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“The Grimm, that changed my life” comes with a painting and … is FOR SALE!

The painting of The Grimm, that changed my life” is now available on eBay.…/di…/823721343-240-19817…
The story was published by Paranormal Underground Magazine in the February issue of 2018 

Happy Halloween!


Fortress Königstein; “Echo’s from the past are still being heard here,” our tour guide said.

Yesterday I was conducting an interview with Mr. Albert, a tour guide at fortress Königstein … the stories he told me about eerie echo’s from the past heard by visitors and himself, will go beyond your imagination!

Stay tuned for the full story of a fortress build in the 13th century and was up until 1922 the most … feared … state prison of Sachsen, Germany.


Fortress Königstein, Germany

We have planned an interesting interview for the 18th this month at a German castle which contains over more than 800 years of history.


Part 1; Castle Hirschstein,Germany … did we chased a real SHAPESHIFTER?!

Some time ago The Next Truth went to castle Hirschstein in Germany…where an EVP was captured by the camera saying ‘Art Repla’ what means ‘replace art’. This was remarkably because the history of this castle tells us that during WWII many art pieces where stored here under the supervision of Heinrich Himmler himself.

We went back in order to find out to whom this ghostly voice belongs to but before we even could reach the castle…we encountered something very strange what could indicate we bumped into a creature what had the ability to what is known by some as lycanthropy or by many as … SHAPE-SHIFTING!

Part 2: We went back to castle Hirschstein

Maria Anna;



Are gluon plasma’s or QGP’s the cause of all life forms on this globe?


Something to consider…



This limestone mine was occupied by the SS during WWII, visit by the Russian afterwards and goes down 8 levels. The strange part of it all is … divers DON’T want to tell what is being found in the 4 lowers levels.

20150830_144320  Bild 2 



UFO’s in Germany?

adamsky craft ufo

(above) 2015; Something is hoovering in the sky near our home what has the shape of an Adamski-craft.

The photos below is what we have captured in the Black Forest of Germany in 2016 while searching for the story of the Der Große Man (the Slenderman)

ufo Black Forest Germany 2  ufo Black Forest Germany 3

ufo Black Forest Germany  ufo Black Forest Germany 1

                    (upper object)                                                  (lower object)


The Hell house (Germany)

   HellHauseHell Hause (Germany)