A German journalist and author was shot by rubber coated steel bullet!

Of course we only see one minute of a long story but let’s imagine that the information of this journalist being quickly taken care of by concerned medical staff after he was hit by a rubber coated bullet has not given to you in front, what would be your instant thoughts by watching this one minute clip?

If I may throw in an idea…I think many would have drawn the conclusion that this journalist was being brutally besieged by an angry crowd. Right?

Beside trying to bring your attention to the, sometimes harrowing, world issues, we journalists are human too and also have a personal opinion concerning the topics we work with each day. Opinions and thoughts we, like you, do like to express every now and than!

Personally I am working with bright and open minded scientists and citizen scientists from all over the world and…honestly…it is immensely annoying when again someone is walking up to me, telling me that science is destroying faith, peoples believes or even humanity in general. Please, do not confuse the scientists with the science. Scientists are people too!

My respect for this journalist ( Jürgen Todenhöfer) for expressing his thoughts on the job.  https://twitter.com/i/status/1140570302411366400 

Or via :  https://daysofpalestine.com/post/12205/jürgen-todenhöfer-why-did-israeli-soldiers-shoot-me! 

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