“Young People Science” May/June 2021 – Out Now!

Scroll your mouse/cursor over the cover with the scientists and click (at the bottom of the cover) the box with the little arrows. This way you can read this month’s edition of your scientific magazine “Young People Science”.

Or, click here to download the interactive PDF via MagCloud.


From Philosophy to Microbiology…from Engineering to astrophysics, regardless which field is holding you in its grip, is firing up your curiosity… we can all agree on the fact that science is in no way boring, it rocks!

“Science Rocks!” This is an amazing message what should reach young people on a global scale.  But sending this message into the world, what is improving the career opportunities for our future experts, for them to build on the incredible knowledge, discovered and refined by renowned scientist from both the past and the present, is TEAM work which in turn is an essential STEM skill.

In this edition of Young People Science we discuss some STEM, or STE(A)M subjects which are not just a subject at school it’s a way of thinking and doing and an important skill set that could see your generation working together to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

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