Month: November 2015

triboelectric effect on the brain

YouTube has blocked my video in the following countries: American Samoa, Germany, Puerto Rico, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands

Optical illusions, it is older than you might think



Does this castle has a deep dark secret to hide?

jacket 2a


Philosophical thoughts about evolution while a dark shadow past the camera

Yesterday evening the air was extreme dense … there was almost no echo and it felt like something ominous about to happen.
If one does not know how cold air is working this can be as creepy as hell … especially at night.

But if this density of the air wasn’t enough … something dark was floating in front of my camera!


For those who had not noticed … after my Halloween act things showed up on photos like this visitor for example.

In 1999 I started the original quest for the mythological Holy Grail, a fictive object of symbolism which was created in the late 12th century.
During my study of the path the ancient alchemists have walked I received my MA including the important information what guided me to the ‘real’ Holy Grail which is also known as the Philosopher stone.
Then, in February of 2015, I found this old knowledge of the real alchemists … I found the real Philosopher stone!

By stepping into the mirror room of the Knight Templar’s and by looking at the Ouroboros I understood that the knowledge I was looking for all this time has always been there from the moment I started my quest.
This understanding of the Tria Prima (Hermes Trismegistus) what the real alchemy (today’s medical world is a part of this ancient knowledge) is showing us is what I partly describe in Vol.3 “The source of Immortality” and explain in a scientific way in Vol. 2 “Our mind in a controlled quantum Euclidean space?”.


When the universal energies are letting it, this will be yours to possess next year.

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In order for me to finish Vol.4 I have to step into a parallel and mystical world

Before you continue to read this volume which will be published in 2016 and has three previous parts, I have to warn you that as soon as you are going to be on the path of the of ancient knowledge like the Knight Templar’s did and are still doing, insanity is not to be ruled out.