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Cyborg tissue is half living cells, half electronics

They beat like real heart cells, but the rat cardiomyocytes in a dish at Harvard University are different in one crucial way. Snaking through them are wires and transistors that spy on each cell’s electrical impulses. In future, the wires might control their behaviour too.

Versions of this souped-up, “cyborg” tissue have been created for neurons, muscle and blood vessels. They could be used to test drugsMovie Camera or as the basis for biological versions of existing implants such as pacemakers. If signals can also be sent to the cells, cyborg tissue could be used in prosthetics or to create tiny robots.

“It allows one to effectively blur the boundary between electronic, inorganic systems and organic, biological ones,” says Charles Lieber, who leads the team behind the cyborg tissue.

Artificial tissue can already be grown on three-dimensional scaffolds made of biological materials that are not electrically active. And electrical components have been added to cultured tissue before, but not integrated into its structure, so they were only able to glean information from the surface.

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Are we not already living in the Matrix that has been thought up by the Government?

The real-life ‘Inception’ helmet that can fool people into thinking fake scenes are real 

Researchers showed participants a series of live and 'fake live' TV scenes. Even after the mechanism of the experiment was explained, some test subjects were not able to distinguish between the two.

Researchers have developed an Inception-style helmet which makes the human mind unable to tell what is real and what is a fake.

The device fools the wearer into thinking that TV scenes they are being shown are live when in fact they were recorded.

Even after the mechanism of the experiment was explained, some test subjects were not able to distinguish between the two.

The scientists behind the project said that it was effectively the same process as that which takes place in Inception, the high concept thriller from 2010.

In the film Leonardo Di Caprio plays an industrial spy who is hired to plant an idea in the mind of a businessman by one of his rivals.

The central conceit – which is similar to that in the Matrix series – is that in a powerful dream state we are unable to tell what is real and what isn’t.

In Inception the main characters are dreaming within their dreams, giving more complexity to the labyrinthine plot.

The test involved a system known as Substitutional Reality (SR) which has been developed at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute’s Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence in Japan.

Lead researcher Keisuke Suzuki told The Guardian it could be a ‘powerful tool to investigate how our conscious experiences are constituted in daily natural scenes’.

He said: ‘In a dream, we naturally accept what is happening and hardly doubt its reality, however unrealistic it may seem on reflection.

‘Our motivation is to explore the cognitive mechanisms underlying our strong conviction in reality. 

‘How can people trust what they perceive? Answering these questions requires an experimental platform which can present scenes that participants believe are completely real, but where we are still able to manipulate the contents.’

In the simple but effective experiment, test subjects were filmed entering a room and being told what to do by the researchers.

They were then sat in a chair and the helmet put on their heads, inside which was a monitor which showed them a series of scenes, some of which were live and some of which were recorded.

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Phone implants…is that the next step in communication?

The ‘power fabric’ that could charge your phone whenever you hold it (and will even give you a power boost when you sit on it)

Next time your phone runs out of battery, just grab it with your hand.

Researchers have developed a way to turn body heat into electricity meaning your mobile will never go dead again.

Power Felt can keep your phone going for up to 20 per cent longer just through the power of touch.

Mobile users can even sit on their phones to make the ‘connection’ – passing electricity through their own body to the device.

The technology has been created by Professor David Carroll of Wakeforest University’s Centre for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials in the US.

He said that it could be the first wave of inexpensive ways to produce electricity that were far more affordable than current renewables such as solar, which was being held back by the high cost.
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The rise of the cyborgs: Scientists reveal new method to 'grow' electronic sensors inside human tissue

Cyborgs melding human and robotic technology together have finally come a step closer to reality.

Researchers at MIT in Boston have revealed a new technique that can place sensors inside human tissue.

To control the three-dimensional shape of engineered tissue, researchers grow cells on tiny, sponge-like scaffolds.

These devices can be implanted into patients or used in the lab to study tissue responses to potential drugs.

A team of researchers from MIT, Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital has now added a new element to tissue scaffolds: electronic sensors.

These sensors, made of silicon nanowires, could be used to monitor electrical activity in the tissue surrounding the scaffold, control drug release or screen drug candidates for their effects on the beating of heart tissue.  

‘We are very excited about this study,’ Robert Langer, the David H. Koch Institute Professor at MIT and a senior author of the paper said.

It brings us one step closer to someday creating a tissue-engineered heart, and it shows how novel nanomaterials can play a role in this field.’

The researchers built their new scaffold out of epoxy, a nontoxic material that can take on a porous, 3-D structure.

Silicon nanowires embedded in the scaffold carry electrical signals to and from cells grown within the structure. 

‘The scaffold is not just a mechanical support for cells, it contains multiple sensors.

‘We seed cells into the scaffold and eventually it becomes a 3-D engineered tissue,’ Tian says.

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WHAT THE FUCK?! we are facing a new Holocaust!


August 20, 2012



Stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, that can divide (through mitosis) and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells.

(source: Wikipedia)


Currently everyone is focused on the war in the Middle East.

That Britain is supporting the rebel in Syria financial … how the CIA and Black Water support the rebels with weapons and military training.

But I always had the feeling that there is something else going on.

Something we do not see … something that is so small that is almost not noticeable.

And last night I got to hear something that maybe confirmed my suspicion.


The massacre that is still going on at the moment in the Middle East is only to distract the world, to make people blind for the things that are really happening.

It’s only for the Elite to ensure that, for example, the Syrian rebel has enough weapons to kill the ones who are in their way to go Global with their agenda.

The money they earn is a nice pocket money for them.

And if all the money is stolen from the people, who they send in to that fucked up war, those people are so deep in debt that they can control them as majorettes.


Yesterday evening I received a tip from a whistle blower who is working in the medical world, about the global healthcare.

The NHS… the public deathca…sorry I mean healthcare that is forced on us by Obama.

He says that every woman should be able to decide for themselves if she wants an abortion or not … I mean the abortions that may be legally performed.

Oh do not get me wrong … I think abortion should be your own choice … because if you get raped and you get pregnant from that psychopathic monster …

I don’t want to think about the fact that I must carry a child which was conceived by rape, bear AND raising it.

That would make my life like an unbearable hell.

After rape … it’s already a hell but also bringing the DNA of that fucking assehole in to the world?!

Unfortunately for the life that you have to abort early because the child is not to blame for it.

But when that same child learns his/her birth history and perhaps gets hatred looks, I think that the child doesn’t have such pleasant feelings when he / she comes home from school.


I think the woman should be able to decide whether they keep the child yes or no … but that should not be a free ticket for every pregnancy to abort when it doesn’t fit with the colors of your wallpaper or new sofa!


But the information that I received today from someone in Europe is not about a pregnancy resulting from a raped by a neighbor but about the born psychopaths (probably hundreds) who walks this earth for years now.


The 13 (3) families and their patchy from hell!

The NWO and their drooling money horny hand puppets!


In short it is about the (still empty) Fema camps and the three categories ;

1 (red) you are terminally ill and whether you’re alive or not, they will destroy you in a fema camp

2 (Blue) you have a disease but you will not die from it… medication is required,

Cat. Red will follow soon!

3 (white / yellow) you are healthy and ripe to be a NOW slave.


But also about legalizing abortions so they can harvest embryos like ripe fruits and they are still doing it!

After that they remove the stem cells and throw away the embryos if they were garbage.

Everything is based on the creation of the immortality of the Elite … the 13 (3) families!

And it’s not what they want us to believe…that they want to cure YOU!


Because they want to have control over the SOURCE!


But of course people won’t give their child up without a fight.

Parents will murder someone if their children are been taken.

What would you do if there is such a slimy bureaucrat ringing your doorbell and says he is collecting  your child so that Rockefeller can live 50 years longer?

RIGHT, you get angry and throws the door in his face!

And they know that so they thought up a way to do the same thing but in a way we will not see unless you are looking for it.

They brainwashed the women without them realizing it … ‘BE YOUR OWN BOSS IN YOUR BELLY “was the slogan in the Netherlands in the 60’s.

Woman fought the politics and people who didn’t agree whit abortion and they won…at least, they thought.

In 1981 the law was passed and abortion was legal!

All those pigs now had a free pass to embryo’s and their stem cells.


On July 24, 2012 were 248 fetuses found in a forest in Russia (south Urals region) and no one understate were they came from or what purpose they served.

I didn’t take long for the media to let the story bleed to death.

Further attention wasn’t necessary because THEY KNEW what happened and why those fetuses were thrown away like that!

And after I heard the story of the person I’ve spoken last night … it was clear to me and I understood immediately what the possibly could be about what had happened there in Russia.

An embryo harvest is difficult to prove but come on people… 1 plus 1 equals 2!


What can be proved is that for example the tea party (a Christian organization), is extremely busy to promote the relationship ‘Male & Female’.

To show the world how bad the lesbians and gay sexual are…that this kind of relationship is not allowed according to the bible.

I know it is a given fact that it’s already going on for a long time but at the moment these people are getting a lot of attention in a negative way.

And for some religions, this is pouring oil on the fire!

I even read an article that Iran want to ban Sponge Bob from the TV because the signals are to gay for the youth.

How ridiculous can you be in your head to attack a cartoon?!

Even the Olympics have paid much attention to gay sexuality to use the colors pink and blue.


These colors have a double meaning … if you look at my previous comment back on the 3 categories in the Fema camps.

The colors represent death and being slaved… we are facing a new Holocaust!


Well, now you want to know what I was told yesterday evening but if I tell you straight ahead, you will not believe me.

You probably won’t believe that they had been promoting these camps for years already and building them not for helping people after a disaster but for stacking people after they staged a controlled outbreak of a deathly virus.

They are direct copies of the death camps of WWII!

They just have a different appearance.

The fema camps do exactly the same as the death camps in the mid 40s … and the transportation of people towards it with Fema trains!

HELLOOHOO…can’t we see that this is a copy of WWII!

Don’t we see that they are deporting people?

And where do they go after they have been arrested…to a Fema camp?..

To the modern death camps of the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s?!

Wake the fuck up and see what our so called leaders are doing!

See what those drooling maggots are up to…they only want to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY!



NASA’s Tiny Cubic Satellites Will Have Android Phones For Brains

On the surface of Earth, smartphones play a big part in our every day life. As it turns out, there’s a lot they can do in orbit as well. That’s why NASA has been developing tiny satellites that have Android phones for brains.

PhoneSats, as NASA calls them, are tiny cubic satellites roughly 10cm² in size, around the size of a coffee mug. Built from off-the-shelf consumer technology at a cost of less than $US3500 a unit, these cubesats are remarkably inexpensive as far as space-faring tech goes. The low cost, small size, and general availability of parts, make these little cubes great candidates for the future of satellites.

So far, NASA has built and tested the first variation of the satellites, PhoneSat 1.0, which featured a Nexus One as its on-board computer and also used the phones camera. PhoneSat 2.0, which will use the Nexus S for its Android-powered brain, is currently in development and will boast additional features like the capability for two-way communication, and magnets to preserve its orientation.

Originally, the PhoneSat 1.0 was to launch before its successor was completed, but now the two are planned to launch simultaneously, bringing some everyday tech to space in a way it’s never been before. The PhoneSats are currently planned to launch in 2013. By then, hopefully we’ll be squeezing new phones into PhoneSat 3.0.

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Is robo-ant on his way to YOUR home?…´Radio receivers paste to thousand ants to look into their habitat!´

Radio receivers will be fitted to a thousand ants in world first experiment probing their habits and means of communication

Chipped: A hairy wood ant with a radio receiver attached to it's back of the kind researchers will use to track the creatures across their habitat

One thousand ants are to be fitted with tiny radio receivers in a world first experiment to find out how they communicate and travel between their complex nests.

The three-year project by researchers from the University of York will take place on the National Trust’s Longshaw Estate, Derbyshire, a hotspot for the northern hairy wood ant.

The unique site contains more than a thousand nests and is home to up to 50million workers from Britain’s largest ant species, which are internationally protected.

Experts will carefully catch them and in a few seconds attach a 1mm radio receiver to each. The ants are the size of an adult thumbnail but researchers say the process will not interfere with or harm them in any way.

With the receivers attached, scientists will be able to examine how the ants communicate with each other in their colonies, which are housed in several nests connected by a network of ant highways, with multiple queens spread between them.

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'Do not open until 2012': The secret of mysterious parcel wrapped in 1912 is unveiled in Norwegian town

Unwrapping: Kjell Voldheim is set to unveil the contents of the 100 year old package in a ceremony tomorrow   Do not open: Locals in Otta has kept the parcel safe for a century and tomorrow's ceremony is eagerly anticipated

A mysterious package dated 100 years ago will finally be opened after generations in a small Norwegian town heeded to the instructions written on the wrapping: ‘To be opened in 2012’.

The parcel was sealed in 1912 and left in the care of the council in Otta, a town 180 miles north of Oslo, with the instructions for it not to be touched for a century.

After surviving two world wars and years in bank vaults, archives and on display behind glass the contents will be revealed at a ceremony tomorrow night.

The parcel was left in the council’s care in 1920 by Johan Nygaard, a former chairman of Sel council in Otta, who had wrapped and sealed it eight years earlier on the anniversary of the legendary Battle of Kringen.

The battle stood in Otta in 1612 between local peasants and Scottish mercenary soldiers on their way through the Norwegian woods to enlist to fight in the Swedish army during Kalmar War between Denmark-Norway and Sweden.

Miraculously the Norwegian peasants won and it is believed that the contents of the package may have some connection to the battle 400 years ago.

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The Mars landing as you've never seen it before

Spectacular new HD video shows ‘seven minutes of terror’ in just 50 seconds 

It's away: The heat shield, which protected Curiosity on its decent through the Martian atmosphere, falls away as the rover begins its landing

You’ve seen the Mars landing before, but you haven’t seen it like this.

The Curiosity rover quickly beamed back a host of low-resolution images as it floated down to the surface of the Red Planet on August 5. Those grainy still shots were compiled into a video that wowed people around the world.

But, now the NASA vehicle has been on Mars for more than two weeks, it has had time to send full resolution, HD images it took of its own landing. A visual-effects editor compiled the new pictures, condensed them and edited them to produce a vivid new video.

‘Seven minutes of terror’ as Curiosity descended to Mars has been packed into just 50 seconds.

Visual-effects specialist Daniel Luke Fitch edited the footage using the new, high resolution frames that display an incredible amount of detail that was missing in the first images.

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Black magic of the Roman era: Ancient lead tablet found in UK contains a curse to bring bad luck to more than a dozen people

Cursed: The lead scroll discovered in East Farleigh, Kent, which contains the names of 14 individuals to whom its author wished to bring bad luck

An ancient tablet unearthed in Kent has turned out to be inscribed with curses intended to bring bad luck to more than a dozen people.

The rolled up lead tablet found in East Farleigh, on the site of a Roman farmstead, was found in a 3rd to 4th Century building that may have been some kind of temple.

Inscribed on the lead in capital letters are the names of 14 people, which an Oxford University expert says were the intended victims of the curse.

It was discovered by the Maidstone Area Archaeological Group during excavations three years ago and has since undergone a series of detailed tests to determine its purpose.

The extremely fragile 6cm by 10cm tablet, which is just 1mm thick, is an example of a kind black magic popular in the Greek and Roman eras that called on the gods to torment specific victims.

Once inscribed, the tablets would be rolled up to conceal their inscriptions then either nailed to the wall of a temple or buried in places considered close to the underworld, such as graves, springs or wells.

The Kent scroll had likewise been carefully rolled up and buried. As it was unrolled, the inscribed letters became visible under a scanning election microscope.

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Rome Burned, Will We?

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As America’s engineered economic implosion accelerates, the parallels with how the Roman empire fell are staggering. It is now abundantly clear that the ruling class is preparing for a planned economic implosion after which they will declare themselves the saviors.

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