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Lorraine Price about ‘The Source of Immortality’; “I chose to read this book because it asked a lot of thought-provoking questions that I wanted to know the answers to.”

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Lorraine Price is a very remarkable author, book and movie/film reviewer, proofreader, copywriter focused on non-fiction storytelling and became last year a co-author of Creative Thoughts Journal“.

She is a Non-Fiction and Culinary Author and Humanitarian … an author focused on non-fiction storytelling, Lorraine is inspired by her enduring passions. She cares deeply about the planet, healthy foods, self-sufficiency and animals.

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A fragment from ‘The Source of Immortality’ ; page 62, 63;

“We all heard the stories about how the ancient Egyptians took the brain from the skull through the nose just before the mummification of the body.

But did they really removed the brain or did they something else?
Did they really pull the brain of the deceased through of the small channels of the nose?
Come on man, do you really believe that … it would take hours to finish that job; it’s more likely that they broke the thin pellicle in your mid-brain and released the liquid to be sure that the body would not rot by means of the process in the body what will continue several days after death occurred.
Even the images you can find about this process are told to in a false way.
It tells you a story of how the soul will float to the sun god Ra after Seth came and took the soul on a universal journey.

Nevertheless, the ancient Egyptians understood that the pituitary gland regulates the water balance in your body and like the Macrobain people, they also knew about chemicals and the anatomy of the human body.
(The Macrobain’s were an ancient people positioned in the Horn of Africa)
That would mean that the flowers they put in the body of the deceased could be more like a combination of herbs which started a chemical reaction together with the oil they used to preserve and protect the body.
But do not forget the organs they took out the body … that is probably how they gain new details on the knowledge of anatomy and the knowledge of DNA structures.
It is also a way to be sure to stop chemical reactions in the body of the deceased.
(Chemical reactions that can be triggered by footrests in the stomach or urine remnants in the kidneys)

Thus if you ever had any questions about how the ancient Egyptians could preserve the bodies of their death and why, it is now partly answered which they never taught you at school because it is impossible that an ancient group of people had any advanced knowledge and refined technology in their possession … right?
Well, keep on reading and I will show you the possibilities of what you always thought of being impossible.”

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“Paranormal Underground Magazine”

“Paranormal Underground Magazine” has done a remarkable update on their website, a website which contains highly interesting stories from authors writing about ‘The Unknown’ both in personal experiences as in stories you can explore yourself … if you have the courage to do so 😉

Not only the magazine I recommend but also the hyperlinks you can find on the website of “Paranormal Underground”. 

Those people who like to know more about the paranormal world as well as those people who like to shiver over the creepy experiences paranormal investigators are showing you in writing and in video’s, are more than welcome to bring a visit to the website and to find out if they have nerves of steal.

Since today, I also got the privilege to get a place on the website of “Paranormal Underground” with a hyperlink which will direct you to our investigations in the world of the unknown.

Thank you Cheryl for this honer 🙂

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The Source of Immortality (Customer review)

A screen shot of a laudatory review on Amazon concerning my latest book ‘The Source of Immortality’…

I like to thank this person for this wonderful review 🙂

Amazon customer review


Book trailer; Vol 3 ‘The Source of Immortality’

This is what the text in the book-trailer says;
“There is only ONE rule…never reveal any secret knowledge what can awaken the imprisoned communion.
If this rule is being broken by any member of the order, punishment in being expelled will be inevitable!
Ecco ego conteram praecepta.
‘The Source of Immortality’ is written for those who are strong enough to face the deepest darkness in themselves.
A book that speaks of an odd truth of a 52.00 year old but advanced technology and … a dark secret from an ancient past what has being hidden from the public view by … medieval ecclesiastical leaders … over more than 500 years.
With the knowledge of potential danger in being expelled, I give you the opportunity to see real ancient rituals and the secrets of a dark medieval knowledge which is known today as…the system!”
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