MIB…are they real aliens who tell you to shut up or are they traint people for example, in the service of the CIA? (black ops)

Men in Black
MIB…are they real aliens who tell you to shut up or are they traint people for example, in the service of the CIA? (black ops)
MIB … now I come to a site where something I personally have experienced.
Years ago when I was in elementary school I knew a girl who was a few years younger then I was.
One day we has a sleepover and I found out that she was sleepwalking al lot.she looked like a puppet.
On one of nights she suddenly jumped up and began to run over the top floor,
she kept on screaming, “The black men are coming, the black men are coming!”
I was about 13 and she 10 years old and I could not understand what was going on
Now almost 30 later she swallow a lot of medication … stress they told but you can see in her eyes that she is affraid of something,
but she will not say anything anymore about THAT night…she doesn’t want to know it any more.
This really happend and it has always bin in the back of mine head …NOW I want to know what she has meant by “the black men are coming!”
I want to know why she was so anxious that night! Why doesn’t she want to talk about it?…What did she see?
Was she talking about the MIB?
Are these figures the MIB?
Is the MIB shutting us up…What are they protecting?
Why do they everything so secretly and in an unnatural way?
Do they realy think that nobody is seeing this…do they real think that people will keep their mouth shut?!
If the MIB realy are aliens…then they are the dumbest aliens who have had walked the earth!!
… and if its an organization of the CIA, FBI or the gouverment in general … then their training have been very miserable!!!
Are these man telling the truth…is the MIB an organization of the milatairy?
How is it that when people talk about a MIB collision, that they say they know everything about you?
Why are they wachting once you start talking about the MIB?
The CIA went to Germany in WWII to recrute people for them…are thoose the people who are now the MIB?!
The REAL men in black?
What is this elite group protecting…high and modern technology of aircrafts?
Is it that the Russians realy had a mind control knowledge that they passed on to……the MIB (black ops) and that they have improved this technique with the CIA as a sponsor?
Did the CIA searched for the right people in Germany during WWII … people who showed no emotion to put Whistle blowers out of the way…… to scare people so that they would keep their mouths shut?
If the MIB really had some spychologiesche training to intimidate people, I think that they have to find…….another mentor, very quickly … because people who feel threatened will seek the support!
So…if its not a secret..why are they threatening people! Why are they driving in vehicles whit no marks?
Are so called MIB a hoax? The Black suits and hats went out of style in the late 60’s. !
To wear something like that today would be like holding a Neon Sign…Agent Right Here
So if the ‘typical’ MIB is a derivation…what is really happening in the dessert?!
so much technology in the dessert for what?….lizards crossing the road?…yeah right!!!
Sorry for the the delay but I was looking at the photografes the made from Area 51…the are all a BIG HOAX!!!
None of the pictures are real!!!!
This is Area 51 I just copied from internet whit google maps
Again…Area 51 http://pic.twitter.com/Ps5MdJ68
Also Area 51… http://pic.twitter.com/FLxKj83j
Now look at this photograve of an aire base in the Netherland (Gilze Rijen)… http://pic.twitter.com/IiVp4veC
Can you see the airbase?! NO of cause not!!! Why…because it is a real air base !!!!
Al the picture of Area 51 are fake…they are trying to let you believe that there is nothing!
They will only let you see what THEY want you to see!
I have an other one for you…this one is in Berlijn (Germany)…can you see the airebase?! http://pic.twitter.com/01MH49tN
What are they hiding?! is this video for real? http://youtu.be/tQJUax0iAuQ
Is the MIB a smoke screen for the things that are realy happening?
The Silencers…Black ops, MIB, CIA, FBI…or all?! http://youtu.be/euA18fHs_FU
MIB, CIA, FBI, ATF, NASA, Lockheed, the Gouverment…They will only let you see what THEY want you to see!

Do not be fooled … and wake up!

Know that the truth is really out there!!!



by Maria Anna van Driel

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    maybe you should improve your articles, that would help us understand better.

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