Exploring Our Mysterious Universe; Was There More Before the Big Bang?

The March issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine is available and this month, the magazine does not only feature seven haunted homes that will let you stay the night, five urban legends that turned out to be true, and legends of corpse candles and phantom funerals.
You can also take a deeper look at a mind-bending idea of what could have happen before the Big Bang. 


What was there before the Big Bang … it still remains a puzzle to many scientists, as well as many physicists who say there is no “before that.” Time began ticking, they insist, at the instant of the Big Bang, and pondering anything earlier is not in the realm of science.
But is that a true fact? Did the universal clock really start at this well-known explosion? Or was our time already in motion by means of the merging of two (or more) black holes containing a much older binary code? Will we ever truly understand what the pre-Big Bang reality was like, or what it was formed of, or why it exploded to create our universe?



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  1. Soh says:

    Interesting but I hope you will be discussing more of spirituality.

    I don’t see any any evidence of the ancients using complex mathematical equations and even less understand the connection to life. I know there is s connection between the two because of clues by daVinci, Poussin etc but our reality on this plane seems not to be bound by what modern man calls science. I have witnessed and experienced ‘miracles’ like appearance/disappearance of oblects, teleportation, levitation, weather change, and many like myself have psychic abilities. We know nothing about the science of these things.

    Moreover, in my extensive theoretical physics studies, most of what I saw was gibberish built on flawed axioms. I find the vary basics such as Real Numbers without basis. The value of Pi we are taught is also wrong. What am I missing?

    By the way I live not too far from Shugborough so happy to send you measurements and photos if you need 🙂

    Good to hear the book is coming soon.

  2. soh says:

    Hi Maria

    When is your next book coming? It seems to be delayed?

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day Soh,
      There is no real delay in my next book 🙂
      The last months I worked like e.g. DaVinci did…in solitude and behind the scenes.
      This brought me to a deeper understanding of a, in plain sight, hidden language in both modern and ancient symbolism … for instance, S=d/t is written wrong!
      The answer is d/t=f –>S frequency due the fact d/t is equal.

      Now, as soon as we add this to an old knowledge in e.g. physical chemistry and alkali reactions, we suddenly obtain a pretty good idea what really happened in e.g. the pyramids as well as, if we extend the line to contemporary scientific knowledge, the GR-theory of A.Einstein and the message of Poussin (Shepherds of Arcadia) are starting to look extremely real and even a little bit ominous.

      ‘Squaring the circle’ in the right way does give one the real insight of both who we are and where we come from.
      So, my next book is not in delay, it needs an extensive investigation whereby no conspiracy ideas are used…everything you will read is based on reality. (as far as we understand reality 😉 )

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