Month: February 2014

'Project TANGO' another step to a closed society is being taken!

1: introduce computers

2: introduce mobile phones

3: introduce CCTV

4: introduce Google glass and the RFID

5: introduce smart-technology

6: introduce PROJECT TANGO 

Google’s Project Tango will make it much simpler for their military robots to route straight to your bedroom after smashing down your door.


7: introduce smart-homes

8: introduce the life-nauts and androids

Avatar’s (human) 16ft metal exoskeleton robot set to become a reality

After the explosion of a nucleus bomb we will become the “Binary thinkers” ‘their’ controllable Grid of the near future….humanity is doomed!!


9: introduce refined smart-technology and artificial emotions

10: close the societies 


What’s next?

Project Tango is a focused exploration of what might be possible in a mobile platform. It is not part of Android today. We are still in the early days as this technology begins the transition out of research labs into the hands of millions of people. While we may believe we know where this technology will take us, history suggests we that should be humble in our predictions. We are excited to see the effort take shape with each step forward.

The future is awesome. We can build it faster together.


To understand the future we have to go back in time!

People please STOP believing this shit in a literal sense…they are keeping you in a controlled state by denying you the truth!


The NWO, their thoughts…your life. (it’s time to wake up, we are the illusion)

"US military begins work on brain implants" but I warned you for this already in 2012 that was going to happen.

I was warning you all for this in 2012…but hey, wall street and fake gun-control for instance were much more important !

I told you all that in 2014 the Phoenix force would be released, that in 2015 an awaking will take place on a global base and that the knowledge in 2017 would disappear again.

Do yourselves a favour and look at the date of this article!!!!

Five Months Away From the Biggest Depopulation Event in US History. Obama-care, The Biggest Depopulation Event in US History!



US military begins work on brain implants that can restore lost memories, experiences

DARPA, at the behest of the US Department of Defense, is developing a black box brain implant — an implant that will be wired into a soldier’s brain and record their memories. If the soldier then suffers memory loss due to brain injury, the implant will then be used to restore those memories. The same implant could also be used during training or in the line of duty, too — as we’ve reported on in the past, stimulating the right regions of the brain can improve how quickly you learn new skills, reduce your reaction times, and more.

The project, which DARPA has wittily named Restoring Active Memory, is currently at the stage where it’s seeking proposals from commercial companies that have previously had success with brain implants, such as Medtronic. As yet, we don’t know who has submitted proposals to DARPA, but it’ll probably be the usual suspects. Medtronic, which creates deep-brain simulation (DBS) implants that are almost miraculous in their ability to control the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease (video embedded below), is surely interested. Brown University, which famously created a brain-computer interface that is implanted into the brain and communicates wirelessly with a nearby computer, must be a contender. Companies with big R&D budgets, like IBM and GE, might be involved as well.

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The Restoring Active Memory project has two key targets. First, we need to be able to actually analyze and decode a human’s neural signals. Some work has been done in this area, such as brute-forcing the encoding of the optic nerve, but we’re a long way away from reading a bunch of neural spikes and knowing exactly what the person is thinking or experiencing. Second, we want to take that knowledge of how we encode memories (stored experiences), and somehow use it to re-program a human brain that has experienced memory loss. “Ultimately, it is desired to develop a prototype implantable neural device that enables recovery of memory in a human clinical population,” says the proposal. (Read: What is transhumanism, or, what does it mean to be human?)


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