Where do we come from? The latest news has been found in that infamous bottom drawer!

By Maria Anna van Driel, www.nextttruth.com

As a journalist you hunt the latest news right? As a journalist you try to hit the head-lines with articles none have yet heard of. But have you already heard about those jaw-dropping and mind-blowing theories from scientists and citizen scientists concerning this question mankind is pondering over for so long; “Where do we come from?”

Brilliant and open-minded people from all over the world and are all experts in their own field. And while they are conducting the most extensive, incredible and interesting researches, these two words can be read on some of their black-boards; What if…?
After having several conversations with respected experts it was quickly understood that so many fantastic ideas have landed in that infamous bottom drawer. So, proximus 10 months ago I stopped running up to the latest news, fighting thousands of other journalists to be the first and the best, and set a quest for those people who wrote amazing hypothesis, magnificent thought-experiments and even advanced engineering… The Next Truth Magazine was born!

And even it might sound strange to some but these so called ‘old writings’ have turned out to be latest news when asking the questions “Where do we come from?” and “What if…?”

Thank you all for your generosity in contributing your incredible work and, hopefully, for the myriad and amazing contributions to come. The Next Truth would not have existed without your efforts, time and… courage.


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