Beyond the Secrets of Our Cosmic Freezer

With SETI’s senior astronomer Dr. Seth Shostak

According to some history books, our species was one of the dumbest kind roaming this globe but if we were really in the possession of a so called daily dementia, then how is it that we, since the beginning of time, were looking up to the skies, seeking answers to the questions; …. What is out there? … Are we truly alone in the universe? … and, can we conquer it?

After millions and millions years the universe, and some of its content, is still one of the greatest unexplained wonders in human history.  

It seems we cannot wrap our minds around this black ‘thing’ we are swirling in.

So, what is it that is out there and… was there something or someone providing the first specimens of our species with the needed information for us to think in a creative manner what, over time, evolved in an advanced technological era?

I am your host Maria Anna van Driel… and you’re listening to “The Next Truth; Where Science and Myth Meet”,    a weekly podcast in where scientists and citizen scientists speak about their incredible research, awe-inspiring theories and mind dazzling paradoxes for you to explore the connections between accepted and noetic science.     

This week I am speaking with SETI’s senior astronomer Dr. Seth Shostak about which secrets still lies beyond the limits of our understanding regarding to our cosmic freezer.

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