Seeing a Light and a Tunnel; A Popular Perception of Near-Death-Experience’s

By Maria Anna van Driel,

Prof. Fischer is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Riverside. To become more familiar with Prof. J. M. Fischer’s books, articles, lectures and research,

Can we say that death is just an accidental suspension of the biological process known as life? Or do we have to seek the answers in a more spiritual realm?

The question of whether life continues after death has been at the forefront of many researchers, still, a conclusive answer in not forthcoming. It seems that we just cannot wrap our minds around this timeless area what lies between the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death and the hereafter.

‘The experiences are typically “spiritual” and even “religious,” but specific to the doctrines and practices of a particular religion (or sect within a religion).  But I certainly do not know why the particular details of NDE reports differ so much; it goes against the idea that the NDEr is in contact with a heavenly realm.  Why so many heavenly realms?’ – Prof. John Martin Fischer

Creepy as it might sound but many thoughts go out to the idea that, if we want to find out what a NDE is and what it means, our psychological knowledge has to “die”. Meaning, we have to let go of the density objects seem to posses and thus the material version of what we have become to understand as “life” or “reality”. This makes us experiencing the world around as a two point-projection perspective creating for us to “see” an, compared to classical reality, odd, almost holographic, behavior in time and space.

Staircase in two-point perspective. Source: Wikipedia

Seeing this “holographic matrix” for what it might really be, seem to speak of you entering a state in where you are opening the doors to you inner self and log into the inherited and stored information bundles what is being thought of being stored in particular cells of your body (cellular memory) and vibrating in a light spectrum what lie just outside the region of our visible spectrum.

‘The Akashic records are thought by some believers in esoteric doctrines to represent everything in the past, present, and future.  They would thus be a representation of the afterlife, but not the afterlife itself.  And these esoteric doctrines (promulgated by Theosophy, among other belief-systems), are not scientifically well-founded or philosophically plausible at all.  Sorry.’ – Prof. John Martin Fischer

Now taking away even more of these mysteries by looking at NDE’s from a neuro-scientific point of view, the question if it is possible for the brain experiencing an extreme moment of stress during death whereby an odd behavior of the synapses is creating a disfunction in information transfer, is rising with me.  If so, it is almost a logical line of thought that this behavior is triggering the Claustrum in releasing a high amount of electricity what in turn is activating the Pineal gland in releasing a strange mixture of chemicals in the midbrain and creating a holographic image based on one’s personal and inherited information stored in your cells.

Prof. Fischer received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and his Ph.D. from Cornell in 1982. He began his teaching career at Yale University where he taught for almost a decade before joining the faculty at the UC Riverside.  

It is also a realistic thought that, in the moment someone is entering the state of crossing over, the pupils are dilating beyond their own normal capability whereby the optic nerves are trying to absorb and processing an avalanche of UV-light. Not being able to do so, the excess energy is being released in the fluids of the human eye which then could cause certain vibrations within the fluids having an abnormal pattern which, in turn, can create a standing wave in the moment these vibrations bounce off on the back of the lens and reflect on themselves.

Think of bats for instance. As soon as two bats are flying towards each other while sending/transmitting this high pitched sound for navigating and their sound waves are meeting, they will miss their target due to the equalization of these sounds waves what is creating a blind spot. So, can we sate that, in this process, we are looking through a narrow tunnel once the frequencies meet and thus equalize?

Now, I am not skeptical when it comes down to the reality of Near-Death-Experiences and Out of Body Experiences. But pouring the above thoughts into one bowl, it could explain both the intense bright light at the end of the tunnel and the variety of images, or surroundings, people are witnessing while walking the foggy realms, which is being thought of existing in a timeless reality, in the breakdown of a biological process known as life…a last but natural attempt by the brain to supply the body with a high amount of energy in order to survive.

Can we unravel the world of death? Can we switch our lives, or biological existence, on and off without losing our awareness of what is happening around us?

In order to gain a deeper insight to these highly interesting life questions The Next Truth reached out to Professor of Philosophy John Martin Fischer who is teaching at the University of California and who’s main research interests lie in free will, moral responsibility, and both metaphysical and ethical issues pertaining to life and death.

A brief email conversation followed in where Prof. Fischer let us know that, when the readers of The Next Truth had any questions concerning NDE’s and OoBE’s, he might find the time to answer these questions. And so, a small window of opportunity was created for you to ask that particular question you have always wanted to ask an academic trained expert.  

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