The Slender Man and the Shadow people … is there a connection between them?

This weekend we are traveling to ‘The Black Forest’ in Germany where our camera’s and recorders, hopefully, will capture the phenomena of … The Slender Man.

We will stay in the forest for 3 days and 2 nights looking for an answer to the question if the Slender Man (Der gro├če Mann) is somehow related to The Shadow People.

Is it just a local story to keep the children from getting lost in this enormous, dark and eerie forest?
Is this creepy phenomena a true evolution?
Is this creature really described in a cave painting (9000BC) what was found in the Serra da Capivara National Park in the Northeast of Brazil?
Is the eerie resemblances being found in Hieroglyphic carvings from around 3100 BC in the tomb of Pharaoh Wazner, really speaking of this tall slender creature?

Whatever this phenomena may be in its existence … a scary bedtime story or a real but forgotten evolution … we are already experiencing strange moments with our electrical devices like computers are shutting down by itself, power fails in certain sections in our home and last night ALL the lights of our car did not work while the battery was in a perfect condition.

Are we being warned?

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