What are the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Warburgs planning with our world.

The most powerful family’s on our planet are, as it seems The Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, and the Warburgs.

By Thomas van Brunschot

The Rothschild’s: Is an European dynasty, of German-Jewish origin.

The Rockefellers: Is a family of German-Ashkenazi Jewish origin.

The Warburgs: Is a prominent American family and financial dynasty of German Jewish descents.

Those tree family’s have several members in the Committee of 300 and the Bilderberg Group and have proven in the past 200 years they are without any feeling, respect ore sympathy for others.

They financed the Napoleon war, the first world war, and the second world war.

They have their hand in many incidents in the world, and ruled the world with iron fist.


What do they want with the world?

They financed the biggest killing of Jews in the history.

Is this maybe the reason Hitler had to die?

Did Hitler saw what they were planning…what their agenda was?

Is this the reason Hitler wanted to kill all Jews because he  linked  this group of people whit the NWO?

Did Hitler know more about the plans of the three family’s?

Did Hitler become to wise and was this the reason he must die?


Are the three family’s planning a world with without opponents of the Jewish?

Is this the reason they sponsor countries who are against Israel and send them to wars?

Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Palestrina, Sudan, Afghanistan, and many other country’s who are hostel against Israel?

Do they really think the Jewish are the chosen people?

Do they wanna lead the world the way Moses in the bible did?

Aren’t they forgetting than that Moses did not kill anyone!

He led the people with love and respect.


What they are planning .. it is wrong and we have to stop them.

We have to stop the agenda of those three families!

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