My article “UFO abductions, a real or a secret military operation” is published by the magazine Paranormal Underground

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UFO abductions, a real extraterrestrial experiencing or a secret military operation?

“Are UFO abductees experiencing reality or are those people a victim of a DEW (directed-energy weapon) what creates a short-circuit in the brain by means of an overload of electromagnetic and/or acoustic impulses?
Body marks are NOT made by those who we call ‘aliens’, those body marks are made and left by unprofessional scientists who find it necessary to use us as cattle and lab rats.

miltitz limestone cave

(Picture: 70 meters underneath the earth surface in an old Limestone mine in Miltitz, Germany. Was this a secret military base and was the heavy water, which was transported from Norway, used in order to create UFO technology?)

Are UFO abductees experiencing reality or are the abductees a victim of DEW? (Directed-energy weapon)
Could it be that some kind of unknown and secret military group is behind most of the UFO sightings and abductions?”

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