Brilliant Scientists are Open Minded … so why not YOU?

This past July, I visited the European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN) in Switzerland. The physicists at CERN are asking questions such as what is the universe made of and how did it start? And to find answers, they are using some of the world’s most powerful particle accelerators, including the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). My visit to CERN focused on research and experiments going on to find other dimensions and create artificial time tunnels…

Please continue reading in ‘Special Report 2017’ to find out more about some of the advanced ideas CERN scientists have.

Special Report, September 2017
Paranormal Underground Magazine

Interview with Physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray

Special Report 2017   (RTF)

Special-Report-2017 (PDF)

Professor Murray definitely has a broad view when it comes down to new theories & ideas in already existing science.
It was truly educational while speaking with him and to explore some mind-bending ideas 🙂

Thanks Cheryl for publishing this interview of which I hope will give people a different look on ‘dusty’ science and the scientists themselves.

Also many thanks on the praising comments;
– Interesting!
– …he is also so open minded to the unknown!
– Your interview with Dr. Murray was awesome.
– Such a refreshing perspective!
– Finally a real scientist’s perspective in the magazine.
– He is totally open-minded.

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  1. 강남오피 says:

    I haven’t checked in here for some time as I thought
    it was getting boring, but the last few posts are
    great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday
    bloglist. You deserve it friend 🙂

  2. 엠카지노 says:

    You have brought up a very superb details, regards for the post.

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Thank you 엠카지노 for the compliment but we have to thank the scientists having the courage to speak up their mind when conversations concern new laws.

  3. Brenda L Collins says:

    Maria, it says it cant play in my country I live in the USA

  4. Chris Halton says:

    A very well filmed and thought provoking video.
    A great interview, and thanks for sharing.

  5. Max says:

    The interview gives a nice insight into motivation and thinking of people working at the CERN, which is a great example of european science cooperation.

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Thank you for your comment Max, I agree with you 100%
      The CERN and the broad-mindedness of the scientists themselves, is important for today’s science.

  6. Such and exciting experiment in play …CERN ! General Public knows very little about something so important in our time. Too busy worrying over petty issues while truly meaningful things go unnoticed ..the is until people like Maria Anna take the time to show us first hand. Love that music..very cool very hip..physics made fun.

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Thank you for your comment and compliment Timothy.
      I agree in the importance of the experiments which being conducted at the CERN…the results do give many cool and interesting opportunities in e.g. (future) aerodynamics and quantum holographic of which we both understand in its progress 😉

      I truly wish more scientists like Professor Murray would have the courage to step forwards and let people understand the reality of advanced science.

  7. John Lear says:

    One more comment if I may. Scientific truth takes about 50 years to get into the public domain. So for the information I posted it will take another 30 years. Einstein and Simon Newcomb knew the truth but for whatever reason (they were both friends) elected to subvert the truth.

  8. John Lear says:

    To Maria Anna

    The information on gravity is from Pari Spolter a mathmatical genius who wrote the book Gravitational Force of the Sun Orb Publishing Grenada Hills copyright 1993. She clearly and mathematically debunks Newtons Law of Gravitation and Einsteins Relativity both General and Special.

  9. John Lear says:

    There was no such thing as the ‘big bang’. It should be called the ‘Big Farce’ The universe is infinite. There was no beginning and there will be no end. There is no such thing as a Higgs Boson or a Hadron. The LHC should be called ‘The Large Nonsense Collider. There is no such thing as a Quark Gluon Plasma. Its just plain nonsense. The smallest known particle of matter is an SMU or Singular Mass Unit. SMU’s are orbited by Chargons which bind a 120 degrees.

    All matter is made up by protons, neutrons and electrons which themselves are made up by quarks. Quarks are either up Quarks or down Quarks and themselves are made up of one smu and two positive chargons for the up quark and one smu and one negative chargon for the down quark.

    Newtons law of universal gravitation is wrong. Gravity has nothing to do with mass. For details on this please read ‘Gravitational Force of the Sun’ by Pari Spolter. The gravitational force of the moon is 68.71% that of earth which, let me stress loud and clear, Pari does not believe because she still believes we went to the moon and that the gravity measurements taken by Apollo 15 are valid. This in no way lessons her achievements of the force of gravity. Einsteins book, ‘Relativity, the Special and General Theory’ is pure nonsense as is his ‘speed of light’ limitation. For details on the mistakes Einstein made please read,’Einsteins Mistakes, the Human Failings of Genius’ by Hans C. Ohanian. There are things in the universe that travel trillions of light years instantaneously.

    Science is looking more and more like quackery on several fronts. Physics and astronomy are being twisted to suit status quo ideals concerning human existence, matter, stars, planets and the universe.

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Good day John, thank you for your comment.
      You say that there was no Big Bang, that both the Higgs Boson and the QGP are no fact in its existence … can you explain were your opinion is based on?

      • John Lear says:

        Bob Lazar got to read about 100 top secret docs between December of 1988 and March of 1989.. That information is from what he read and told to me each time he got back from S-4. I have verified most of it from a friend who spent 20 years at the Lockheed Skunk works. I can go into more detail on the smu and chargons and how it actually works but I am feeling a little poorly this evening. Not to worry. If I wasn’t absolutley positive it was the truth I wouldn’ have posted it. Bob runs his own company UnitedNuclear in Lainsberg, MI. If you would like I can give you his number and you can call him and verify it. Hope I haven’t caused you too much trouble. The information is now almost 20 years old. I mean how much trouble could it cause? All the best and my apologies if I have overstepped the bounds of scientific decency.

        • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

          Bob Lazar… element 115…warp-drive and fixed points in the Higgs field.
          Not unlikely at all.

          Overstepping the bounds of scientific decency, as long as we communicate with respect, all opinions can be discussed 🙂

    • Doktor Strangeloop says:

      The above comment is completely insane unless it is meant to be a bizarre joke. Someone is impersonating John Lear it seems.

      • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

        I agree Doktor Strangeloop, the overall of the comment is extremely close to the borders of showing disrespect towards someone’s opinion and thoughts, and years of research.
        Still, we are all entitled to express our beliefs, theories, thoughts … even through an unpleasant choice of words.

      • John Lear says:

        Everything I posted is the truth. But unlike Giordano Bruno I won’t get killed for my opinion. Best way to check if its me John Lear call up Las Vegas information and ask for the number of John Lear. I have always been listed. Then dial that number and see if its me who answers. Scientists are the last of any group to admit a truth. SMU’s? Chargons? An infinite universe? Yep, its all true. I am 74 so I won’t be around for their acceptance. But some of you may be. And you will remember back to 2017 when I told you so.

  10. Petronella says:

    Wow, schönes Interview, sehr schont geschrieben, verständlich und sehr interessant!

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Danke, mein Schatz, Professor Murray erklärt die Physik Wissenschaft nicht nur auf einer verständliche Weise…er erforscht auch neue Ideen in der modernen Wissenschaft.

      • Petronella says:

        Sehr interessant, wäre was für in Schule, Bildungszentrums oder für die Uni

        • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

          Nun, du kann das Interview herunterladen und es in die Schule bringen … Lass diene Klassenkameraden es lesen und eine Diskussion beginnen 🙂

  11. Thomas says:

    Great article with a enlightening character. I am very proud of you.

    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      Many thanks for your comment and compliment Thomas, I couldn’t have done this without Professor Murray.

  12. Arnold says:

    Ein richtig gutes Artikel. Sehr schön gemacht.

  13. carolina says:

    Mom, you have spoken to a very important person!
    This really a great Interview, clear and understandable 🙂

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