Don’t you find it stranges that only the people who are belong to the elite, do all the inventions?

We always talk about the fact that the ancient Egyptians were an intelligent nation … that they knew much about astrology, measurement and engineering.
Also the Mayans and the Incas can not escape of our amazement about what these people knew.
But did you know that the Romans already had floor heating?… they let hot water run through brick tunnels under the houses.
Did you know that the Romans knew of the existence of the Hamburger? … did you know that in parts of Africa they have build huts that are sandstorm-proof?

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci is the father of the car (1335) and not H.Ford (1896).

Did you know that tattoos only in Europe came after Columbus returned from his journeys over the sea?

Did you know that we are not as stupid as we think we are?
For the past 72 year they are putting chemicals in our drinking water…to keep us stupid so they (the NWO lunatics ) can play for God.
Don’t you find it stranges that only the people who are belong to the elite, do all the inventions?

Einstein, Freud, Da Vinci, Ford, Harper, Bell, Newton, Watt, etc etc.

1900 – aspirin and psychotherapy (Freud)

1901 – vacuum cleaner
1902 – Air Conditioning
1903 – first flight in a plane
1904 – Radar
1905 – Einstein’s theory of relativity
1909 – plastic
1911 – improved incandescent tungsten
1915 – Tank Track invented
1923 – TV invented by Scotsman John Logie Baird
1924 – invented by Birdseye frozen foods
1925 – record music using a microphone
1926 – rockets with liquid fuel
1927 – Radio
1930 – First draft turbo engine by Frank Whittle
1937 – caddy developed in the USA
1944 – automatic calculator invented in the U.S.
1944 – Germans developed rocket (V2-weapon)
1945 – Microwaves (MW) invented in the U.S.
1946 – First Computer (ENIAC)
1947 – broken sound barrier (> 1000 km / h)
1950 – invented credit cards
1950 – the “pill” invented / birth
1953 – DNA discovered
1957 – Launch of the first satellite, Sputnik I
1969 – People on the Moon
1973 – mountain bike (bicycle) developed in USA
1979 – CD invented by Philips and Sony
1983 – discovery of the cause of AIDS
1989 – Internet
1997 – cloning of humans or animals

to find more inventions,

What they do is the following … they give people a job as a Professor who will tell us how the ancient world is put together … the same is done with archaeologists, psychiatrists, teachers.
These people do not know better or they tell the truth about what happened, but in reality they are same as the Pharaoh who was married to Nefertiti (if I should believe that story).
This Pharaoh came to power and changed the complete belief of the Egyptians at that time… he let erase all images of the gods to be replaced by one God, that of the sun (Ra).
It will therefore not surprise me if the content of NWO are descended from this family … they are just as crazy and want a world that they can rule themselves.

We are not stupid, we are tolled that we are stupid…and with a little help from the chemicals in our water and food…they can keep us stupid! …US????? Who is he talking about?! …White people…Illuminati…the Government…Satanic Hollywood????

Use the 100% of your brain instate of the 35%…and WAKE THE FUCK UP!