Month: February 2015

Will holidays soon be uploaded to our MINDS?

Dr Michio Kaku reveals how we could use our brains in the next 50 years

  • US physicist Dr Michio Kaku was speaking exclusively to MailOnline
  • He revealed his theories on how we may control our brains in the future
  • Include implanting ‘memories’ to make us think we’ve been on holiday
  • Could also send our minds to distant worlds to control surrogate robots
  • We’ll be able to manipulate our surroundings with ‘programmable matter’
  • Creature from the another world would think that we were ‘sorcerers’

The holiday of the future will still provide memories of strolls along sunny beaches, the sensation of sand between your toes and the peaceful rush of the ocean, but there will be one crucial difference.

You won’t have ever actually been away – in fact you might not have even left your home.

Instead, people will download memories to their brains to make them feel as if they have been on a sun-kissed holiday.

That’s just one of the many realities we could face as we learn to manipulate the human mind, US physicist Dr Michio Kaku told MailOnline in an exclusive interview.

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Visionary: Dr Kaku is best known for his expertise in theoretical physics but his latest book takes a look at how rapid advancements could bring about huge changes in how we understand – and use – our brains

Why today’s advanced technology is mixed with silicon.

The DIY death ray: Solar-powered weapon that melts METAL using a 660°C beam is made in a back yard

Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds of the Science Channel in California (main image), made a basic frame from wood and positioned a Fresnel lens carefully to create their ‘death ray’. They managed to melt zinc (top right) and aluminium (bottom right) using the device, which focuses light into a single beam that gets as hot as 660°C (1,220°F) – the melting point of aluminium.

DARPA’s low-cost silicone robot cloaks like a chameleon, treks like a snail (video)

The end of controllable robots…a new era has launched with the creation of an artificial nerves system for the Life-naut!


Meet ‘Homo chippiens’, the human in a CHIP!

Meet ‘Homo chippiens’, the human in a CHIP: Researchers grow miniature functioning organs on plastic chips – and hope to replicate an entire body

Scientists in the US have created working lungs, guts, liver and bone marrow on plastic chips. The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency is supporting attempts to join ten of these together.


A twin earth in the Cygnus constellation…is this our true past? Are they our creators or is this the final hoax Werner von Braun was talking about?

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(Technology WILL control the world) A.I what let us upload our minds and emotions to survive our destructive behavior!

Could this creepy robot be the answer to eternal life? Technology used to make Bina 48 could one day let us upload our minds to computers

Internet radio entrapreneur Martine Rothblatt is attempting to build ‘Mind Clones’ to save the opinions, memories and personalities of people onto computers.

The jewellery you can redesign at the touch of a button: $259 app controlled bracelet is an e-ink screen

  • Bracelet uses NFC to transfer images from a mobile phone app
  • Users can download designs or use their own picture
  • Bracelet never needs to be charged due to e-ink screen

Users can change the image display of the E Ink surface anytime, and the low power screen means it does not need to be charged, plugged into a power source or your phone.

Songs to have sex to: Spotify reveals the most popular tracks on amorous playlists ahead of Valentine’s Day

The New York-based music streaming service found that ‘Intro’ by The xx and Hozier’s From Eden were most popular songs to listen to while having sex, following a study of 2.5 million playlists.

SUPERHERO vision: Contact lenses magnify words THREE-FOLD and are controlled by winking

An inventor from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne said the lenses that when paired with special glasses, the lenses could help people with macular degeneration.


Russia Threatens US With Smoking Gun Satellite Photos Proving 9/11 Inside Job!

Pravda released a SHOCKING report that has the Illuminati running the United States literally freaking out in fear because they’ve been caught over 9/11!

Putin is now threatening to release smoking gun satellite images that prove 9/11 was a false flag done by elements of our government just as he released the smoking gun satellite videos proving the US backed Kiev government shot down MH-13 when the Fake News told us for months that Russia shot it down!

Even to this day the US and the Fake News won’t admit to this crime by the Kiev government we put into power!b  Once the proof came out that our puppet government shot down MH-13 onVeteransToday, the Fake News dropped the story like a hot potato and that was the last you heard about it as usual!  Now the Fake News is lying and saying that we must arm Ukraine because of “Russian Aggression!”

This is all lies of course and recently as reported by VeteransToday, John McCain just admitted that Ukraine is guilty of war crimes!  He admitted that Kiev used cluster bombs on Civilians but said they had to because we wouldn’t give them the GPS weapons they wanted!  How’s that for some twisted logic!

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