Month: February 2016

The frightening idea of Gravity resonance…

My last two books have problems reaching the public due the ancient and medieval secrets they are revealing

‘The Source of Immortality’ contains an odd truth of a 52.000 year old technology what could create acoustic and magnetic levitation, heal broken bones, gave pharaohs the ability to life up until 150 years and … created many strange looking mythical creatures we know today as cyclopes, mermaids, dwarfs and many more.
(not published)

‘The Quest for the Secret Knowledge of the Knights Templar’ is a book which I am still writing and meant for those who want to know about ancient rituals and its medieval secret knowledge.
(not published)

(I was talking about fire in the way of Q)

15th century lifenaut, invented by Leonardo Da Vinci


You are not allowed to understand this forbidden knowledge!

The last two books I wrote (volume 3 and 4) have an extreme difficulty to reach the public because it will wake you up due the secrets they are revealing … it can destroy the global illusion of the system we are living in!


Did you know that the covers of my books contain a secret message which lays hidden in symbolism?

BLACK as in Teutonic as well as in a collective and global blindness which I explain in Vol.2
BLUE is the ‘above’, it tells about an invisible ‘blue source’ of ancient nations as well as todays technological side of it.
WHITE is the contrast of black as well as it is the ‘shadow’ of blue … WHITE is the color of ‘the enlightened ones’ who possess the power of a true history.
RED is the ‘below’ of all volumes … and shows a creepy reality of rituals, cults groups and parallel worlds which are build up from natural elements.

‘Black and blue’ is a combination which refers to the night as ‘white and red’ is referring to the day.
My books are referring to two ancient groups we know today as the THULE and VRIL society.

The covers of my books are showing the ‘as above,so below’ in a symbolic languish which can be red by those who ‘SEE’ the false reality.

Vol books


Spanish or Italian speaking spirit in my home

I do not know if it is just a coincidence but since the magazine Paranormal Underground is publishing my articles, some really strange things are happening in my home.

Objects are disappearing and return again on the oddest places, knocking sound are being heard by all of us, something or someone told me to in the Dutch languish to wake up at 05.00 in the morning, my dogs barking while there is nothing to see … my husband and I even heard a little girl singing as if she was standing right next to us.
This is all happening in real time!

(to hear the EVP’s better, I recommend to turn up the volume and bass)


Project Blue Beam; did it go beyond our imagination?

Here it is! … the latest issue of Paranormal Underground containing not only articles which will let you shiver through the night but also let you re-think some of what you have learned as a fact.
My article about ‘Project Blue Beam’ is one of them … read and re-think, sometimes the truth is scarier than the lie.

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