Journalism; Some questions lead to rough answers.

20170802_172731Journalism has become more than just bringing the news to the public, it’s a lifestyle!

Covering sensitive topics can take sometimes its toll in where emotions are running high and people are being injured.
These “negative aspects” of the job, which are sometimes hard to shut off at the end of the day, are possibly a product of many people having a misconception about journalists and think that the job description includes that a journalist can be used as a punching ball or a trashcan for unprocessed emotions.

‘Well, as a journalist you have to have an elephant skin…so accept it!’ is a frequent pronunciation of many.
We do, but that so-called ‘elephant skin’ has more to do with keeping the stories out of the psyche which is not an easy task when it comes down to for instance child abuse.

Yes we see and hear a lot of terrible things of which some do become a part of you … but like you … we do feel those punches as well as we will defend ourselves.

Journalists are people too.

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