The Reality and Non-Reality of All That is Thought to be Woo-Woo Stuff

As a child we had one big fear…the Boogieman. But what is the Boogieman? And, how can we place this creepy creature into modern society?

Welcome or welcome back to The Next Truth podcasts…“Let’s ask questions”.

A ghostly apparition walking through the wall, an odd shaped craft hovering in the sky or strong ripples on the surface of a lake indicating that there might be a sea monster swimming by… even though many people have seen and reported these rare but remarkable events, they do not have an explanation for what they have witnessed.

I am your host Maria Anna van Driel and today I am welcoming back deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, American folklorist, writer, investigator and skeptic, Benjamin Radford and speak with him about the reality and non-reality of all that is thought of being woo-woo stuff.

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