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Inspire to Make a Difference

By Maria Anna van Driel

As both the owner and founder of The Next Truth magazine and as a…um, well a passionate science freak, I want to make an important call to you; Inspire our children to explore the wonderland of science!

When we think about making a difference we seem to fall for the myth that what we need to start out doing something what has to be enormous to have any effect at all. I have learned that it does not have to be the case as well as the step some of us do not see when trying to make a difference in this world is the action part.

Sure, we have all had that spark of inspiration where we have wanted to do something that will outlast our physical form. But we get stuck in overthinking, opinions from our network and keep dreaming about a perfect idea. Disconnect from the outcome and aim your energy into achieving something small first. And even the small actions will feel insignificant at the time; the results will come as you hone your craft and find your audience.

Then we share the idea with friends, family and work colleagues and get told to quit while we are ahead. I am telling you not to quit! Anyone can make a difference in the world. Start by believing in something bigger than yourself and inspire one person at the time.

The field in where I like to inspire people is the broad knowledge of the myriad corners contemporary and historical science has to offer and believe me…that is not an easy task. But over the years I have learned that people are extremely hungry for absorbing the knowledge and the mind boggling complexity within the research universities and institutes are conducting especially young people. But to be straightforward with you, I was missing something while visiting some of these institutes… the playful excitement in guided tours and exploding talks for the young people… our next generation of male and female scientists.

As we all know, young people possess a fiery curiosity some adults work with in a more reduced manner. This enthusiastic curiosity should be, in my opinion, kept charged by letting these young people explore the myriad opportunities the wonderland of science has to offer them. Because, who does not like the laser swords from Star Wars, the mysteries of Time Travel or space ships exploring the most remote corners of universe while using advanced plasma technologies. Well…I do, I do! 

So, after working in the midst of brilliant minds from all over the world and having the opportunity to speak with the them in person as well as via email and social media, what I find highly interesting, I have learned that these open-minded scientists have really awesome theories of which I am positive of that the next generation of young scientists are eager to learn about. As well as I am convinced that these young people are eager to meet these open minded scientists in person who can let this enthusiasm explode with them while they are learning all about the incredible research conducted.

Come on, admit it, wouldn’t you like to meet for instance Astronomer Dr. Seth Shostak from SETI, CERN’s Higgs convener Prof. Bill Murray, Germany’s time researcher Dr. Marc Wittmann or Prof. Ronald Mallett and let your enthusiasm explode while listening and learning all about the jaw-dropping theories? Again…I do, I do!

I am of the opinion that it will be more than fantastic that you, as a parent and a teacher, keep alive the fiery curiosity of these young people, They need your support in being inspired what will unlock these brilliant young minds of the next generation of engineers, astronomers, psychologists, chemists, physicists, among others. Give them the change to stand up and free their enthusiasm. Let them explore the wonderland of science!

With the September issue The Next Truth is official one year young!

With an exited feeling of pride I like to share with you not only the September issue but also that The Next Truth is official one year young!!!

As with everything new, the first steps where tough indeed but the magazine has rapidly gained a great respect from many this year. With 47.000 – 53.000 people each month via the website and proximus 2500 people each day via several social media platforms, each contributor of The Next Truth can be assured that their work is definitely reaching the general public. Fantastic!

I have a deep respect for each contributor for your strength, your perseverance and your incredible knowledge, jaw-dropping theories, intriguing stories and revealing scientific research results. You and your work are truly amazing!

I like to thank and congratulate everyone who has made this year possible for The Next Truth. I hope to see your amazing articles, incredible theories and jaw-dropping experiences again in the upcoming years. Thank you for your contributions and your trust in The Next Truth magazine.

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue 🙂

In the September issue of The Next Truth we take an incredible journey through space and time with Fermilab’s senior scientist Dr. Don Lincoln who explains us why the size and the age of the universe seem to not agree with one another, SETI’s senior astronomer Dr. Seth Shostak discusses a recent paper that suggests the possibility of E.T. calling from a parallel universe, Shaman Tony Damian looks at angelic energies from a scientific, religious and personal point of view, and Dr. Dean Radin is tackling the scientific taboo which still veils the psi phenomenon.

Also in this issue: Together with Prof. Rupert Sheldrake we take a deeper look at his theory of Morphic Resonance that speaks of a mysterious type of telepathy, Dr. Rick van der Zwan is holding up a mirror what reflects an unsettling phenomenon in body doubles and alien replicants, Journalist Peter Kelly is searching for signs of life on the subsurface ocean of Saturn’s moon, Prof. William Webster is exploring an evolutionary behavior with surveillance cameras and Yasmin Anwar from UC Berkeley describes how the brain is capable of predicting the future by using two different clocks.


The Universe; as far as we know is all there is

By Maria Anna van Driel,

It is only a stone’s throw into mankind’s history that we had no idea there were other galaxies besides our own. It was thought that humanity and the galaxy we inhabit was an island adrift in a universe of a hundred billion stars. And even the universe itself is one of the great unexplained wonders of human history, we now know that our universe is a vast dynamic cauldron of activity and home to one hundred billion galaxies all racing away within a boiling ocean of space-time.

To understand the enormousness of the universe and how it made all the raw material we see here on earth, we need to take an incredible journey and travel back through space and time to the moment our universe was born. We need to go back to the very beginning, to a time when there was nothing…no stars, no space just a time before there was time. Then, all of a sudden it started in an instantaneous moment where from nothing our entire universe was created in the Big Bang.  

Violently it grew from smaller than the size of an atom to the size of a baseball. In cosmic terms that is like a grain of sand growing almost to the size of the observable universe. And even it has been around for a finite amount of time roughly 13 and 1/2 billion years; it looks pretty much the same everywhere actually. On very large scales the universe is actually a pretty simple place.

Nevertheless, the universe is a very, very big place and it is getting bigger. But how big is the visible universe? And why does it not agree with its own age? For finding an answer to these questions I plowed through an avalanche of articles provided by the internet and came to a halt at a You Tube video from Dr. Don Lincoln who is a senior scientist from Fermilab and adjunct professor of physics at the University of Notre Dame (USA). 

“There are lots of tricky ways to think about that, but let’s start with perhaps the most obvious. Time and space are inextricably intertwined when we talk about how far away things are. This is especially true when we talk about large scale structures of the universe.” Dr. Lincoln explains in his video If the universe is only 14 billion years old, how can it be 92 billion light years wide?’

“When the universe began, Dr. Lincoln continues, it was filled with light which then travelled through the cosmos. And, if the universe began 13.7 billion years ago and we’re just now seeing it arrive, it had to have traveled 13.7 billion light years before it hit Earth. Astronomers can actually see light from shortly after the universe began. It’s called the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMB) and it’s the oldest thing we’ve ever seen.”

The cosmic microwave background is thought to be leftover radiation from the Big Bang, or the time when the universe ground. As the theory goes, when the universe was born it’s underwent a rapid inflation and expansion.

Since astronomers have seen the rapid velocity space is expanding with, it became a natural question to ask, “What is it expanding into?” No matter how deeply we peer into the cosmos, we cannot see a boundary and so far science has uncovered no evidence that a boundary exists. Space may extend to infinity or it may not, but in Einstein’s universe things can be curved. And if things can be curved they can be curved in on themselves or around any object it is countering. Odd as it might sound, but space itself might be twisting and bending its content to shape the universe and to virtually anything imaginable.

It seems that general relativity makes it, in some way, possible to live in an infinite universe with no boundary at all whereby space-time is suddenly not a static entity; it is a dynamic and ever-changing fabric within which the locations of all galaxies are woven. Galaxies are not themselves moving very much, but they appear to move to us because of new cosmic real-estate continually injected increasing their distance from us. Is this creation of new space-time and the rate at which it is being created, determines how fast a galaxy appears to be moving away from us?

“One day, the expansion of the universe will make it so that almost all of the galaxies we see in our telescopes today, which I remind you now we’re seeing as they were in the distant past, will slip from our view”, Dr. Lincoln says. “We will one day only be able to see galaxies from our local group, meaning the Milky Way, Andromeda, and a few dozen minor galaxies in the vicinity.”

There is still one big question we need to answer before we can start thinking about what the cause could be for this expansion. How do we know space is expanding? Well, science gathered a lot of data to back up the claim of space expanding. The Planck Telescope really came through but the most famous is probably the red-shift of light. But there is another source scientists are thinking of being the cause of the universe expanding and that is Dark energy.

“It turns out that the simplest calculation isn’t quite right, Dr Lincoln explains, you see, about five billion years ago, an energy field that we call dark energy became important. Dark energy is a repulsive form of gravity, which means that the expansion of the universe isn’t slowing down, it’s accelerating. That, of course, means that after 9 billion years of the expansion of space slowing down, it’s now speeding up.”

Now, while we may think of our galaxy as just an island or not, scientists have yet discovered that this whimsical place, containing subatomic particles showing the most bizarre behaviors when they meet, ‘stuff’- what is there but then is not- and black holes consuming cosmic debris like a whale swallowing its daily portion of plankton, is much larger than is ever thought. Still, after many centuries this rapidly expanding place remains a mystery. And even physics has come an enormous way; it has yet not provided a real way for us to ever look anywhere, but within it. It seems we simply cannot wrap our minds around this enormous dark cosmic freezer we are swirling in as well as none have yet not found a way to state if it might have boundaries or none at all.

Every culture, every age has asked the question and tried to answer it. It is one of the greatest adventures of the human mind to find out where we came from, where we are and of course, in the end, where we are going. It seems we are captured by medusa’s gaze when it comes down to unraveling the mysteries of this really, really big dark place of which its size and age seem not to agree with each other. And so, like a young caterpillar awaiting that miraculous and magical moment of unfolding its wings, we are cocooned from understanding what is perhaps the greatest question facing the human race what is to discover; Where do we come from and what is our ultimate fate.


Do you have the guts to fail?

Carpe Diem! Yes, it could be very frightening because it’s a mean world out there but you only live once so do what you feel passionate about. Take chances don’t be afraid to fail. Go outside the box. Don’t be afraid to go and think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to fail big. But remember, dreams without goals are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment. So, have dreams but have goals and understand that to achieve these goals you must apply discipline and consistency every single day.

We all have different talents some of you are medical doctors, some lawyers, some scientists, some educators, some nurses. True desire lies in the heart, It’s that itch that you have whatever it is you want to do. So claim it, work hard to get it and when you get it, reach back and pull someone else up. Don’t just aspire to make a living…aspire to make a difference!

I found that nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. There is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. I am sure, people told you to make sure you have something to fall back on. But if I’m going to fall I don’t want to fall ‘back’ on anything, I want to fall ‘forward’, figure at least this way I will see what I am going to hit. Falling forward? This is what I mean; Thomas Edison conducted 1,000 failed experiments because the 1,000 and first was the light bulb. Fall forward because every failed experiment is one step closer to success. You have got to take risks. And I am sure you have probably heard that before either. But why is that so important?

I got two reasons first you will fail…at some point in your life except you will lose, and you will suck at something there is no doubt about it. Embrace it because it’s inevitable!

(I was holding up a film camera) 

As a journalist I failed so many times. Elevator-pitch after elevator-pitch, poor interviews and hundreds of article submissions gaining the same response saying, “Thank you for your submission, you will be hearing from us.” I didn’t get the job but here is the thing…I didn’t quit. I didn’t fall back instead I continued to fail and fail and fail. It didn’t matter because you know what…if you hang around the barbershop long enough, sooner or later, you will get a haircut. The point is…do you have the guts to fail?

My second point about failure; if you don’t fail you are not even trying to get something you never had. You have to do something you never did. Imagine you are on your deathbed and standing around your deathbed are the ghosts representing your unfulfilled potential. The ghosts of the ideas you never acted on, the talents you didn’t use and they are angry, disappointed and upset. They say; “We came to you because you could have brought us to life and now we have to go to the grave together.” So, I ask you today…how many ghosts are going to be around your bed when your time comes?

You got to get out there! You got to give everything you got whether it is your time, your talent, your prayers or your treasures because you will never see a u-haul behind a hearse.

Your life will never be a straight path because taking risks is not just about going for a job…it’s also about knowing what you know and what you don’t know. It is about being open to people into ideas and the chances you meet the people you might learn from. Never hold back, give everything you got! And when you fall throughout life, maybe even tonight after a few glasses of champagne, remember this…fall forward.

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In the June issue of The Next Truth; together with Dr. Thomas Zoufal we explore the Light-Trough-The-Wall experiment, Dark matter and advanced Speed Machines. Prof. Waldemar Schmidt and Prof. Gregg Henriques are setting our minds on a quest to come to know if the Big Bang is a psychological event, Prof. Krystine Batcho is discussing if nostalgic memories are the ghost of our past or it they are can be considered as the future memories of our lives and Dr. Dheeraj Pasham leads us along dormant Black Holes and X-ray Pulses.

Also in this issue; Researchers from Spain and France explore the physics of beer tapping, we hunt down the ripples in a mysterious and invisible source what is fine-tuning our universe, the Karlsruher Institute of Technology presents its latest progress in Artificial Intelligence with self-awareness, the Max-Planck-Institut for Radioastronomie speaks of a new experiment in how to understand dark matter interacting with standard matter and we take a quantum-leap into Helio-physics.

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Where do we come from? The latest news has been found in that infamous bottom drawer!

By Maria Anna van Driel,

As a journalist you hunt the latest news right? As a journalist you try to hit the head-lines with articles none have yet heard of. But have you already heard about those jaw-dropping and mind-blowing theories from scientists and citizen scientists concerning this question mankind is pondering over for so long; “Where do we come from?”

Brilliant and open-minded people from all over the world and are all experts in their own field. And while they are conducting the most extensive, incredible and interesting researches, these two words can be read on some of their black-boards; What if…?
After having several conversations with respected experts it was quickly understood that so many fantastic ideas have landed in that infamous bottom drawer. So, proximus 10 months ago I stopped running up to the latest news, fighting thousands of other journalists to be the first and the best, and set a quest for those people who wrote amazing hypothesis, magnificent thought-experiments and even advanced engineering… The Next Truth Magazine was born!

And even it might sound strange to some but these so called ‘old writings’ have turned out to be latest news when asking the questions “Where do we come from?” and “What if…?”

Thank you all for your generosity in contributing your incredible work and, hopefully, for the myriad and amazing contributions to come. The Next Truth would not have existed without your efforts, time and… courage.


The Next Truth; May 2019 Issue – Out Now!

The May issue of The Next Truth is available online!

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue.

In the May issue of The Next Truth we welcome back Germany’s ‘Time-Researcher’ Dr. Marc Wittmann who is taking us into this foggy sub-world of reality, Dr. Steve Taylor discusses, with an open-minded approach, why some scientists, and psychologists in particular, are often hostile towards the possible existence of psychic phenomena and we try to wrap our mind around Dr. Glenn Croston’s explanation of what it is we fear more than death itself.

Also in this issue; Nick Pope speaks of the facts and the fiction of conspiracy theories, SETI’s senior astronomer Dr. Shostak asks the question if alien civilizations have disappeared due a climate change on their home planet, a brief introduction of Major C. David Lewis who is a program manager in the Defense Sciences Office (DARPA), high-energy lasers drilling holes in plasma bulbs at the German research institute DESY and Lynn Kathleen Russell explores the similarities, the differences and the reality of both Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences.


The Twilight of Time-travel (part I)

By Maria Anna van Driel,

In the beginning there was only darkness and then…BANG! …an endless expanding of the existence of time, space, and matter.
Everyday new discoveries are unlocking the mysterious, mind blowing and dangerous secrets of a place we call … THE UNIVERSE.
Then, in 1905, Albert Einstein published his theory of Relativity what makes time-travel an open question.

And today we are convinced being truly familiar with the modern way of communication. But have you ever asked yourself the question of how we become to know whatever it is we know? How it is a supercomputer we call ‘our brain’, could even extend outside the realm of everyday reality by gaining this information and altering it mathematically in an understandable concept for us to form an image with sometimes a crazy form of density? Information what had the chance to devolve into a controlled and synthetic form creating quantum holograms! I bet you never did, I bet you just accepted this most complex form of transmitting information as an uncomplicated short distance language. But did it ever occur to you that this information, hitting the neurons in your brain, (light-by-light scattering) could have come from a far more remote place? Hearing the word ‘remote’ you probably assume that it is speaking of enormous distances like miles, kilometers or even as big as lightyears but remote in this can also occur in a subatomic scale.

A Ph.D. from the CERN explains; “We are creating high energy densities by colliding protons which are similar to the very early universe. Therefore the cosmologists are interested in the results because they get now points of physics results for a moment they cannot observe by looking in the stars. The cosmologists have additional points of the universe depending on the energy of the collisions and from that they can exploited the history and the models they have for the developments of the cosmos. This is very interesting because here the smallest scales and the larger scales, meet. And this is, in my point of view, so interesting about physics because it has to cover the veriest small scales up to the largest scales.”

Now listen to the 56 minute YouTube version of a lecture from Apollo Astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences – Edgar Mitchell ‘Quantum Holograms and remote viewing’, it will give you an even better understanding about this crazy form of absorbing information on smaller scales and how it is possible for your brain to communicate with for instance a drop of blood or a strain of hair.

One of the secrets in this are standing waves better known by many as nothing is happening at all. Skipping the data and complex mathematical equations in e.g. PCAR, it appears the brain may be using these crazy fields to communicate without synaptic transmissions, gap junctions or diffusion. An example; somewhere in your 3 & 4D surrounding there is an object shining like a bright light but you can’t see it clear due a misty cloud swirling in front of the object. Think of this mist as a vibration creating a distortion in the visible spectrum.

This is how the majority of the world population is looking into the world … they know it’s there but can’t see it clear. Unfortunately this also creates an effect of some people mocking others due their personal rejection of scientific proven behaviors and reactions of e.g. particles and waves carrying information as it is demonstrated in hyper-entanglement. (A term in Quantum Physics for slicing up and entangle each photon pair into multiple dimensions allowing each photon pair to carry much more data.)

Experiencing any effect in this natural phenomenon like for instance knowing something you could not have known, is not you being or getting crazy, your build-in supercomputer is, like radar if you like, communicating more clearly with its surroundings.

When both waves, from the brain and the bright object, are interfering they form still waves for you to see through the mist what makes the light of the object hitting you as clear as can be. Even it was thought by science as a big no-no for over 75 years, this effect is real and happening!

The eerie part in this is, these particles involved in high-energy interactions, can defiantly interact with a biological system such as that of a human … faint but still. Most of these interactions are happening through electromagnetism, especially at low energies. (Human Energy Field or Aura)

Now as I said earlier, the brain has the possibility to transmit a wave what is similar, but in the opposite, to the one coming from behind that misty cloud creating a distortion in the visible spectrum. Now think of the following … creating a clear image of what is behind the near distortion, a still wave is necessary for you to see it. But what if we are talking about an object that is that remote you have no possibility of seeing it at all, meaning on a subatomic scale.

“The transmission of information, in Hyper-entanglement, creates holographic images when the nodes of a charged standing wave contain vacuum due magnetism.”

Well, you have to create an immense high energy what is not so easy to create with the natural weak and unstable brainwaves. It is also not enough to have energy to spread out over a large region; it has to be concentrated in a specific and small region. (Think of e.g. remote viewing in where you aim your energy on one particular object, person or situation) High concentrated energy like this has also the capability to create spontaneously new particles … and as some of you know, energy can create mass. (Similar effects in creating new particles, we see at the CERN during some collisions)

Now what IF you could use this kind of Standing Wave to create bigger time-tunnels (wormholes) and build a bridge for information to travel through space by increasing the frequency of that wave (or waves) in which the node-points are starting to become visible and touch eat other. A point in where no time and no energy as we know it, exist … does this sound familiar to you?
To most people this will sound like ‘The Hereafter’ in where the energy of the soul has lost track of time as well as the perspectives of space. To me it sounds like Einstein-æther theory, which is a generally covariant modification of general relativity which describes a space-time endowed with both a metric and a unit time-like vector field.

So there is a possibility of traveling through time only not in a manner you thought it would be! Using sound waves, or in this case almost undetectable points in standing waves which can create a crazy place in where time and space, as we understand it, do not exist anymore, gives us a possible opportunity to open a cosmic connection to remote places by bending the ‘arrow of time’.


The Twilight of Time-travel (part II)

By Maria Anna van Driel,

Some will be skeptic and say this is all crazy talk, some will say it is plausible while others say it is a fact, but regardless what you believe, the effects of a natural phenomenon in transmitting information like so … can be felt and received!

“Brilliant Scientists are Open-Minded, so Why Not You?” 

Warwick’s physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray explained during an interview I had with him concerning e.g. project ATLAS, black-holes and plasma’s; “We know there is much we do not know, and the discussion of discovering black holes or even time-tunnels was not impossible – just rather unlikely. When you are pushing beyond what is known it is right to be excited. When you are claiming a discovery it is right to be cautious. Our best theory of quantum gravity, string theory, requires these extra dimensions, and even the old general relativity seems to allow time travel! But it has to be done responsibly … we should not conjure up an expectation of such things, just a faint possibility.”

“Electromagnetism does affect space-time, but not in the way that you suggested or … expected!”

Is it really just a faint possibility? What if we think of the idea the universe transmitting information due an effect in hyper entanglement and using the nodes of a standing wave in order to create its own survival system in where it evolves? If so, we can almost say, the universe is possesses a strange form of intelligence.

One of the most well-known ideas concerning wormholes (time tunnels) was born around 1935 due Albert Einstein’s theories in where he and his colleague Nathan Rosen realized that the general theory of relativity allowed the existence of bridges that could link two different points in space-time. Theoretically these Einstein-Rosen bridges, or wormholes, could allow something to tunnel instantly between great distances but they are extremely tiny, a so-called space traveler wouldn’t fit.

During a private conversation with a Ph.D. from the CERN, concerning time-tunnels; ”No they are not observed here. We have not seen any event in were big energy has escaped…we are looking for them of course but haven’t seen them.”

However, time-travel has defiantly a reality when we look at the Einstein-Rosen Bridge’s, something what we better understand as e.g. telepathy; a remote mind to mind communication due aiming high energy, sound- and magnetic waves in a specific and small region what the brain can receive and translate into images, words, and sometimes even as an emotion. This natural phenomenon, which is not fully understood yet, is being described as having no scientific evidence that this ‘power’ truly exists and has been labeled as pseudoscience for a long time … but it is more fact than it is fiction.

Questions like; how real are these so-called ‘doors’? … Can we truly walk the grounds of what once was? … What will peer back out of these dark shadows from the past? Is it possible to create a similar effect with brainwaves?, are frequently asked.

Well if so, this phenomenon will have to bear the terms like ‘Visualization’, ‘telepathy’ or ‘remote viewing/sensing/healing’ as well as transparent ‘ghostly appertains’ can be projected by an effect in a holographic duality and strange black shadows due infra-sound as Vic Tandy discovered.

Many will think of it as science-fiction still time-travel was already discussed by e.g. Einstein, Bohr, Tesla, and Schrödinger. This was/is known as e.g. ‘the aether theory’ and today explained as THE HEAVENS in religion, a place in where the fourth state of matter (plasma), known as ‘echo-plasma’ in the paranormal world, rapidly arises as it is vaporizing.

It is being said by some that thanks to the efforts of literally thousands of scientists, we no longer have faith in paranormal events.
But science doesn’t explain or debunk neither ones experience nor ones faith, it helps to understands how real the unexplained is … and even it is being a rare phenomenon, it’s more real than most people think it is.

And for those who are willing to let their imagination roll, there is a glimmer of hope in at least one place. It is where space, time and the nature of existence itself meet inside the biggest and most complex machine ever created by man. It is the newest tool used in physics called The Large Hadron Collider having the role of studying the frontier of physics. A machine that is expected to fill in the blanks and maybe one day will lead us to new laws of physics that will help us determine if time-travel is at least possible.

Many physicists working in the projects of the CERN believe, as can be read in the interview of Warwick’s physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray, these understandings, as well as the answers they need to fill in these blanks, are right around the corner.
On the other hand, it could be that this problem is in fact harder than though to be and that human civilization does not live long enough to figure out how it works.

Now whether one is looking for a scientific explanation concerning time-travel or not, we all dream about literally walking through time once in a while. Some prefer to participate in the daily activities of the residents of Pompeii, some would like to listen to a speech of Julius Cesar, and others would like to take a peek into the future.

Will we ever use electromagnetic plasma (also known as electron clouds) as a doorway and connect two distant regions in the universe? And has the bio-suit of MIT undergone enough progress to offer a positive result in this?

Will we ever walk the fabrics of time?