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When will we be sending money to the inhabitants of Gliese 832 c (the most Earth-like planet ever found)

Is this the most Earth-like planet ever found? Alien exoplanet just a ‘stone’s throw’ from Earth and even has similar seasons

  • The planet, known as Gliese 832c, lies just 16 light-years from Earth
  • Is a ‘super-Earth’ at least five times as massive as our planet
  • Might have Earth-like temperatures, albeit with large seasonal shifts

Researchers have revealed a newfound alien planet might be able to support life – and say it is just 16 light years away.

Called Gliese 832c, it is a ‘super-Earth’ at least five times as massive as our planet.

The researchers say it might be the closest in terms of conditions ever found – and may even have Earth-like temperatures, albeit with large seasonal shifts.

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funny, 16 light years is nothing than a stone throw away from the globe we live on. (sorry, we PAY for to live on)

Is there anyone out-there who can explain to me how in the freaking hell it is possible NASA found this globe?

Maybe we have to read a bit further in the article;

“This star is already known to harbour a cold Jupiter-like planet, Gliese 832 b, discovered on 2009. The new planet, Gliese 832 c, was added to the Habitable Exoplanets Catalog along with a total of 23 objects of interest.”

Now could it be that the Norwegian spiral anomaly of 2009 what appeared in the night sky over Norway on 9 December 2009 was the exchange of information on a galactic way?

You decide if this is a fact or another hoax to let us believe in an alien invasion.

An artist's impression of the potentially habitable Super-Earth Gliese 832 c against a stellar nebula background.

Physicists simulate sending quantum light particles into the past

Could time travel soon become a reality? Physicists simulate sending quantum light particles into the past

  • University of Queensland scientists simulate photons moving through time
  • They showed how two wormhole-travelling photons might behave
  • Time-travel in the quantum world seems to avoid famous paradoxes
  • The experiment shows bizarre behaviour of such quantum particles
  • But on larger scales time travel still remains implausible, say researchers

If a time traveller went back in time and stopped their own grandparents from meeting, would they prevent their own birth?

That’s the crux of an infamous theory known as the ‘grandfather paradox’, which is often said to mean time travel is impossible – but some researchers think otherwise.

A group of scientists have simulated how time-travelling photons might behave, suggesting that, at the quantum level, the grandfather paradox could be resolved

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Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have discovered that two photons travelling through time can interact. In the simulation a photon stuck in a closed timelike curve (illustrated) through a wormhole was found to be capable of interacting with one travelling through regular space-time


911 it was not only a financial act and to scare the hell out of many…it was also based on astrological events!

The ten September constellations contain several notable groups such as


the eagle,


the sea goat,

and Cygnus, the swan.

There are only a few notable deep sky objects found in these constellations.
The famous Dumbbell Nebula is located in Vulpecula.
This planetary nebula was formed when a star shed its outer layer of gas.

The name comes from its unmistakable hourglass shape, which resembles a weight lifter’s dumbbell.
The rest of the objects are star clusters.

Capricornus and Sagitta each contain a globular cluster while Cygnus contains two open clusters.

A few interesting bright stars can be found in the September sky.
Aquila is the home of Altair, the 11th brightest star in the sky.

Deneb, located in Cygnus, is part of a visual formation known as the Summer Triangle.

9/11 and the power of ultrasound! (just connect the dots)

9/11 and direct energy…THINABOUTIT!



The Source of Immortality (The Global Elite and their Fountain of youth)

The snake equals the Kundalini energy
The capstone with the eye equals your third eye.

These symbols tell an ancient and secret knowledge of healing and rising above yourself by means of using natural energies…your energy!
Unfortunately the contemporary world leaders are spreading disinformation about this secret meaning that the majority of this globe will stay away from it as if it were a disease.
This energy is also known as ‘the Phoenix force/fire’.

This process of keeping the global population in the dark has also been used in faith.
Keeping you away from the dark corners of the universe means you will NEVER enter nor see the divine light to accomplish great things.

Remember, fear is the biggest manipulator of the global population!



Let’s take a look at a phrase from Vol. 2 ‘The Source of Immortality’, a book that gives you a complete understanding of how the controlling factors in your daily life keep you in line.
Because as soon as we…the people… start to understand ‘their’ power source and turn this power into positive thoughts, from that moment on ‘they’ will start losing their control over us.
But before we can reach this state we have to throw away the illusions we think of as reality.
We have to understand that WE are keeping the system alive by living their ideals and thoughts.

Rejecting the grid is step one meaning that the global population have to see technology as for what it is…TECHNOLOGY, not reality nor life-forms!
Step two is to educate yourself on the origin of this strange kind of evoloution in today’s technology, learn the mythological history of it and free your self from a future prision in a Tron-society.
See how it has repeated itself over time because it is repeating itself right here and right now…but by the hands of men.

The Source of Immortality
(The Global Elite and their Fountain of youth)

In the book “The NWO, their thoughts…your life” I explained you in a simple way what the New World Order is as well in the past as in the present days.
Now if you have that book in your possession, take it from the bookshelf because some of the following text you are going to read is directly referring to paragraphs in that book.
And if you thought that my previous book was scary and has burst your happy bubble of illusions … you will get nightmares from this one!

I will spare you the nonsense of a lengthy preface and come directly to the point.
No detours or long winding roads which lead to nothing.
Let us talk about the true powers of the global Elite of today.

The system or better said the AGENDA of the today’s New World Order cult, is based on an old knowledge.
This information was stole from history by denying you the access to it and what is turned into a weapon of control and mass destruction … a weapon that extracts the information from your brain.
By spreading all those micro- and radio-waves through the atmosphere (which we already think of as a normal and common thing) the contemporary world leaders will have the opportunity to flat-line the natural electrical impulses in your brain meaning that they can change your bio-rhythm thus your behavior and thoughts.


Smart glass breakthrough; it could analyse your DNA.

Smart glass breakthrough could make ‘Iron Man’ transparent screens a reality – and let your phone analyse your DNA

  • Breakthrough allows sensors to be etched directly on glass
  • Could be used to turn windows into giant ‘Iron Man’ displays
  • Could also embed sensors into smartphone glass within a year

Giant transparent screens such as those used by Tony Stark in the hit film Iron Man could soon become a reality, researchers have claimed.

They say the smart glass breakthrough could even make your phone more intelligent – building health monitoring sensors directly into the glass.

They say the breakthrough already works with Gorilla Glass, found in the majority of smartphones, and could be implemented into handsets within a year.

The technology developed by researchers from Montreal and the New York-based company Corning Incorporated has led to the first laser-written light-guiding systems that are efficient enough to be developed for commercial use.

This revolutionary work could open up new real estate in the phone by embedding the glass with layer upon layer of sensors, including ones that could take your temperature, assess your blood sugar levels if you’re diabetic or even analyze DNA.

The researchers have already used their new technology to build two completely transparent systems -a temperature sensor and a new system for authenticating a smartphone using infrared light – into a type of glass that’s currently used in most smartphones.

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An invisible waveguide (pathway for light) being written via laser into a smartphone's display glass is shown. The waveguide is a horizontal line from the left side of the screen


The camera that can see round CORNERS?

The camera that can see round CORNERS: Gadget identifies hidden shapes by tracking changes in light waves and ‘echoes’

  • Computer scientists at University of Bonn developed the camera system
  • It lets users see round corners without using mirrors, like a periscope
  • System uses diffusely reflected light from a laser to reconstruct the shape of objects outside the cameras’ field of view

Crude contraptions using mirrors to see round corners have been used for centuries as spying devices, as well as at war.

But now scientists have developed a camera system that lets users see round corners using laser light.

By tracking diffusely reflected light, the invention reconstructs the shape of objects outside of the field of view.

Researchers at the University of Bonn and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, came up with the array of devices.

A laser is shone on a surface, such as a wall, and serves as a source of scattered light, as well as the source of information.

In a demonstration, a laser is shown shining on a white wall, while a camera watches the scene. All it can see initially through the lens is a ‘spot’ of light.

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This graphic shows the set-up of the equipment. The light source (red) and camera (field of view marked in blue) both look at a white wall. The objects the experts want to reconstruct (green box) are hidden and are only accessible through indirect reflections off the diffuse wall


When WWIII starts, it will be between Germany and England!

You might think I’m against Russia, Germany or the USA…NO I’m not.
I’m against how the contemporary world leaders are playing with the minds of the global population.
I’m against the game they play with our emotions and try to manipulated our behavior by means of propaganda.

They are playing a game we know as politics and WE ARE THE PAWNS!!!


Money; it is the biggest illusion what keeps the global population in chains.

A phrase from the book ‘The NWO, their thoughts…your life’; (page 142, 143 and 144)

Looking for the truth?

The Kindle Edition as well as a paperback edition is available at amazon.


“….. with over 2000 employees, Paris Orléans is the home base of the Rothschild banking Group and controls the Rothschild Group’s banking activities.
This includes also the ‘N M Rothschild & Sons’ and ‘Rothschild & Cie Banque’.
The Directors of the company includes Eric de Rothschild, Robert de Rothschild, and Count Philippe de Nicolay.

In 2004, the investment bank withdrew from the gold market…ha ha ha, yeah right!
It’s nothing more than a commodity the Rothschild bankers already had used for two centuries.
And today, the price of gold is still fixed!

Some of the one percent come together twice a day at 10.30 am and 3.00 pm at the Frankenstein premises of N M Rothschild by the world’s main Bullion Houses – Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ScotiaMocatta and Societe Generale.
Every single day five representatives with pretty clever minds of corrupt investment banks meet in a small room at Rothschild’s London headquarters on St Swithin’s Lane.

Informally, the gold fixing provides a recognized rate that is used as a benchmark for pricing the majority of gold products and derivatives throughout the world’s markets.

This means that they can up- and downgrade the value of gold when ever they want to but also the value of dollar, pound, euro, etc.
Am I going to fast?
Okay listen up, the term `fools gold` has nothing to do with the metal itself but with YOUR lack of understanding about how to deal with it!

Let us say there is only 50 kilogram of gold in the world and I have 45 kilogram stacked up in my vault.
And let us say that one kilogram of gold will cost 1.000, 00 in U.S. dollars.
That means that those 50 kilogram are worth, 50.000, 00 in U.S. dollars.
But I want more than those 45.000, 00 so I tell the world population that there is no more than 20 kilogram of gold in the whole world.

I also tell the world population that it is the most precious metal that exists.
I throw a little bit of mystique history at it like the story of ‘The Golden City’ and that it is the metal that was only meant for kings and very important persons.
Eventually people will believe my story about the precious and scarce metal…GOLD.
Because of the 2+2=5 theory and repeating is learning!

I tell the population on the globe that I have only 10 kilogram of that precious metal and that the rest is still in hidden in the earth… somewhere.
Now my gold is starting to look pretty expensive…right?
And also I am starting to look rich because I have half of the gold of the earth…right?
But wait…I’m not done jet.

So, there is only 20 kilogram of gold in the whole world and I have 10 kilogram in mine possession…that means that the 10 kilo’s of gold I posses, which was only meant for kings and very important people, are very expensive!
Because there is less gold in the world than silver or coals, those 10 kilogram of gold became almost priceless because there isn’t that much of it in the world.

Than I will set a prize for it…1 kilogram of gold equals 50.000,00 U.S. dollars.
That means that I now have a wealth of …10 kilogram of gold that is worth in U.S. dollars, 500.000,00
Now I’m a very wealthy person because you probably forgot what I told you right in the beginning.

I do not have 10 kilogram of gold in possession…I have 45 kilogram of gold in possession!
That means that I have a wealth of 2.250.000, 00 instate of 500.000,00 …or the 45.000,00 I started with in the beginning.
That means that I made a profit of 2.205.000, 00 U.S. dollars…tax free!

Welcome to the world of the illusions and the NWO banking system that is let by the Rothschild’s.”


A phrase of Vol. 3 in the series of ‘The holy trinity of our future selves’

yes, maybe I am a bit ahead of some things but as soon as one read what I wrote about this subject, one will slowly learn how to enter the secrets in life which are less complicated as one would think.

My books will give the reader the opportunity to enter a secret world what gives him or her the possibility to understand ‘time’ which in turn provides the ability to enter the 5th dimension of this globe. 

Science fact and Star Trek technology? 
Do not be surprised when you find out that this is science FACT!

“…… our suppressors immediately took the life sources of this globe called Earth and started to experiment with it.

Over time they created different kind of species by means of mixing DNA.

The changed DNA of their creations was then changed into controllable vessel which was seen as a nation of cattle and became their lab-rats for live.

The Neanderthal was a fact!

Fortunately some of us survived by crawling into the depths of the earth, and after watching the suppressed ones being slaved until their brain waves slowly extinguished a feeling of hate started to rice.

But instate of fighting with the Phoenix-fire and mass destruction weapons, we started to fight with refining the true knowledge and technology.

We tried to create a safe environment for them and let the almost flat-lined people know about their true origin. Unfortunately the experiments with artificial chemicals affected the capability of the enslaved people to see and to act what made the learning proses difficult.

Our brothers and sisters who were given a brain fog forgot the knowledge of a natural source which gives them the power to act and think separately as one.

They forgot how to take control over their mind and body.

The true knowledge of deliberately delaying a chemical reaction in the body was almost gone. The controllable people forgot their universal code!


Today there are several epidemics ruling our world!

They are called secret societies, bankers, governments and as soon as they saw that we started to win the battle by explaining the almost controllable population the true knowledge is the heritage of their ancestors which is their birth-right and their power, they created more fear by telling the people that ………..”


These words are to those who serve the system….a corrupt global system who only want to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY!

Your life is ruled and controlled by a bunch of imbeciles!
You live in a world that is ruled by slimy snails who want to destroy the health globally!
Only you don’t know it yet.
Because of your greed and lust for money and more, the NWO and his patsies from hell saw the chance to go beyond your imagination.
The tyrannical world you now live in is full of sociopathic scientists and so called leaders who aim at the entire humanity and want to see you walking around as chipped slaves.

They have led you believe that there are internal and external threats, like crazy psychopaths with guns, rapists behind every door, hackers who want to clean your bank account empty, men with beards who are blowing up buildings, diseases and viruses from hell etc.
But all those threats are nothing more than an open the door for a larger police state who will act like NWO military zombies around the world.

By means of shutting your eyes you led them spread lethal, pharmaceutical drugs that have not been thoroughly tested for safety.
You have turned into a blind sheep and do not see that chemical companies genetically engineering our food.
They are killing the generations who are yet to come.
Those agencies are the ones who claim to be our safety net….national security have abused your trust!

I do not blame anyone for working in those companies…companies who are more looking a mental institution than government institution.
You can be part of the solution, the only thing you have to do is to break free from the lies they tell you and to wake up as quickly as you can.
You probably graduated from a highly respected college and participated in events designed to help your local community.
But they lied to you, our education systems have already been infiltrated for years by this shadow government network.
It is possible that the speeches you received during class have also been carefully crafted to deceive you into thinking that idealism exists.
You have became a NWO zombie…a human being who read about freedom in state of living it.

“Nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.
His [the individual’s] freedom and choice will be controlled within very narrow alternatives by the fact that he will be numbered from birth and followed, as a number, through his educational training, his required military or other public service, tax contributions, health and medical requirements to his final retirement and death benefits.”
(Carroll Quigley)

You were one of the lucky ones who got a great government job…maybe even right out of college.
You passed their background checks…their lunatic tests!
Back then you had the right profile to become a blind sheep that will never questioning the authority of your boss or the stupid and meaningless rules of the company you are working for.
Congratulations, you have past the personality profile screening process.

Most of the time you feel pretty good about the work you and your department is doing but something it does not feel quite right.
Suddenly you hear that someone is fired but nobody knows why.
You can see at some faces that they know more but nobody is telling you what happened. Rumors spreading like viruses from hell through the company about that person had leaked classified information.
He or she was a “whistle-blower” and they were fired for speaking up about your company’s illegal business practices!
You have noticed the same activity since you have been here but are too scared that your boss finds out that you are questioning the lunatic rules and the illegal practices of the company.
And what do you do?
You keep your freaking mouth shut and your head down…and that is all what they want! They want you to think you are nothing and that they can do with you what they want.
You are nothing more than a lab rat to them!

By working for this intense ridiculous system you are agreeing to a Global demolition and are legalizing the actions of a corrupt, government, devoid of morals that has been taken over at the highest levels by global criminals.
I am not saying that you most quit your job…I am saying that you most take action.
If you are able to bring another corrupt company down by exposing there illegal practices, do it wise because you cannot fight those twisted earthworms from a prison cell!

Can you accept that our country has been taken over by blood sucking maggots?
That the world is a financial and scientific dictatorship?
NO? …than take action!
The bloodsucking vampires who are in charge of our health and safety have pledged to a dark empire.

We need reject the predatory and illegitimate war making system used to crush our freedom.
The world is becoming a prison and the people in it are getting blinder, you will have to make a choice between freedom and tyranny.
Your children’s freedom depends on it.
Do you have the courage to speak up for your country…for your children and grandchildren…for humanity?

WAKE THE FUCK UP! …if you see something wrong, say something right!