Don’t Just Visit the Past, Experience It!

The March/April issue of Young People Science is available online!

In the March/April issue of Young People Science several renowned scientists are letting you curl up on the couch with your favorite soda and a bag of potato chips while they take you on an incredible journey through “Human History”.

But you can also take a real fun quiz about Neanderthals, drive your parents crazy while following the instructions of how to build a bubble-powered rocket in the kitchen 👩‍🚀, read crazy facts about medieval castles and much more.

So fasten your seatbelts as you are about to step into an adventurous journey to the era of ancient Egyptian with the world-renowned Archeologist and Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass 🤠, learn from Prof. McAndrew why it is that we love blood-curdling screams 😱, and hear from Prof. Frederick L. Coolidge & Prof. Thomas Wynn how dreaming has changed human evolution, among others.

Ask your parents for you to purchase a PoD or digital version of Young People Science and share it with your teachers, parents, nephews, nieces and/or children from your neighborhood. Because, history is FUN!

Click on the link above, hit the ‘FOLLOW’ button as hard as you can and never miss an issue of “The Next Truth: Young People Science” 😃

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