The Last Chapter of Your Story has Not Been Written Yet!

What do you do when it seems like suffering won’t stop? What do you do when it feels like your pain doesn’t have a point? What do you do when it feels like your weaknesses continue to worsen? You start living!

Maybe you have taken a knock down concerning your finances lately. Maybe it’s with your kids, with your marriage, with your health. Or maybe some other arena of life has you in its grip. You are laying on the mat gasping and you don’t know which step to take next. People ask you how you are and you say ‘fine’. But you are not fine and they will never know that unless you voice your thoughts.

We are people and we struggle, we suffer, we bleed and we cry. And if you think that true strength means never showing any weakness then I’m telling you you’re wrong. You are wrong because it’s the opposite!

You might feel depressed sometimes. You are going to have weeks where you don’t feel like eating, where gravity is working overtime and you can barely lift your fork to your mouth.

You are going to have a choice to either give up or get up. It’s like you have to save your own life.

We all struggle, we all know what it is to hurt, we all know what it is to have pain in our heart. And you know what? It’s okay not to be okay.

As much as you hate some of the parts of your life, depression has dragged you down into the valleys but only to show you there are peaks. Yeah it dragged you through the dark but only to remind you there is light. Life is not always good, life is not always rosy but it is worth living. Have faith in yourself because, on the other side of your pain is something good.

I believe that, where you are right now, that is your beginning. I believe that you are just in between two miracles. You have to become something new. Take those traumas, take that pain of those terrible events in your life and allow it to become a part of who you want to be. Create a new story of triumph.

This might be a page in your life, it might even be a chapter in your life but it ain’t the book. You are not finished writing yet! So, I need you to get up and get busy living! 

One response to “ The Last Chapter of Your Story has Not Been Written Yet! ”

  1. Thomas van Brunschot says:

    Again a great article, respect to you.
    Without a reason, it’s very difficult to getup again.

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