Month: December 2016

Is our really based on a personal and manipulated illusion?


Our mind in a controlled quantum Euclidean space?


A physics Christmas song (karaoke)


There is NO President chosen!

People, you are murdering your brain if you are keep thinking that Donald Trump has anything to do with (world) politics … this move has no content … it is an empty vessel … a distraction for you to play with and has everything to do with cleaning up the family finances/businesses of the 1%.
This time the title of ‘President’ has as much value as the calendar in your toilet. (if it had any value before that is)
There is no President chosen, not by you nor by the 1% … not this time.

Q-PHAZE Magazine … Is our reality truly based on an illusion?

YES! … Nr. 45 – Edition 2017 of the German magazine Q-PHAZE is ALMOST HERE and will contain the German written version of my article ‘The Real Technology Behind the WOW! signal … is it a secret NASA program?’ what was earlier published by the American magazine Paranormal Underground in March 2016.


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Is our reality truly based on an illusion? … Some people are convinced of this being a daily fact, others think of it as pseudo-science.

What ever your believes are, this German magazine Q-PHAZE contains a variety of subjects letting your mind wonder through the universe … topics which ‘can’ give you a different look at today’s reality.(Issue 45 will be available in January 2017)


The Source of Immortality…a strange and hidden truth.