Civilian drones vulnerable to hackers, can be hijacked, used as missiles

While having coffee and trying to clear the sleep cobwebs from my brain, I saw a headline that reminded me of Black Ops 2 casting Anonymous as cyber-terrorists hacking drones for targeted killings. Fox News claimed, “Drones vulnerable to terrorist hijacking.” Surely this was satire, a spoof? After reading about and watching a video titled “Drones Can be Hijacked and Used as Missiles,” I discovered the spoof part was right, but it was GPS spoofing by researchers that proved malicious hackers or terrorists could take control of civilian drones.

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YES…lets use those drones against them, hahaha….lets see how they feel  when they are being threatened by hovering robots in their front lawn !

But remember people…if we are goining to trow bombs and killing people, we are no beter than they are…so we have to think before we take action!

We have to fight together and not separate… hacking is not such a bad idea … right?

Like I said…there strength is their WEAKNESS!!!!