Parapsychology-deniers“, Do They Have Some Special Veto Power(s)?

By Maria Anna van Driel

Parapsychologists. What comes to mind first when hearing this term? Correct! A bunch of crazy people who asking for research funding to proof the existence of white, free flying, bedding having an intelligence and mind-reading while looking into a piece of glass for instance. And all because they “think” that all that lies just outside the reach of our (familiar) visible spectrum is…real.

Throughout history, people have reported events that seem to violate the common sense view of space and time. Some psychologists have been at the forefront of investigating these phenomena with sophisticated research protocols and theory, while others have devoted much of their careers to criticizing the field.

It is unfortunate to see that too many are still expressing their doubts and thus instantly rejecting the authenticity of this field of research. I wonder why that is? Are you really that afraid of the possibility that, for instance, mental events might influence physical objects at a distance? Or that someone can read your diary while not physically being present?   

Let me ask you a reasonable question; do you believe in God? I mean, do you accept the “evidence“ provided by a priest blindly when he or she is telling you that they are special because God is speaking through him or her and that you are not able to do this? Why is that…does a priest have a special gift or some kind of “telepathic super power“?

Another question that comes to mind is, mainstream science labels Near-Death-Experiences as nonsense or pseudoscience. But when we place those same people in a church, they listen to the biblical story of Jesus Christ rising from the death which, according to the bible, was witnessed by several people at the same time. Not to mention Lucifer or the behaviours and actions of all the other myriad angles and demons what is so fearful described in the holy writings. Were these events, noted down on papyrus and vellums, all the fantasies of people experiencing heat stroke or had they eaten a little too much monatomic gold?

Anyway, it is truly remarkable to see that many accept the words echoing through a church, but demand cold, hard data, which should provide irrefutable evidence for its (non) existence, when similar words are coming from someone who is not wearing a cassock. I assume that these same people are listening a bit too much to this minority group of…um, well, “parapsychology-deniers“. Do they have some special veto power(s) that they can impose on the majority?

No, I am neither attacking religion of accepted science in any form. I am only stating that many of the unexplainable events, historical or not, are not approached with an open-mind and contains this infamous layer of negativity what is better known as…taboo.

Did you know that the word “taboo“ implies that investigating the topic is strictly forbidden and that anyone who dares to defy the taboo can expect severe punishment?

However, even though it is fact that mainstream science tends not to take parapsychology seriously and saying that if parapsychology has not won a widespread acceptance, because of the faults within the subject itself rather than alleged bigotry on the part of scientists and that it seems to exist mainly in the minds of parapsychology believers, it is not “proof” for acting irrational and rejecting the claims made.

If you can accept Einstein’s or Tesla’s thoughts concerning time travel than why is it so hard to acknowledge that there is a legit truth in what has been criticized by some in the mainstream science? 

As always, I leave it up to you whether it is all real or not. But I think we shouldn’t sweep the possibility that parapsychologists are on to something, under the rug.

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