I want SEX, I don't care with who and with how many!


Of course, now I have your attention. 
(even privet messages)
If the word SEX appears in a line you will open your eyes and the drool is coming out of your mouth.
But if you get told that the tar pit of the lunatic elites is growing in your backyard , you’ll keep your fucking mouth shut.

And you say you’re awake?!
You scream from the rooftops about the NWO and their corrupt system, but you have not noticed that you are trained to respond to BULL-SHIT!
So if you take my post “I want SEX, I don’t care with who and with how many!” seriously, your intelligence has not gone beyond the handle of your front door!
The bucket of pudding in your head that you call your brain, is still asleep…numbed by the cyber-drugs of the media! 

See that the gun control is nothing more than an attempt to put you into their FEMA-camps!
See that the war in the middle East was already planned in 1871!
Wake up and notice that you’re living by the rules of the Bavarian Illuminati!

The Bavarian Illuminati is still alive! 
Only now they have a different face and different names…but their way of thinking didn’t change!
YOU ARE LIVING IN THEIR MATRIX! …a lie they have refined through time.
If you want to know the future, you have to go back in time!

WAKE THE HELL UP and fight those fuckers by exposing them…with names!
Do the opposite of what they want you to do!
DON’T go into riots…keep your guns to protect yourself but DON’T fight each other!
They want us to kill ourselves!

Be prepared for the next `global` threat!
A threat that will come from above which has nothing to do with any God or prophet!
It will be the biggest hoax in history…a hoax that will bring all nations together.
The hoax that will cause ONE GLOBAL NATION!…ONE GLOBAL SYSTEM!

I know that you want to believe the upcoming hoax when it’s finally here but THINK before you ACT!
Do you want to survive their next hype…start educate yourself and learn about their history!
Learn to understand the programs they are using to let us live in the dark!

Like I said yesterday; Fucking silence brings you nowhere … we have to raise our voice to be heard by those inbreed asseholes who are trying to lead us into their tar pit of moral death!
NOW RAISE YOUR GODDAMN VOICES and make a fist against the tyranny of the Government(s)! …but act with common sense!




I just showed you how easy it is to walk into the traps of the CIA…this kind of shit is what they use every day and the majority of the people believes it!
It’s the ”Seduction-based brainwashing technique” that’s invented by the KGB and preformed by the CIA.

Bill Clinton as well as JFK felt for it….and many before them and many will follow!
Just look at the behavior of Marilyn Monroe, Eva Braun and Monica Lewinsky.
But Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady GaGa (and many more, also have some conspicuous behavior when it comes to the art of seducing and manipulating people’s behavior.
Not that these ladies are members of the KGB gang but their behavior is clearly a combination of trauma-based brainwashing and Seduction-based brainwashing.

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