A Dyson Sphere; Why Would Anyone Construct Such a Bizarre Monstrosity?

By Maria Anna van Driel, www.nexttruth.com

Are you a holographic projection build up from Dirac (bi) spinors in an ancient matrix or are you consisting from…um, real atoms?  Well, it might very well be that, like the ancient Egyptians, supposedly, have maintained the magisterial pyramids built by previous nations, we are building, maintaining, a Dyson sphere around an already existing one built by those we have became to know as “aliens” or “extra-terrestrial life forms” existing in a pre-eminent system millions of light years remote from the planet we live on.  Earth!

It was only recently that Space-X launched a large group of satellites into an orbit around the planet we live on. Many of us, including myself, have witnessed this miraculous sighting in the clear night skies. “Starlink” is this satellite constellation, constructed by Space-X to provide satellite internet access, being called.  The constellation so is being said, will consist of thousands of mass-produced small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), working in combination with ground transceivers. Space-X also plans to sell some of the satellites for military, scientific and/or exploratory purposes. (Source: Wikipedia)

But it might be plausible that, without our direct awareness, we, as a species inhabiting this planet, are applying this form of technology to our daily existence because it is deeply connected with our future selves. Hot-wired in our human history and DNA, so to speak, while we are walking this path of civilizations that have lived our present already or…is here still.

“The Starlink constellation, phase 1, first orbital shell: 72 orbits with 22 each, 1,584 satellites at 550 km altitude.” Source: Wikipedia

What is a Dyson sphere?

From a theoretical point of view this is being thought of as an advanced mega-engineering project that encircles a star with platforms orbiting in tight formation and is considered as the ultimate solution for living space and (infinitive) energy production, providing its creators ample surface area for habitation and the ability to capture every bit of solar radiation emanating from their central star.

“I predict that the domestication of biotechnology will dominate our lives during the next fifty years at least as much as the domestication of computers has dominated our lives during the previous fifty years.” Freeman J. Dyson, 2007.

It was in the year 1960 when the famed theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson made a radical proposal. In a single paged paper titled “Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation” he suggested that advanced extraterrestrial intelligences (ETIs) could be found by looking for signs of artificial structures so large, they encompassed entire star systems. But you only have to read the abstract to catch a whiff of the marvelous piece of inventive, but grounded speculation that unfurls in this single page article what has being published in (AAAS) Science. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/131/3414/1667

“If extraterrestrial intelligent beings exist and have reached a high level of technical development, one by-product of their energy metabolism is likely to be the large-scale conversion of starlight into far-infrared radiation. It is proposed that a search for sources of infrared radiation should accompany the recently initiated search for interstellar radio communications.”

Since then, many scientists have come up with their own ideas for possible megastructures.

A partially-obscured star could be due to an alien megastructure that is not yet complete, and could potentially be detectable by the Gaia spacecraft. Photo credit: Kevin McGill / flickr

Can we build a Dyson Sphere?

With that being said, can we can say, with some caution, that we are building a Dyson Sphere what can be considered as a, for us, prototype of an advanced technology what is, in this theorem, already build and operative in a future galactic system? If a theorem as such is closer to any reality you are familiar with, it would mean that we, most likely, are trying to catch-up with our future selves by applying the latest Artificial Intelligence to our existence. A technology possessing an infinitive energy source and showing an effect in 3D photon trapping (trapping a photon inside a three-dimensional ‘prison cell’ surrounded by mirrors), realizing the photonic light to accelerate and generate its own charge what in turn generates a infinitive relativistic wave spawn from ordinary photon(s).  

Through the center-of-mass energy of the system of two photons colliding two vibrating light waves, containing identical frequency which interfere with one another while traveling opposite directions along the same medium, new matter in the form of a short lived (virtual) Euclidean vector having mass but lacking kinetic energy (KE), has the prospect to arise while it is generated in an instable standing wave pattern. Let’s call this virtual Euclidean vector the ‘Axion-like particle’ or .

If a behavior as such can be realized in a chaotic system in where a gravity wave causing a perturbation around a stationary state, in which there is no velocity, it is almost a logical line of thought that this is providing the opportunity of storing, converting and projecting the information absorbed as (4D electro) holographic images which can be build up (re-build) from Dirac (bi) spinors containing the, transferred by the neutrino, primordial code what is captured and ‘brought back’ by the retracted frequency of  caused by the attractive pull of its own implosion.However, the detailed nature of  still remains elusive.

Phew…tough stuff!

But, when looking at, among others, the “Axion Dark Matter eXperiment” (University of Washington) or CERN’s NA64 team, who is targeted an unexplored two-dimensional area for axions and axion-like particles, not to be ruled out entirely as a possible future for us to live in.

The truth is stranger than the strangest fiction!

What the kick-off for the universe we move in was, that is indeed still a tricky question whereby multiply but plausible answers, and theories, are directing in several directions. And regardless from which angle one is viewing this question, in some enigmatic way; many end up with the mysterious behaviour of the cosmological ‘energy converters’, or a ‘universal accelerator’ as the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany) is calling it in one of their press releases.

Anyway, there is none who can say with 100% certainty what their true purpose is; it is an almost logical line of thought that these mysterious dark areas do have a purpose. Nature has yet not to create ‘something’ what has no meaning or cannot conserve life. This seems to include both dark matter and dark energy as well.

Even though it is being said that that the Dyson’s Sphere’s were suggested as a way of giving scientists engaged in the search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence something to look for, there could be this quite logical and simple explanation for the reality and existence of these Dyson spheres. The famous equation of Einstein E=mc2 seems to be indeed the secret of the stars but the question in this is…which star and what are its coordinates?

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