Do you have the guts to fail?

Carpe Diem! Yes, it could be very frightening because it’s a mean world out there but you only live once so do what you feel passionate about. Take chances don’t be afraid to fail. Go outside the box. Don’t be afraid to go and think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to fail big. But remember, dreams without goals are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment. So, have dreams but have goals and understand that to achieve these goals you must apply discipline and consistency every single day.

We all have different talents some of you are medical doctors, some lawyers, some scientists, some educators, some nurses. True desire lies in the heart, It’s that itch that you have whatever it is you want to do. So claim it, work hard to get it and when you get it, reach back and pull someone else up. Don’t just aspire to make a living…aspire to make a difference!

I found that nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. There is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. I am sure, people told you to make sure you have something to fall back on. But if I’m going to fall I don’t want to fall ‘back’ on anything, I want to fall ‘forward’, figure at least this way I will see what I am going to hit. Falling forward? This is what I mean; Thomas Edison conducted 1,000 failed experiments because the 1,000 and first was the light bulb. Fall forward because every failed experiment is one step closer to success. You have got to take risks. And I am sure you have probably heard that before either. But why is that so important?

I got two reasons first you will fail…at some point in your life except you will lose, and you will suck at something there is no doubt about it. Embrace it because it’s inevitable!

(I was holding up a film camera) 

As a journalist I failed so many times. Elevator-pitch after elevator-pitch, poor interviews and hundreds of article submissions gaining the same response saying, “Thank you for your submission, you will be hearing from us.” I didn’t get the job but here is the thing…I didn’t quit. I didn’t fall back instead I continued to fail and fail and fail. It didn’t matter because you know what…if you hang around the barbershop long enough, sooner or later, you will get a haircut. The point is…do you have the guts to fail?

My second point about failure; if you don’t fail you are not even trying to get something you never had. You have to do something you never did. Imagine you are on your deathbed and standing around your deathbed are the ghosts representing your unfulfilled potential. The ghosts of the ideas you never acted on, the talents you didn’t use and they are angry, disappointed and upset. They say; “We came to you because you could have brought us to life and now we have to go to the grave together.” So, I ask you today…how many ghosts are going to be around your bed when your time comes?

You got to get out there! You got to give everything you got whether it is your time, your talent, your prayers or your treasures because you will never see a u-haul behind a hearse.

Your life will never be a straight path because taking risks is not just about going for a job…it’s also about knowing what you know and what you don’t know. It is about being open to people into ideas and the chances you meet the people you might learn from. Never hold back, give everything you got! And when you fall throughout life, maybe even tonight after a few glasses of champagne, remember this…fall forward.

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2 responses to “ Do you have the guts to fail? ”

  1. Tony Damian says:

    Your opening line about not being afraid to step outside the box, reminds me of a little twist I did on a classic line from the MATRIX.

    “Don’t try to think outside the box… that’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the TRUTH – There is no box! Then you will see that it is not the box that contains you… only yourself.”

    Very well written Maria, and oh so very true. Life is not a straight line. There really are no straight lines in nature. There are many choices to make, ways to forsake, paths to take… and none of them are right or wrong. They should be what you feel at that moment in space and time.

    Einstein is my hero, not because of his genius, but because of his honest philosophy on life, success, failure, fortitude and stick-to-itiveness.

    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

    and my favorite: “Failure is success in progress” ― Albert Einstein

    “Dharma is our duty in life, our purpose.
    We are all put here for a reason.
    We each have a specific purpose in life.
    When you find what it is that you feel you were meant to be doing, do it!
    No matter what that may be.
    You are the creator of your reality.
    Feel what it is that you want to become and then see yourself there.
    All that need be done now is doing it, moment by moment.
    One should never go through life, looking over your shoulder wondering, ‘What if?’
    Life is too short for dead ends; when you feel that you have reached one, then find a new path, learn the lesson it taught, gain the wisdom by sharing that lesson, and move on with life.”

    “As many of our teachers throughout history have taught us. Try, Fail, Learn, Share what you have found. If We do not share our Triumphs and Failures of life’s Lessons Learned; be they Conquests or Consequences… then our life experiences are wasted time. When we share with our children and others what has been learned from our experiences, then that knowledge passed on becomes Wisdom, and the world benefits forever.”

    –Tony Damian

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Thank you for the compliment Tony 🙂

      Realizing that ‘the box’ is most likely your own mind does give a new twist to ‘the spirit in the box’. Thinking fast… in order to observe yourself inside the box from out side the box (exchanging your position for your momentum or vise verse- depending on your base-) you need to experience a quantum collapse to understand the visible image from the plural information bundles merging. In other words, detaching yourself from the grid (as in the movie The Matrix) and observe yourself as an isolated object. Time slows down for the observer and consciousness of ‘the self’ becomes fact whereby the ‘knowledge’ can be understood and passed on after the observer and the participant become one again.

      Note to the side: the observer and the participant are one and the same and have an equivalent options in bending the arrows of time and thus the past, present and future.

      And so, yes…try, fail, learn, try again and share what you have found. But never forgot to fall forward!

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