SST, the beginning of an Alien invasion?

Paranormal Underground Radio; SST, the beginning of an Alien invasion?

Last night (26-01-2017) Paranormal Underground Radio broadcasted a very interesting interview with Gavin Kelly & Paula Purcell from Phantasmic Ghost Hunters who are talking about their paranormal investigations and experiences.

At 1 hour, 54 minutes and 30 seconds, another correspondent segment of me can be heard concerning how a space defense system (SST) can be turned into a system what can choose its own objects of threat.
I wonder if this system has something to do with Trump kicking the world, making enemies like Mexico for instance.

ps: the repeating of the sentence “the future of the US and global security” is not an error.


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  1. Soh says:

    Also can you please comment on the bible changes that are happening – even just to say I am crazy 🙂

  2. Soh says:

    Nobody body has veer been to the fake place called “space”. All the “space agencies” are liars. Sounds like a big hoax like “nuclear” weapons. There is no such thing as “extra-terrestrials”.

    Your books are fascinating and most of what you say is very convincing, but this space thing just does not seem real at all. Maybe I am totally wrong, but please let us see even the tiniest evidence.

    Looking forward to your next book!


    • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

      1) My dear Soh, Extraterrestrial life is definitely a fact in its existence (panspermia) but its original state in appearance is not as we have learned over time through the MSM.
      In order to understand its present form and appearance, we have to take a look at the scientific experiments during the late period of WWI, the total years of WWII as well as what has done at Area 51 between the 50ths and 80ths and what these days is still going on at e.g. S4 and the CERN.

      Extraterrestrial life in the form of that of ‘The Fourth State of Matter’ … I am not completely convinced if this has occurred during a natural event or during crazy scientific experiments conducted by our own species some 55.000 years ago.
      Both are possible as well as logical.

      2) SPACE … what is ‘real’ and what is not, I think the Schrödinger equation will give a solution to this ‘problem’.

      Evidence? … would you believe me when I told you that everything you see was and is created due a natural holographic duality and translated by the strange behavior of your own neuron activities inside your brain?
      Would you believe me if I told you that the world you are walking is as fake as you are in an existing species?
      Tell me, how did our species get here?!

      Also, would you believe me if I told you that nuclear weapons are not the biggest threat, satellites are … these devices have the power to change your thoughts with a whisper as well as creating quantum holographic projections.

      The evidence the majority is looking for can’t be find nor seen, it lies in e.g. the message I gave in my first book ‘The NWO, their thoughts…your life’.

      • Soh says:

        Thanks for replying, Maria.

        I think the “space agencies” are 100% fake. No way has anyone visited the moon. If the space agencies are real, why is there not even 1 photo from space in the whole world? Why do they produces these stupid fake disney movies of space? Please examine the evidence produced by the governments. In any case, if there is a vacuum above the earth, how do “astronaughts” survive it? There is also no evidence for the existence of any satellites. Have a look to see if any TV dishes are pointing at the sky. GPS is a purely ground based system.

        Regarding the world being fake, my own experience tells me you are 100% correct on this but what do you say about the teachings of the poets and Advaita etc. They also say the world is an illusion, Maya, but they do not mention anything about science. Even the bible. as I read it, says the world is an illusion. My best understanding (although I admit I do not really know anything) is that the bible, the poets, the “holy books” are all say the world is only a dream and we can change it by changing our thoughts and beliefs – we are god and god is man 666. I think the laws of physics are plastic and there is really no law of physics.

        I do not understand what CERN has to do with it. I am also a theoretical physics and I worked on the Large Hadron Collider project when I was a teenager in the 1990s. I started speaking with the famous CERN professor about physics when i was in high school and the university he was at gave me an unconditional offer. I realised these famous scientists were full of shit and lost interest in their theories years ago. I agree there is something odd about the place as some of my friends seemed to have vanished (I mean I cannot trace them internet etc.) but the Cern crowd (at least 99% of it) are not enlightened.

        What is also perplexing is that the rulers of the world have created a society based on lies but they also keep telling us the truth as well. Are they really evil? I am not sure. If I see evil, it must have been in my consciousness first. I don’t see how there can be only good and no bad. The biblical view that bad things happen to raise the consciousness of man – this idea seems very appealing. These are ideas I have pondered since junior school. One question has bothered me since very early; how can you really help another individual? If bad things happen to people to help them rise in some way, what is good and what is bad? It does not seem so clear.

        Regard the changes to the bible, I mean the written bible. Books people have owned for years have actually had the words changed. It is just not the bible. Look at he map of the world; countries and continents have moved. Famous art is being changed as well. Check out the Mona Lisa – she has a smile now. Look at Rodin’s The Thinker and tell me the pose has not changed completely. Some people are calling it “The Mandela Effect” and you can find lots if youtube material on it. My own experience is even crazier than the videos but i won’t say or you will call me crazy lol.

        I want to know what God is, what death is, where I came from, what happens when the body dies and where do we go when we sleep? Where is there an enlightened human I can meet?

        Thanks for replying, I know i ask too many questions. You are lucky I don’t have money to visit you, I would be in your town tomorrow lol

        • Administrator, Maria Anna says:

          As a theoretical Physicist you will understand how quantum holographic s is behaving in an artificial magnetized and ionized air as well as how it is possible to travel with this technology due e.g. manipulated super-photons and synthetic DNA.
          Not to mention that a crazy form of quantum tunneling being possible by using advanced versions of the bio-suit which is connected with binary-code of the universe.
          Space agencies being fake? … no, but the MSM story is incomplete … technology is at least 15 years ahead of what the majority is trying to figure out.
          It is all about the pixels

          I do not know which project you attended at the CERN but today’s project ALICE will answer your question.
          A physics Christmas song (karaoke)

          1) ps: “we are god and god is man 666” I agree when it is being seen in Chemistry but ‘the spooky action at a distance’ is also a nice angle 😉
          2) ps: ILLUSION vs REALITY, it is just an observation of the collapsing of information and the position (coordinate) of the viewer on a 1D plane.

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