Day: April 28, 2014

Clothing with built-in Wi-Fi … are we out of our freaking mind! Haven’t you learned yet what copper can do as soon as they turn up the volume of H.A.A.R.P., Woodpecker or GWEN?!

Now THAT’S wearable tech! Onesie comes with built-in Wi-Fi (but you won’t be able to wash it)

  • The BB.Suit is made of copper woven within layers of cotton thread
  • These wires can be connected to chips including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS
  • Batteries and processors are hidden inside built-in pockets on the onesie
  • Dutch designer Borre Akkersdijk demonstrated the suit at this year’s SXSW
  • He is now working with tech firms to develop the product further
  • There are no immediate plans to launch the garments commercially

20160324_132737    loop

Forget smartwatches and Google Glass, you can now turn yourself into a walking Wi-Fi hotspot with this high-tech onesie.

The BB.Suit is built using a mix between a circular knitting machine and 3D printer in which copper wire is woven inside layers of cotton.

This wire is then connected to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS chips built into the fabric, while batteries and processors are hidden inside built-in pockets.

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Akkersdijk is now working with tech companies to create a smart clothing platform and develop his BB.Suit, pictured, further. This includes making the garment less bulky and more comfortable in hot weather. He also said more work needs to be done in developing waterproof chips, so the onesie can be washed easily