Paranormal Underground Radio and a poltergeist activity in Germany


Tonight (10 Nov. 2016) Paranormal Underground Radio again conducted a very interesting interview with Peggy Maguire and Nate Gearhiser, Ohio Ghost Hunters who are speaking about investigation tools and how to use them, cleansing, religion en much more.

I like to thank Chuckie G. and Cheryl Knight for their friendly sayings at 23 minutes into the program :)

At 1 hour and 26 minutes (50 sec) into the program, you can hear Chuckie G. introducing me as well as Cheryl’s thoughts about the different methods investigating groups are using in order to find some answers in the unknown and unseen.

At 1 hour and 37 minutes (15) you can hear part one of an investigation I conducted which contains a CLASSICAL POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY in Germany … at one point into the investigation you can hear me asking the energy a question … a answer came in a form of a energy peak what was picked up by the EMF meter.

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