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Someone has backed you up!

Today, anno 2020, I may say with pride that I am the founder and owner of The Next Truth magazine what has become international within one year and is focusing on an academic trained audience, citizen scientists and those who have an indomitable curiosity for scientific explanations concerning topics viewed, and thought of, by the majority as myths.

Also, since January 2020, The Next Truth saw the opportunity to take the next step and expand with a second bi-monthly magazine, “Young People Science”. And since recently, The Next Truth has found the possibility to create a flipbook for anyone who is interested in the incredible stories and research conducted by scientists and citizen scientists, but is not in the position to purchase a print version of the magazine.

Working in the midst of world-renowned scientists as well as speaking with citizen scientists who are conducting amazing research in their own field of interest and specialize their already possessing skills even more…it is a true honor having the opportunity to be a part of this all and to see the progress you have made.

But I couldn’t have said the above if I didn’t had the one person who had the courage to publish my very first and extremely bad written, article in her magazine (Paranormal Underground Magazine) in 2015. What where you thinking Cheryl !! 😂

However, the moral of my words is; when you start to find yourself climbing out of a crazy jungle and looking over the surface of the tall grass into a direction in where your goal is getting clearer, never forget those who backed you up. We all started at the bottom and worked ourselves up with the help of others.

Once Cheryl-Knight Wilson was my teacher, editor and, if I may express it that way, my boss. Today she is my colleague magazine. 😊

Many, many thanks Cheryl taking me in back then and providing me the change to refine my witting skills.

For your connection to paranormal realms:

For the flipbook of The Next Truth:…/630660…/the-next-truth-february-2020

For reading the full article “Scientists are Conducting Fundamental Research with ‘Speed Machines’”

People…you are amazing! The Next Truth is thanking you all!

Holy (bleep)! … I just scrolled through the statics of the website of ‘The Next Truth’  and saw the statics;

March: 64.000 visitors
April: 45.000 visitors
May: 55.000 visitors
June: 53.000 visitors

People, this is really amazing! … Thank you all for you interest, reactions and sharing. 😀

Keep mailing all your comments and suggestions because 10 more articles and several interviews are already laying on the editors desk which will let you peek into e.g. Ancient Egyptian Technologies, Alien life-forms on our planet, 3D Quantum Holographic projections and a mind dazzling idea concerning phoning the past.
So stay tuned and let your mind wrap itself around these galactic puzzles and paradoxes.


Paranormal Underground Radio: Dr. Michael Lennox – Dream Interpreter and Practicing Psychologist

“Today is going to be another day in which that particular question is passing your life …

Who or what are the Shadow People as they are being sketst in that creepy legend we all know?
This question I have asked myself several times in the past months because it has entered my life life on a pretty much daily basses.
Most people told me via Face Book as well as in a personal conversations, that the shadow people are dark, human-like shaped shadows having ill intentions and thus are evil.

They have being reported by witnesses as big, small, with and without hats, as black mists standing along side the bed…watching you.
These, in the dark hiding, creepy shadows, are the one of the most common form of ghosts that people witness.
For many people, these scary shadows are disembodied humans who are lost, they did not gone forward in their life’s journey by refusing to go toward the light that will lead them to the next phase after their physical body died.
For others, these shadow figures are a result of sleep paralysis.

But what if there is another plausible answer in their existence?
What if they are partly projected by our own fears?
An emotion which has the power of creating a strange kind of stress in our atoms?

…who or what are the Shadow People as they are being sketst in that creepy legend we all know?”

Please continue listening to the radio segment (below) broadcast by PU Radio to find out about a plausible origin of the Shadow People.

Topic: Dream Interpretation, Paranormal Theory, Metaphysics (click the link to listen to the full broadcast of Paranormal Underground Radio) 
Guest: Dr. Michael Lennox
Host: Karen Frazier
Producers: Cheryl Knight-Wilson and Chad Wilson

Correspondent Segments: Krystle Vermes and Manny Veiga talk about a radio host and accused Ponzi schemer who tried to use a hoodoo spell to stop a federal probe plus, they talk about a man haunted by the Dear David ghost child.
Also, Maria Anna Van Driel discusses shadow people.


Paranormal Underground Radio: Warwick’s Physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray is speaking about time-tunnels, dark matter and…

At 1 hour, 39 minutes and 26 sec you can hear Warwick’s Physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray speaking on dark matter, time-tunnels and extra dimensions.
(Turn up your volume for the very nice intro from Cheryl Knight-Wilson, editor of Paranormal Underground Magazine)



Explore the Unexplained with Paranormal Underground Radio

Paranormal Underground Radio: Krystle Vermes – and All Day Paranormal

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Krystle Vermesparanormal enthusiast, blogger, and podcaster.

Krystle is a professional writer with a background in online and print journalism. Her passions include everything tech, sports, and the paranormal. And when she isn’t freelance reporting, she’s running her paranormal blog,, and podcast, All Day Paranormal.

Krystle is a graduate of Suffolk University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism. Krystle is also a Paranormal Underground magazine monthly column contributor and Paranormal Underground Radio correspondent.

Air Date: March 29, 2017

Topic: Paranormal Phenomena, Paranormal Research, Haunted Government Buildings, Paranormal Theory

Guest: Krystle Vermes

Correspondent Segments: Krystle Vermes and Manny Veiga; Maria Anna van Driel

Host: Cheryl Knight

Producers: Cheryl Knight-Wilson and Chad Wilson

Advertisers (Please check out our advertisers and tell them Paranormal Underground sent you!):


Explore the Unexplained with Paranormal Underground Radio

Paranormal Underground Radio: Nicole Strickland and Ali Schreiber – San Diego Paranormal Research Society

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In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radiowe talk with Nicole Strickland and Ali Schreiber, researchers with the San Diego Paranormal Research Society. SDPRS is a non-profit paranormal investigation team based in San Diego, California, and during the show we discussed new evidence Nicole and Ali captured at the haunted Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, and the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe in San Diego, California, where SDPRS team gives tours. Nicole also filled us in on her presentation at the 2017 Oregon Ghost Conference, titled “Children and Paranormal.”

Air Date: March 26, 2017

Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Phenomena, Paranormal Research, Haunted Queen Mary, Haunted California, Haunted Rancho Buena Vista Adobe

Guests: Nicole Strickland and Ali Schreiber

Correspondent Segments: Maria Anna van Driel and Krystle Vermes and Manny Veiga

Hosts: Cheryl Knight and Karen Frazier

Producers: Cheryl Knight-Wilson and Chad Wilson



An article of Karen Frazier of how to detach yourself from dark/negative energies. (Paranormal Underground Magazine)

    The March issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine is online available for those who love the paranormal, have questions about it or are just curious about what other investigators experiencing.


    For this issue I recommend those people who are dealing with toxic situations or people, to read the article of Karen Frazier “Dealing with Toxicity” which you can find on page 40.

    For those who like to hear Karen speak about how to detach themselves from dark/negative energy, I recommend the broadcast of Paranormal Underground Radio of 27 January 2017.

    Karen Frazier

    In this issue of Paranormal Underground magazine, we spotlight Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute and alien phenomena investigator Ryan Sprague, as well as paranormal authors Flora Dare and Michelle Pillow. In our Case Files of the Unknown, we feature haunted Ashmore Estates, a new report on extraterrestrial and NHI (non-human intelligence) contact, and haunted Cheesman Park in Colorado.

    We also take a look at UFOs, mediumship, and the paranormal; how one skeptic learned to love a psychic; how to eliminate toxic energy from your life; and how one shaman was led to his calling by the spirits.

    Also in this issue, don’t miss our coverage about the practices surrounding necromancy and some of the most haunted places our paranormal insiders have visited or investigated. Plus, check out articles on investigations of Waverly Hills Sanatorium and Bobby Mackey’s Music World!


    SST, the beginning of an Alien invasion?

    Paranormal Underground Radio; SST, the beginning of an Alien invasion?

    Last night (26-01-2017) Paranormal Underground Radio broadcasted a very interesting interview with Gavin Kelly & Paula Purcell from Phantasmic Ghost Hunters who are talking about their paranormal investigations and experiences.

    At 1 hour, 54 minutes and 30 seconds, another correspondent segment of me can be heard concerning how a space defense system (SST) can be turned into a system what can choose its own objects of threat.
    I wonder if this system has something to do with Trump kicking the world, making enemies like Mexico for instance.

    ps: the repeating of the sentence “the future of the US and global security” is not an error.



    THE SHADOW PEOPLE & MJ12; who created who?!

    Last night (13-01-2017)Paranormal Underground Radio started 2017 with a remarkably radio broadcast in-which you can hear my NEW RADIO AD at 27 min and 25 sec.

    At 1 hour and 50 minutes into the program you can hear me speaking about THE SHADOW PEOPLE as well as MJ12; who created who?!

    The technical problems they (Cheryl Knight, Chuck Gotski and Karen Frazier) encountered in the beginning of the show did made me think of what people say of The Slenderman who, so is being said, does have the power to interfere with technical devices like e.g. computers.

    This is also what Don Allison have experienced while he was writing his book ‘I met a ghost at Gettysburg’ in the haunted house he is living in … listening to his story it almost sounds like that the entity was writing this book together with Don.

    (click on the image of the book cover to be directed to Amazon)

    I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist's Journey Into the Paranormal by [Allison, Don]


    Paranormal Underground Radio and a poltergeist activity in Germany


    Tonight (10 Nov. 2016) Paranormal Underground Radio again conducted a very interesting interview with Peggy Maguire and Nate Gearhiser, Ohio Ghost Hunters who are speaking about investigation tools and how to use them, cleansing, religion en much more.

    I like to thank Chuckie G. and Cheryl Knight for their friendly sayings at 23 minutes into the program :)

    At 1 hour and 26 minutes (50 sec) into the program, you can hear Chuckie G. introducing me as well as Cheryl’s thoughts about the different methods investigating groups are using in order to find some answers in the unknown and unseen.

    At 1 hour and 37 minutes (15) you can hear part one of an investigation I conducted which contains a CLASSICAL POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY in Germany … at one point into the investigation you can hear me asking the energy a question … a answer came in a form of a energy peak what was picked up by the EMF meter.

    poltergeist 6020e0476c3a7bfe6c5ccf7353d83a86