‘I have only been attacked by human spirits acting out as demons’, Dutch Demonologist says.

“Something here is inducing a tremendous fear into you.  You are living in a place that is giving you nightmares.  Then you wake up and whatever gave you this nightmare… is in bed with you!

It then takes you to where it’s from so that you can witness all the pain, suffering from all the people being killed in its cave. Within this horrifying moment you can do only one thing, trying to convince yourself you are experiencing a most vivid nightmare.“

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What I just said listens to an eerie plot for a new horror movie but believe it or not, it is really happening and you are at the center of it. Or should I say…your peripheral vision is.

For decades, researchers have wondered how little light the human eye could actually detect and it turns out that one photon – the smallest unit of light — is enough to send a signal to the brain. The fact that a rod, or cone, can be stimulated by a single photon and pass a ‘message’ on to the brain does not mean that it will be…even if that photon happens to be in the visible frequency range and is travelling directly into the eye and onto the retina.

During these moments it seems to be a natural behavior for our brain to decide in filling-in the missing information in order for us to recognize and understand the shapes we see during the darkest moments of the night.

I am your host Maria Anna van Driel… and you’re listening to “The Next Truth; Where Science and Myth Meet”… and this week I am speaking with Dutch demonologist and dimensional researcher, Ellen Poestkoke…about which dark, unknown, demonic forces are tapping on our shoulders in the dead of night.

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