The February Issue Out Now and…We Have Created a Flipbook of the very first 2020 issue of both magazines!

First of all, The Next Truth has made a new step in creating for you a flipbook Happy reading 🙂

Secondly…for February issue The Next Truth has gathered several incredible scientific research articles for you in where scientists and citizen scientists are exploring and altering the well-known realms of the unknown.

Throughout history many have tried to wrap their minds around the question of what this foggy state of the mind is. But is this state, we seem to be stuck in, really this foggy?  Is it an odd kind of an overlapping of different frames of space-time in where energy is forming its own density and, for us, recognizable objects? Is it possible that we are another state of reality? This present moment what you are experiencing right now, is this consciousness and is this as close as you get to reality? Well, these are some tricky questions! And, probably, some of the deepest questions you have ever asked in your life.  

Indeed, the reality of the yet unknown is by definition a strange dimension.

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