Are Extraterrestrials Visiting Our Planet and…Where Are They?!

With author and UFO researcher, Philip Mantle

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The UFO subject as we know it came to the public’s attention on June 24th, 1947 when private pilot Kenneth Arnold, flying over the Cascade Mountains in the USA, witnessed a formation of objects that he could not identify.  Speaking later to a journalist regarding the encounter, Arnold was asked how this formation of objects moved through the air, and his response was: “Like a skipping saucer across a pond.”  From that moment on, the coined phrase ‘Flying Saucer’ was born.”

This is what author writes in his book, ‘INTRODUCING UFOs – A Young Person’s Guide’.  Philip Mantle, the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and the MUFON Representative for England, has selected several UFO cases, and their histories from the 1940’s onwards, and placed them underneath a magnifying glass for you to explore.  But these documentations written in his book are not meant to be in-depth, but rather to illustrate the case in as brief a way as possible, without missing the most notable points.

I am your host Maria Anna van Driel… and you’re listening to “The Next Truth; Where Science and Myth Meet”…. and this week I am speaking with the founder of ‘Flying Disk Press’ Philip Mantle, who is a long-standing UFO researcher and author from West Yorkshire, UK,…. about… why are we still in the dark when it comes to extraterrestrial life visiting our planet and which of their advanced technologies has already applied to Earthly technologies.

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