes and plasma’s; “We know there is much we do not know, and the discussion of discovering black holes or even time-tunnels was not impossible – just rather unlikely. When you are pushing beyond what is known it is right to be excited. When you are claiming a discovery it is right to be cautious. Our best theory of quantum gravity, string theory, requires these extra dimensions, and even the old general relativity seems to allow time travel! But it has to be done responsibly … we should not conjure up an expectation of such things, just a faint possibility.”

“Electromagnetism does affect space-time, but not in the way that you suggested or … expected!”

Is it really just a faint possibility? What if we think of the idea the universe transmitting information due an effect in hyper entanglement and using the nodes of a standing wave in order to create its own survival system in where it evolves? If so, we can almost say, the universe is possesses a strange form of intelligence.

One of the most well-known ideas concerning wormholes (time tunnels) was born around 1935 due Albert Einstein’s theories in where he and his colleague Nathan Rosen realized that the general theory of relativity allowed the existence of bridges that could link two different points in space-time. Theoretically these Einstein-Rosen bridges, or wormholes, could allow something to tunnel instantly between great distances but they are extremely tiny, a so-called space traveler wouldn’t fit.

During a private conversation with a Ph.D. from the CERN, concerning time-tunnels; ”No they are not observed here. We have not seen any event in were big energy has escaped…we are looking for them of course but haven’t seen them.”

However, time-travel has defiantly a reality when we look at the Einstein-Rosen Bridge’s, something what we better understand as e.g. telepathy; a remote mind to mind communication due aiming high energy, sound- and magnetic waves in a specific and small region what the brain can receive and translate into images, words, and sometimes even as an emotion. This natural phenomenon, which is not fully understood yet, is being described as having no scientific evidence that this ‘power’ truly exists and has been labeled as pseudoscience for a long time … but it is more fact than it is fiction.

Questions like; how real are these so-called ‘doors’? … Can we truly walk the grounds of what once was? … What will peer back out of these dark shadows from the past? Is it possible to create a similar effect with brainwaves?, are frequently asked.

Well if so, this phenomenon will have to bear the terms like ‘Visualization’, ‘telepathy’ or ‘remote viewing/sensing/healing’ as well as transparent ‘ghostly appertains’ can be projected by an effect in a holographic duality and strange black shadows due infra-sound as Vic Tandy discovered.

Many will think of it as science-fiction still time-travel was already discussed by e.g. Einstein, Bohr, Tesla, and Schrödinger. This was/is known as e.g. ‘the aether theory’ and today explained as THE HEAVENS in religion, a place in where the fourth state of matter (plasma), known as ‘echo-plasma’ in the paranormal world, rapidly arises as it is vaporizing.

It is being said by some that thanks to the efforts of literally thousands of scientists, we no longer have faith in paranormal events.
But science doesn’t explain or debunk neither ones experience nor ones faith, it helps to understands how real the unexplained is … and even it is being a rare phenomenon, it’s more real than most people think it is.

And for those who are willing to let their imagination roll, there is a glimmer of hope in at least one place. It is where space, time and the nature of existence itself meet inside the biggest and most complex machine ever created by man. It is the newest tool used in physics called The Large Hadron Collider having the role of studying the frontier of physics. A machine that is expected to fill in the blanks and maybe one day will lead us to new laws of physics that will help us determine if time-travel is at least possible.

Many physicists working in the projects of the CERN believe, as can be read in the interview of Warwick’s physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray, these understandings, as well as the answers they need to fill in these blanks, are right around the corner.
On the other hand, it could be that this problem is in fact harder than though to be and that human civilization does not live long enough to figure out how it works.

Now whether one is looking for a scientific explanation concerning time-travel or not, we all dream about literally walking through time once in a while. Some prefer to participate in the daily activities of the residents of Pompeii, some would like to listen to a speech of Julius Cesar, and others would like to take a peek into the future.

Will we ever use electromagnetic plasma (also known as electron clouds) as a doorway and connect two distant regions in the universe? And has the bio-suit of MIT undergone enough progress to offer a positive result in this?

Will we ever walk the fabrics of time?



The March issue of The Next Truth… is available online!
I hope you enjoy this month’s issue 🙂

In the March issue of The Next Truth we take an amazing journey through the fascinating world of Kings and Queens from ancient Egypt with Dr. Zahi Hawass, listen to “Time-Researcher” Dr. Marc Wittmann as he weighs in on an astonishing hypothesis on our conscious and how we perceive time, we search for super massive black hole while we peer through the telescopes of MPE’s GRAVITY project and walk side by side with Dr. Brian Sharpless while taking a deeper look on the Symptoms and Features of Sleep paralysis and why it is this tremendously scary.

Also in this issue; A brief introduction about author, journalist and TV personality Nick Pope, Shaman Tony Damian explains which laws govern life in the Universe, PRI-UK dimensional researchers Nick and Andy are exploring the scientific side of ghostly phenomena, a jaw-dropping neuroscientific idea of a holographic hereafter and medium Kevin Spindloe from Paranormal Research York speaks of how ‘old’ vibrations can open a ‘new’ awareness.


Scientists must be free to learn, to speak, to challenge anything new and to fail.

Scientists must be free to learn, to speak and to challenge anything new and to fail. WAIT, WHAT? NO! Yes, scientist must have the freedom to fail an experiment or two in the same way you did in school failing that particular math or literature test. But as I have once said to a close friend of mine, who is a scientist, “you can only fail when you give up before even trying“.

So, even a failed hypothesis teaches us something. The best way I can explain that is through my own adventures as a science journalist working in the midst of scientists from all over the world and from varied institutes.

As I started writing as a science journalist several years ago, and yes, you may start laughing right now but I was scared, really scared! I was scared of these super intellectuals with their big brains, their big books, their big, unfamiliar words and titles I had never hear off before. But as conversations and interviews with these brilliant scientists from the CERN, the Max Planck Institute, SETI, the University of Harvard, Oxford, Warwick, Colorado Springs just to give you some examples, unfolded, I quickly learned that these brilliant scientists were nervous, even afraid to talk to me. Maybe even thinking; “Oh my god, she is going to misinterpret everything I say, rip me apart before I am truly death and in the process my research!”

This idea bothered me immensely. Knowing that many of our scientists are writing down their best ideas and then hide it away in the most remote drawer they can find because it is too “farfetched”. I felt I had to do something with this. So, I set aside my fear for this feeling of failing and started talking to these scientists via e.g Skype and email…no talk about complex research findings or computer data from new experiments.

It took me a long time before I gained the trust of some of these genius minds after all, I am a science journalist. The words of a journalist have a tremendous power… my words are power which can spit out venom or can inspire a nation and invite people to the wonderland of science. Slowly it became understood that I also came from this world in where you are constantly under attack, and that I had personally felt the outrage of being put away in this labeled cube.

I was extremely surprised by the many responses I received of which the content ranged from; “Shit, I have killed my laptop!”“Today I let the laser device explode 🙁 “The weather is foggy at the airport.” But besides talking about the everyday things, some of them told me about the ideas they had in their field of work. And I was amazed about their open-minded theories, their creativity in critical thinking and the advanced ideas they had…have! I asked myself, could I be a voice for those who were being silenced by this fear of failing. Shortly after The Next Truth magazine was born and I set goal to use it as a new platform to give scientist and citizen scientists the change to talk about the importance of advanced theories and experiments in new science.

I am of the opinion that it is critical, absolutely critical, that our scientists are free to undertake their work, free to collaborate with other scientists, free to speak to the media and free to speak to the public.

Scientists must be free to explore unconventional or controversial topics. They must be free to challenge the thinking of the day and to feel free to present uncomfortable or inconvenient truths, because that’s how scientists push boundaries and pushing boundaries is, after all, what science is all about.


The Next Truth… the issue of February 2019 is online.
I hope you enjoy this month’s issue.

“In the February issue of The Next Truth we fasten our seatbelts and travel with the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics to the edge of a galactic black hole, shine a bright light on a cosmic evolution with the director of Riesa’s (Germany) observatory Stefan Schwager, and learn from the publisher of Paranormal Underground Magazine Chad Wilson how the universe provides us what we truly need.

Also in this issue; a mind dazzling theory of how to time-travel with standing waves, chapter IV of the thrilling SF story of Warwick’s physics professor Bill Murray “Death Finds a Way or Mud“, Shaman Tony Damian speaks about finding our true self in chapter IV from his book “Finding the Alchemist Within”, Joseph B.H. McMillan is discussing the existence of God one more time, and author Lynn K. Russell explores our consciousness by leaping into Quantum physics.”

As for the audio of chapter 4. Here it is:



The Next Truth magazine

The Next Truth is a young and energetic magazine covering both systems of acquiring knowledge that use observation, experimentation, and replication to describe and explain natural phenomena known as Science and Noetic Sciences, a multidisciplinary field that brings objective scientific tools and techniques together with subjective inner knowing. In other words … Where Science and Myth Meet.

Her contributors are open-minded experts and citizen scientists who show you what it is like to be Alice in wonderland. By combining ‘accepted’ science and the still ‘unexplained events’ in life they let you understand their progressive ideas and groundbreaking experiments in new science and invite YOU into the wonderland of science.

Revealing some of their thoughts and research they discuss various topics like e.g. new laws in Physics, Theoretical Physics merging with advanced Engineering, Theology explained with Particle Physics, the connection between Physical Chemistry and Human Evolution, the purpose of black holes, the Big Bang, and the origin of the Universe we are swirling in.
All with the biggest philosophical question; ‘What if…?!

What to expect? … the most intriguing stories, extraordinary interviews, amazing stories, mind dazzling articles, advanced dimensional research, and much more…

Even new and varied discoveries are leading to more questions and theories each day, the mystery of human consciousness is slowly unfolding… will it reveal the answer to the one question; Where do we come from?

The contributors of The Next Truth, who are by far, our bravest pioneers in this new field of science, are trying to find a plausible answer to secrets, which the Universe is still holding.


The Next Truth magazine; Where Science and Myth Meet 


The Next Truth’s issue of January 2019 is online!

“In the January issue of The Next Truth we spotlight the personal experiences of ATLAS Higgs convener Prof. Dr. Bill Murray who was right in the center of the Higgs-boson discovery in July 2012, SETI’s Institute’s weekly radio show “Big Picture Science” in where the host Senior Astronomer Dr. Seth Shostak reveals his thoughts; “Are we truly earthlings?” and… peer into the personal thoughts of Dr. Anindita Bhadra concerning the position of the female scientist.
Also in this issue; Max Planck IPP’s research for a future fuel in plasma’s, a scientific theory of “The Fourth kind” and the introduction of shaman Tony Damian. Michael Murawski weighs in on the German ghost ship “The Renabau”, spiritual coach Jacquelyne Ellis on animal energies in a multi-dimensional universe and author Lynn K. Russell makes an amazing connection between quantum physics and Global Consciousness.”


“Science Journalism: The Communication Channel between Complex Research Findings and the General Public”

Four years ago, I become really in touch with my inner nerd due the teachings of the myriad scientists that I was working with. As I started writing as a science journalist I experienced a bit of what it must have been like to be Alice in Wonderland. And I was scared, really scared! I was scared of these super intellectuals with their big brains, their big books and their big, unfamiliar words. But as conversations and interviews unfolded, I experienced what Alice must have when she went down that rabbit hole and saw that door to a whole new world playing with my curiosity. That is just how I felt as I had those conversations with these open-minded scientists. I was amazed at the ideas that they had, and I wanted others to experience this wonderland as well. I believe the key to opening that door is great communication.

The general public is desperately in needs for great communication from our scientists and engineers in order to change the world. These supper-minds are the ones that are tackling our grandest challenges, from energy to environment to health care, among others. But if the public does not know about it and does not understand it, then the work is not done. I believe it is our responsibility as science journalists, to have these interactions. It is our task to blunt the jargon, which is a barrier to many, into the understanding of progressive ideas and groundbreaking experiments in new science, and invite the general public into the wonderland of science.

Science journalists are making these ideas accessible to the general public which is not the same as dumbing it down. Instead, as Einstein said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Describing the accelerated thoughts of our scientists by using single and readable sentences the audience can key into if they get a bit lost in the complexity of scientific research findings, is the key role of science journalism.