Month: April 2016

My dog warned me for a ghostly Shadow being present in my home


So, there IS a criteria for the plausibility in truth!

For some time now I try to give people the opportunity to have another look at some MSM stories that merely tell an incomplete story or show a snapshot without telling what went on beforehand.

911 for example … some magazines I mailed have an opinion about me and even rejected my writings without even reading it. (Are they afraid to publish it?)
My inbox was (by magazines which are publishing stories concerning e.g. UFOs, the paranormal, the existence of extraterrestrial life, future technology and more) bombarded with comments like;

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fail delivery


Stretchable Electronics and wearable “smart clothing.”

Scientists Just Used Liquid Metal to Make Stretchable Electronics

The elastic tech has huge potential for wearable tech, mobile devices, and even electronic “smart clothing.” (to see the short video click here)

Funny to see, a year ago it was said to me that I have watched too much SF movies when I proposed the idea of a ‘pressure suit’ what is called and accepted these days as the ‘bio-suit’.

“The real technology behind the WOW! signal”

March 201620160324_132737


Coming soon … a Liquid future!

If you understand it, you are … awake

Pay more attention to the ‘details’ (0.20 for instance) and skip the idea of me talking about smartphones.
Realize that the message is about bio-technology in order to create an improved new nation (evolution) in which you are the free energy as well as the source of information.
I am talking about how the behavior of your Neurons are artificial controlled through light, sound and chemicals.

Poussin code deciphered?

I am busy writing an article about Poussin’s hidden code which I explained in more detail in Vol. 4 “The quest for the secret knowledge of the Knights Templar”.
(not published yet)


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The ‘Hellhaus’ in East Germany … did we get a warning to stay away or were we invited?

ps: Breaking the rules does NOT mean burglary, stealing or destroying other people’s property.


It is not the symbol that is demonic…

If I was talking b*llsh*t then why labeling my writings as destructive?…/i-talking-bllsht-why-labeling-my…

To view Vol 1 and 2, click on the picture

Vol books

Vol 3 and 4 are probably on a black list because it contains information what does have the power to destroy the illusion of a faith we learned to recognize as truth through FEAR.


Germany has entered the CYBER-WAR! (Wach auf Deutschland, Sie werden in einem Cyberkrieg teilnehmen!)

WWII könnte durch die Übergabe des hungrigen Menschen für eine bessere gestartet werden … das wird wieder geschehen!

Wach auf Deutschland, Sie werden in einem Cyberkrieg teilnehmen!
Hat jemand bemerkt, wohin dieses geht?
Die Idee von die Regierung ist, das Volk zu erheben und eine kolassale Armee aus das Deutsche volk zu schaffen!
Die Regierung will ein Krieg in den Straßen und im Internet.

Wake up Germany, you will participate in a cyber war!
Has anyone noticed where this is leading to?
The idea of the government is to raise the people and to create a colossal Army from the German folk!
The government wants a war in the streets as well as on the Internet.

New Research Sheds Light on Soviet Plans for World War III

ps: was auch immer Sie entscheiden zu tun… kämpfen oder verstecken … die Regierung will gewinnen!
Der einzige Rat, den ich Ihnen geben kann ist … bleib weg von den großen Städten.

ps: what ever you decide to do … fight or hide … the government wants to win!
The only advice I can give you is … stay away from the big cities.


I advise you NOT to turn up the volume nor the base or to watch this video with headphones on.

ps: We did not captured any EVP’s this night…unfortunately but that we were being closely monitored was for sure!


An earlier investigation we did during the summer of 2015

Strange things happened during our investigation on the Collum Berg in Germany what led to the Nazi Temple of Doom and reverse engineerd UFO technology explained from beyond the grave.

On the way home we made a very disturbing discovery!
Was it a message from the other side?