The Source of Immortality…a strange and hidden truth.

Some people have asked me why I edit those 30 seconds in the beginning of my book-trailer of ‘The Source of Immortality’… let me explain the forgotten language of it which is known by many as ‘symbolism’.

At first you see me walking in the distance, this is not trying to create certain dram effects.
If you look to the overall of this image you can see that I am walking towards 5 arches which are standing for the five elements; Water, Fire, Air, Earth and the Universe.
(some people speak of wood, metal or rock)

The closed door is standing for the secrets in/of life as well as in and from the mind, secrets which can only be unlocked after we have overcome our personal fear(s) of the Freud-system; Id, Ego and Super-ego, the three parts of the psychic apparatus and all developing in the different stages we encounter in our lives.

Many of my video’s do contain this ancient (as well as medieval) language, a language which is better known as ‘subliminal messages’ and used today as a mild form of mind-control in e.g. TV-commercials to let you buy something.

Understanding the danger of this language (which I frequently speak of in my books), equals creating ‘critical thinking’ what gives you the power of peeking behind the screens of today’s suppressing system.


3 responses to “ The Source of Immortality…a strange and hidden truth. ”

  1. soh says:

    What really is above the sky? What are stars and planets? All the ancient cultures seem to know much about astronomy and they are important but why? All i know for sure is that there are lights in the sky seemingly fixed in their orbits. There are many depictions of a (christian type) cross which I guess will appear 2029 heralding a flood I guess. Our ancestors are trying to tell us something but I can only guess what.

    I also have another question. Were you born into a family with knowledge or are you a member of a secret society?


  2. soh says:

    HI Maria,
    I cannot see the connection anywhere to immortality.

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