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Paranormal Underground Magazine; the issue of December is waiting for you …

Good day everyone, YES! … it is that moment in time again in where the magazine of Paranormal Underground has published a new issue 🙂

A shaman’s interaction with spirit, how beliefs shape conspiracy theories, and bad luck/death omens are some of the interesting topics the issue of December is covering.

Also, don’t miss out the article ‘The Fourth Kind’ … what describes the strange nature of black shadows mimicking the living.
Looking at this creepy paranormal phenomena in a scientific manner, it makes it even possible for an ancient nation giving birth to such creatures and its evolution due a process what is known as Alpha-decay … a creature what became known over time as … The Shadow People. 


The October issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine … a magazine which gives you the chills!

Yes, the October issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine available containing 8 creepy Ouija board movies, and “Haunted Marquette” author Tyler R. Tichelaar.
But also California’s haunted Preston Castle, werewolves and lycanthropy, and the exorcism of Clarita Villanueva.

And if you didn’t had enough moments of fear, let some chills slight down your spine by reading personal encounters with dark witches, shapeshifters, and skinwalkers; and tales from a first-time ghost hunter.

Have an eerie time reading the creepy and mind blowing articles of PU Magazine.
(page 50; my latest and personal experience in the world of unexplained events)

Good night and … don’t let those eerie bedbugs bite!



Brilliant Scientists are Open Minded … so why not YOU?

This past July, I visited the European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN) in Switzerland. The physicists at CERN are asking questions such as what is the universe made of and how did it start? And to find answers, they are using some of the world’s most powerful particle accelerators, including the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). My visit to CERN focused on research and experiments going on to find other dimensions and create artificial time tunnels…

Please continue reading in ‘Special Report 2017’ to find out more about some of the advanced ideas CERN scientists have.

Special Report, September 2017
Paranormal Underground Magazine

Interview with Physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray

Special Report 2017   (RTF)

Special-Report-2017 (PDF)

Professor Murray definitely has a broad view when it comes down to new theories & ideas in already existing science.
It was truly educational while speaking with him and to explore some mind-bending ideas 🙂

Thanks Cheryl for publishing this interview of which I hope will give people a different look on ‘dusty’ science and the scientists themselves.

Also many thanks on the praising comments;
– Interesting!
– …he is also so open minded to the unknown!
– Your interview with Dr. Murray was awesome.
– Such a refreshing perspective!
– Finally a real scientist’s perspective in the magazine.
– He is totally open-minded.

You can leave your comment(s) below … comments expressing any disrespect are not posted and/or removed.

Brilliant scientists are open-minded, so why not you?

Paranormal Underground Magazine, the issue of September 2017;

– In this issue of “Paranormal Underground” magazine, we spotlight Intuitive Diane Brandon and the “born-aware” phenomena; V. Vaughn’s latest book, “Called by the Vampire”; and Dr. Bill Murray and CERN’s ATLAS Experiment, including the possibilities of time tunnels/dimensions. In our Case Files of the Unknown, we feature the haunted Cincinnati Music Hall and the “attack of the psychic spies.”

We also take a look at channeling with tarot cards, energy healing methods in today’s world, dream interpretation regarding past lives and the Akashic Record, and a shaman’s experiences with “the unseen.”

Also in this issue: alien research base Area 52; details surrounding blood magic; “Dogman vs. Werewolf: Part 2”; and a paranormal investigation at The Merry Monk Pub in the UK. Plus, read the latest paranormal news surrounding the recent total eclipse, as well as our book review of “The Coelbren Alphabet.”


Paranormal Underground Magazine, May issue of 2016 … my interview conducted by best seller author Michelle Pillow

Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-001  Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-002  Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-003  Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-004  Paranormal Underground May 2016 Author Spotlight-page-005

If you like to read more topics this issue contains …

2 May 2016


An article of Karen Frazier of how to detach yourself from dark/negative energies. (Paranormal Underground Magazine)

    The March issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine is online available for those who love the paranormal, have questions about it or are just curious about what other investigators experiencing.


    For this issue I recommend those people who are dealing with toxic situations or people, to read the article of Karen Frazier “Dealing with Toxicity” which you can find on page 40.

    For those who like to hear Karen speak about how to detach themselves from dark/negative energy, I recommend the broadcast of Paranormal Underground Radio of 27 January 2017.

    Karen Frazier

    In this issue of Paranormal Underground magazine, we spotlight Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute and alien phenomena investigator Ryan Sprague, as well as paranormal authors Flora Dare and Michelle Pillow. In our Case Files of the Unknown, we feature haunted Ashmore Estates, a new report on extraterrestrial and NHI (non-human intelligence) contact, and haunted Cheesman Park in Colorado.

    We also take a look at UFOs, mediumship, and the paranormal; how one skeptic learned to love a psychic; how to eliminate toxic energy from your life; and how one shaman was led to his calling by the spirits.

    Also in this issue, don’t miss our coverage about the practices surrounding necromancy and some of the most haunted places our paranormal insiders have visited or investigated. Plus, check out articles on investigations of Waverly Hills Sanatorium and Bobby Mackey’s Music World!


    The October issue of Paranormal Underground is HERE!!!!

    WOW…the Paranormal Underground issue of October has 76 pages of creepy legends and scary stories which you defiantly must not read ALONE IN THE DARK!
    An eerie issue which includes an interview with Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman about the Black Monk House.

    Paranormal Lockdown;
    Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman

    Happy Halloween … whoehahaha.

    (On page 22 you can read my article ‘DARK ENERGY; The Oddness and Reality of an Ancient Knowledge’ … a plausible theory of how Stonehenge could have being used as a secret place in-were e.g. time travel took place and anti-gravity was created.)



    ‘Do the Black Monks Possess a Secret Knowledge in Time-Compression?’

    The issue of September, 2016 of Paranormal Underground Magazine is available for all who are curious of what the unknown and unseen of the paranormal world is still hiding or … even can reveal.


    ‘Do the Black Monks Possess a Secret Knowledge in Time-Compression?’

    “There I was sitting in an old chapel underneath the ruins of a German monastery.
    Confused over what just happened and at the same time experiencing an extreme euphoric sensation overwhelmed me, a feeling what was hardly to suppress.
    Did I really saw what I saw; could it be that I witness a medieval exorcism?
    Was I being led through time by a dark or … an enlightened energy or was it just my imagination playing tricks with me?
    What was the message behind this and who was that senior monk asking me “Haben Sie es gesehen?” (Did you saw it?)”


    The real technology behind the ‘WOW signal’ … is it a secret NASA space program?

    In my previous articles I let you peek into man-made UFO technology, this time I will give you some thoughts about future traveling which is better known by many as ‘time-travel’.
    This knowledge of using the natural energies by controlling them was probably already in at an advanced stage during the time of the ancient pharaohs and performed in buildings like Stonehenge.

    Try to combine the information I gave you in my first two articles with heavily guarded underground hangers by men with camouflaged security like suits having no insignia, no rank, and no affiliation with the air force.
    D.U.M.B.’s like Area 51 or the skin walker ranch (Sherman Ranch) which are way within global properties and grounds, and containing programs that none of the Air Force personal are allowed access to were all black budget, covert, external groups not related AT ALL to any government or military group.

    Now what are these ‘non-existing’ man dressed in black uniforms protecting so heavily “Aurora Like” Hyper-sonic superconductors or other advanced technological Aircraft’s that can enter space, cruise around, than return and land on earth surface as easy as a 747 takes you from Tokyo to LA?

    Do we have to think in enormous laboratories were advanced experiments are carried out in biophysics?
    It is defiantly possible you being re-created in a laboratory by taking your bio photons or DNA, throwing them into a glass tube containing heavy water, mix it and duplicate it with a laser beam, magnetic fields and the right frequencies.
    And voila, after a while, new and controllable life forms (as in the phenomena ‘doppelgänger’) are growing in a secured environment like Plum Island or a facility on Mars with a Department of Biological Engineering (PLoS) and Mechanical Engineering.

    To read the whole article;

    March 2016


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