Month: January 2013

The Holocaust doesn't exist in the way you've been taught!

David Irving is sentenced to three years in jail in Austria, for denying the holocaust.
(this is the only historical event you can be arrested for questioning it)
The reason is because it’s the Rothschilds greatest weapon in brainwashing YOU!
They want you to believe that the Jews are poor and persecuted but in reality they control the vast majority of international finance and international corporations throughout the world.
They want you to be afraid of speaking out your opinion about it by threatening you with being arrested.
They want you to be afraid of “Free speech” like they tried to silence the people during WWII.
I…Maria Anna van Driel…agree whit the statement, The Holocaust is a hoax!
It doesn’t exist!
It doesn’t exist in the way you’ve been taught!

Yes, thousands of people died in that period but the reason was NOT to erase the Jews but to control the population!
To try the chemicals from I.G. Farben and to preform other sick minded experiments on the victims they cold-blooded picked off the street.
Experiments which later were copied by the CIA and carried out on unsuspecting American citizens.
And God knows which other crazy lunatic leaders have taken the out comes from those WWII experiments and carried on their citizens.
SARS and BSA seems to me one of those things.

The Holocaust was there for IBM to make its debut with the punch-card device and the technique in the trains that drove their victims to the death-camps.

The Holocaust was also used to discover the basics for the today’s RFID!

Take the following experiment and try to see it from a different side.

We all know that those asseholes skinned people to see how long they could live without it.

Now turn it around…what if they try to find out how long THE SKIN could live on its own…with-out a human body?!

That declares why DARPA and MIT now know how to create an artificial skin for the Japanese Life-Naut!


And why do you think that they got the order to burn all those books?

RIGHT…to re-write it later!


Don’t you ever forget that the Rothschild’s control the media…and therefore your mind!

And here we go…please remember the words of Dr. Wernher von Braun! "The last card of the Illuminati will be an alien invasion".

  • An encounter on the dark side of the moon: ‘UFO’ spotted soaring above lunar surface in online video
  • Mysterious object recorded zipping about against the backdrop of the moon
  • Is it a bird? A plane? or something altogether more unfathomable
  • Youtube users argue over the authenticity of the ‘alien craft’

Is 2013 the year we finally make contact with our brothers from beyond the stars? One YouTube user certainly seems to think it’s a possibility.

The user, danchek2013, has uploaded a video he claims shows footage of at at least one mysterious object zipping about over the surface of the moon.

One of the ‘craft’ emerges from the shadowy landscape of the moon’s surface and then seemingly accelerates over the craters, before changing direction at breakneck speed and heading towards the bottom of the screen.

Mystery: A white arrow highlights the mysterious object as it emerges from the darknessMystery: A white arrow highlights the mysterious object as it emerges from the darkness

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that's the stupidest list I have ever seen!

Were are the words about the real treats like; Government, Federal, CIA, NSA, FEMA, White House, Obama, Bush, Rothschild’s, NWO etc.


Mysterious Google 'Pluto Switch' Turns up in Iowa

It’s the computing equivalent of having aliens land on your front lawn: finding a mysterious networking device from Google (News  – Alert).

That’s exactly what happened in Iowa, when two men from the small town of Shelby snapped a picture with a smartphone of a small device apparently called a “pluto switch” in February.

The device appeared in a branch office where the two men worked. They tried to figure out how the device with a bunch of networking ports and writing in Finnish worked but to no avail. They posted pictures of the pluto switch to a networking forum in order to get some help.

They quickly determined that the real owner of the device was none other than the Mountain View, Calif.-based search giant itself, Google. A vendor code the switched used was registered to Google.

Google apparently did not respond to the men’s phone calls at first, and when it did, it didn’t explain what the switch was or what it did. Google did offer a reward for its return.

“Finally, got a hold of a Google network engineer, so the switches are heading home. He wouldn’t tell me what the connector type was so that’s still a mystery,” one of the men said on the forum “The engineer was cool and is going to send us some shirts the public can’t buy.”

They requested anonymity after they spoke with Google.

Google designs and deploys its own hardware in its data centers around the world, saying it’s one of the world’s largest hardware manufacturers. Google keeps its hardware designs as a closely guarded trade secret.

The switch appears to have been custom-designed for Google for its online operations, using nonstandard networking ports. It appears to forgo the conventional physical networking layer for something more efficient and cost effective. The device can apparently handle 10 gigabits per second, while most conventional routers only support 1 gigabit per second.

The device was delivered to the distribution center in Iowa where the two men worked, apparently by mistake.

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Google's Mysterious Pluto Switch

On a winter’s day, a mysterious hardware device sporting a foreign language label is accidentally delivered to a small distribution centre in a mid-western town with a population of roughly 600. After pondering over the function of the device, two men determine that it belongs to one of the most powerful tech companies in the world.

Sounds like the beginning of a low-budget sci-fi movie, right? For two co-workers in Iowa, it was reality.

Two employees at a distribution centre in the small farming town of Shelby, Iowa found themselves befuddled when a networking switch was accidentally unloaded at their office this past winter.

Networking switches are used to link multiple hardware devices together and share files across a single network, such as multiple computers and printers in an office. Unlike devices such as routers which link devices to a pre-existing network, a network switch creates a file-sharing network and ethernet cables are plugged into the switch’s ports, physically linking the devices to one another and to the Internet.

The two employees, however, could only determine that what turned up in their office was a networking switch – they couldn’t get it to work, or determine what the unusually shallow ports on the front of the device were for. With the labels appearing to be in Finnish, the duo took to message boards to determine the identity of the cryptic piece of hardware.

When the two eventually deduced through the device’s media access control (MAC) address that it belonged to Google, and after attempting with no avail to contact the company, representatives from Google urged the two to return the device and offered a reward, but remained hush-hush about the specifics of the switch.

Since its return, the two men who uncovered the switch received their reward – T-shirts.

Was Google’s demanding of a hasty return the sign of something big to hide? Probably not.

Google designs the hardware they use in their data centres across the world, and prefers to keep those designs a secret from the public. They’re well-known for being more than a little tight-lipped. The infamous Google X labs is the location where the company develops all of its (almost) top-secret pilot projects. They have been known to make a rare exception, though. Earlier this year, Google X labs publically unveiled several of their projects, including the Google Glasses. In 2009, the company revealed one of its custom-made servers, uniquely equipped with a backup 12-volt battery.

It’s not completely unheard of for software companies to develop their own hardware, either. Microsoft and Amazon have avoided the pitfalls of being tied to particular companies for hardware by creating their own custom equipment.

So while the hasty snatching of the mysterious Pluto Switch may conjure up images of men in suits racing against time to return the network switch to its rightful owners, it’s probably far more underwhelming than that. The Pluto Switch is said to operate at ten gigabits per second as opposed to the standard one per second, and is a technology that Google wouldn’t want another company getting their hands on, especially a competitor such as Dell or Cisco.

After this, Google may want to consider themselves lucky that the two men who accidentally discovered the Pluto Switch were not part of their competition.

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I want SEX, I don't care with who and with how many!


Of course, now I have your attention. 
(even privet messages)
If the word SEX appears in a line you will open your eyes and the drool is coming out of your mouth.
But if you get told that the tar pit of the lunatic elites is growing in your backyard , you’ll keep your fucking mouth shut.

And you say you’re awake?!
You scream from the rooftops about the NWO and their corrupt system, but you have not noticed that you are trained to respond to BULL-SHIT!
So if you take my post “I want SEX, I don’t care with who and with how many!” seriously, your intelligence has not gone beyond the handle of your front door!
The bucket of pudding in your head that you call your brain, is still asleep…numbed by the cyber-drugs of the media! 

See that the gun control is nothing more than an attempt to put you into their FEMA-camps!
See that the war in the middle East was already planned in 1871!
Wake up and notice that you’re living by the rules of the Bavarian Illuminati!

The Bavarian Illuminati is still alive! 
Only now they have a different face and different names…but their way of thinking didn’t change!
YOU ARE LIVING IN THEIR MATRIX! …a lie they have refined through time.
If you want to know the future, you have to go back in time!

WAKE THE HELL UP and fight those fuckers by exposing them…with names!
Do the opposite of what they want you to do!
DON’T go into riots…keep your guns to protect yourself but DON’T fight each other!
They want us to kill ourselves!

Be prepared for the next `global` threat!
A threat that will come from above which has nothing to do with any God or prophet!
It will be the biggest hoax in history…a hoax that will bring all nations together.
The hoax that will cause ONE GLOBAL NATION!…ONE GLOBAL SYSTEM!

I know that you want to believe the upcoming hoax when it’s finally here but THINK before you ACT!
Do you want to survive their next hype…start educate yourself and learn about their history!
Learn to understand the programs they are using to let us live in the dark!

Like I said yesterday; Fucking silence brings you nowhere … we have to raise our voice to be heard by those inbreed asseholes who are trying to lead us into their tar pit of moral death!
NOW RAISE YOUR GODDAMN VOICES and make a fist against the tyranny of the Government(s)! …but act with common sense!




I just showed you how easy it is to walk into the traps of the CIA…this kind of shit is what they use every day and the majority of the people believes it!
It’s the ”Seduction-based brainwashing technique” that’s invented by the KGB and preformed by the CIA.

Bill Clinton as well as JFK felt for it….and many before them and many will follow!
Just look at the behavior of Marilyn Monroe, Eva Braun and Monica Lewinsky.
But Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady GaGa (and many more, also have some conspicuous behavior when it comes to the art of seducing and manipulating people’s behavior.
Not that these ladies are members of the KGB gang but their behavior is clearly a combination of trauma-based brainwashing and Seduction-based brainwashing.


I sometimes wonder whether the journalists and newscasters (and other impotent bread-sticks), actually believe the shit they say on television

There is a lot to talk about the death of Osama Bin Laden…is it a hoax or not?
Did the American Government lie to the world…AGAIN?
Is he still alive or did they really dumped his body into the sea?

Hamid Gul thinks that the American government knew about bin Laden’s death for years and kept the truth for themselves only to release it during the presidency of Obama.
That is nice of them … don’t you think?
Give the new president fake strength …that way he can pull some of the undecided voters across line.

And it also explains why the hideout of Osama bin Laden could not be found.
They just looked in the wrong place … they had to look between the obituary notices instead of looking out for a tent in the mountains.
However, it doesn’t matter in which way you look at it, the story that the media has told us shows cracks on all sides, like the Kennedy assassination and Watergate.
I sometimes wonder whether the journalists and newscasters (and other impotent bread-sticks), actually believe the shit they say on television … or do they just read the words out-loud which their masters instruct them to say?