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 Internationally-known,  professional psychic medium Tracy Farquhar weighs in on what it  means to be a psychic medium in the 21st century.  
Brian A. Sharpless is a licensed psychologist and author with interests in unusual psychological disorders, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and the history and philosophy of clinical psychology.
The Netherlands and the Netherworld are More Closely Connected than You May Think! Dutch paranormal researcher Veronique Lamers weighs in on which secret(s) still lies beyond the limits of our understanding regarding to the hereafter?
What is the truth behind the UFO mystery? How advanced is their technology compared to ours? Where do they come from and… why do aliens abduct us?
Tom has been a MUFON member since 1990 and has served as a MUFON State Section Director for Texas. He has served on the MUFON Board of Directors since 1995. Tom holds the Chartered Financial Analyst certification from the CFA Institute.
Earth is the only planet we know of that can support life but have you ever wondered what the true age of the Earth is? Still, at the core of the evolutionary theory lies this big assumption that life somehow arose from non-life.
The history of evolution is indeed a strange phenomenon as soon as you place it under a magnifying glass. Events suddenly overlap each other and dates contradict each other. They seem not to match up. The time-line of human evolution is starting to look…um, well…pretty messy.
Are the Akashic Records a cosmic warehouse of endless file cabinets in infinite hallways? Do these records exist in time and space like a galactic internet? And how can we access it? Tony Damian, Shaman and author of the workbook, “Finding the Alchemist within – Turning yourself to Gold!: A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing” is talking about what the Akashic records are, how and why we are perceiving ‘information’ from these quantum states and… can these records create a doorway to a reality that lies dormant?
Several years ago Lynn was delighted to research 2500 near-death experiences for Dr. Jeffery Long. She was so delighted with the spiritual knowledge coming back that she wanted to tell everyone. Thus she wrote a book, THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself. This book covers a very wide range of experiences and takes the reader through the different aspects of the experience to bring out the deep learning of spirituality.
During the 1880s, the city of London was in parts a dirty, rotten, festering maze of slums replete with wandering gin addicts and foul-mouthed harlots and was experiencing a population explosion, with immigrants from around the world coming to the great city to find work.  But it wasn’t exactly the land of hope and glory for everybody, and some of the streets in the poorer East end of the city were a long way from being a yellow brick road.

Retired British murder squad detective Trevor Marriott is speaking about what drove this serial killer nabbing mostly working girls from the streets and brutally killing them in 1888 and… how he figured out this mystery of who Jack the Ripper was?
PRI UK was formed because we recognise that many people experience events which they believe are paranormal. Whether they have anybody to share their concerns with or not, we think we can be involved and help to provide valuable assistance or advice. Have a look at our services for more information on how we undertake our investigations and what it involves. Contact us.
It is being said that when a ghost, spirit or demonic force is in the near…your hair is standing up straight due the static electrical charge it is moving in and/or with. But what if there is another reason for our hair to act this crazy from time to time?
This week The Next Truth is speaking with, film director, science-based paranormal investigator and award-winning author and co-author of over twenty books and thousands of articles on a wide variety of topics including urban legends, the paranormal, critical thinking, and media literacy, Bejamin Radford about if there could be a more Earthly explanation for what we have become to understand as “The Paranormal”.
Clowns, they were once figures of innocent fun, brightly colored jesters performing to laughing children – but the real-life story of killer clown John Wayne Gacy is more disturbing than anything you will see in cinemas.

Not only does Ms. Conti know what it is like to look the killer clown in the eye, she is a dynamic and influential attorney in the local and national legal community and has handled of numerous high-profile cases. She is a member of the Illinois, California, and U.S. Supreme Court bars. She taught and lectured at Stanford University and American University in Washington, D.C., regular appears on MSNBC, Fox News, The O’Reilly Factor, truTV, and other media venues. Her current focus is on her practice in family law, where she has gained prominence among her peers and the bench.

And so, the story of a young lawyer, whose client turned out to be the worst serial killer in our nation’s history, begins.
Andy Wilson and Nick Howe are both, trained by ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena), and dedicated paranormal investigators from London, UK whereby they approach each case in a rational manner. While gathering the evidence and trying to make sense of what still lies beyond the borders of the unexplained, they do not hesitate to add some humor to their investigations every now and then.
Can we sense what is happening to loved ones thousands of miles away?  Why are we, sometimes, certain of a caller’s identity the instant the phone rings?  Is it possible to perceive information without the use of the ordinary senses?

Dr. Drinkwater and Dr. Dagnall have taught Parapsychology to final year students for nearly twenty years. During this time, they have written myriad articles and given innumerable interviews to media outlets like BBC, Midnight in the Desert, The Jim Harold Paranormal Podcast, among others. One of their main motivations is to stimulate interest in the paranormal/anomalous.
Our sincere apologies… we have tried to enhance Mr. Pope’s interview as much as we could. We have no clue what it was that was creating the interfering on that particular day.
Below both the TNT-Podcast as a MP3 file and the written version of Nick Pope’s interview for you to download while listening to the TNT-Podcast.
The Ancient Nomoli Figurines: ‘Ex Nihilo’ or an Opening Chapter in Humankind?
Hit the play button in the sidebar “The Next Truth-Online Radio” or download the interview of Bennett Vonderheide as an MP3 file and listen to the message of the mysterious Nomoli figurines which have been unearthed in Africa.
What is the relation of mythology to religion, to science and to popular culture and… did these ancient and sacred tales really happen?
Our guest this week is located at the moment in rural Alaska…. so, bear with me as I am going to try to set up the connection with Anthropologist Tok Thompson.

Download the interview of Prof. Tok Thompson as an MP3 file and prepare yourself to step into the mystical realms of ancient cultures.

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